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Caosín Mar 2022
im shaking cant type sorry shaky heands shaking breathing shaking ******* bones because you tried to ******* **** YOURSELF AND I SWESR TP GOD AND CHRISY AND MOTHER ******* MARY THAT I ******* TRIED but im **** at trying so all i can do is sit here and sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob because you tried to do it with PARACtetalmol? and ive told you so many times that its a **** way to killyourself because youll be in days of excrushating pain as you kidneys fail and you can do **** all about uit ecxept for taking something...
for the pain.
my friends keep killing themselves
Delyla Nunez Dec 2020
I picked up a beer to numb it out.
Not to enjoy it this time.
Everything is built up and if I have enough to drink I know I can say the words I think.
Even then..

Alcohol makes my mind weaker than it already is and then I’m forced,
Forced to say what’s on my mind..
Because that’s what happens when I start off.

Then it spirals.

The worst of the worst thoughts.
Anxiety is at the max and all I can do is

Llora por el hecho de que nunca podría tenerte aunque lo dejara a un lado.
Porque está hecho..
idiosyncrasy Jul 2020

me: hey
you: hey
me: wyd?
you: nothing. hbu?
me: same.

seen 23:49
left on read -_-
Josey Jun 2019
I hate her
I hate how she’s a clumsy bubbling river of awkward
I hate how she’s so overweight and entitled
I hate how she’s so overrated and so hated
I hate how she doesn’t listen and is so defensive and hateful
Her nose is so long and covered in acne
She’s let herself go at just thirteen
Being around her is just depressing
I don’t want her in my life
But every time I try I’m too scared
But most of all I hate how she’s me
I’m gonna try to improve who knows how long it will last :)
Maddy May 2019
I just ran.
I didn’t fight,
I didn’t try to
Get him away from you
I didn’t pull him
By his shoulders and
Rip him from your
Near corpse, no.

I ran.
I just, ran into
The room with fear
In my hands
Making it difficult
To lock the door
And I never once considered
How the hell you would get in.

I never told him to stop
I never told him to go away
I never told mom
And I never had the confidence to say
What I needed to
To get him away from you
And help you breathe

I sat there on the floor
With my sister in my lap
With headphones in her ears
No chance of
Hearing the searing
Let out by your small

I just let it happen

And with every breath
I took
I knew he was taking one
Away from you
Knocking the ability to properly
See, away from you
And I
Who was just scared
Sat there with no thought
Of trying to make it stop

God I’m sorry

If I had just pushed him away
If I had just gotten him off
If I had just let him see how it
Affected me and
Let it sink in that this
Is not how you treat children
Maybe I could’ve helped
Prevent it.

But I just ran
I didn’t fight
I didn’t try to

And it’s my biggest regret
That I didn’t help you.
I have a lot to deal with. Things I've never faced before
David Bojay Jan 2019
trying harder than ever

keep it moving

let it flow through your will

from "when should I stop?"

to "why should I stop?"

the changing seasons go well with the way things are inside of us as well....


it's cold out...

warming up with radiating love that's covered by my subconscious

let them be.... so that they can disassemble when you pay attention to the thoughts that make you overthink everything

conclusions in my head that didn't make sense, far from me


so it seems to be...

when will we all just laugh?

pretend we never lacked all we ever did

reflect to accept all that's been affected

in debt with the **** that makes me go in depth with a doubt that don't exist

call it quits

to be free from all that "exist"
Armand-DeamoJC Sep 2018
Received on February 14th, valentines day
Not meant to be this way
Just for my soul to train
The cup she gave me
my valued  possession
turned to the thing
blocking progression
I drink from it
Filled with rage
Wrists un-slid
again, this stage
Keep it to tease
the beast inside me
for if I throw it away
I would be the same
that I was the day
I broke her
and threw her away
And remembered
I threw her away first
and broke her first
******* hate myself for that
L Jul 2018
No! Let him go!

Scratch at the cage. Scratch and scratch. Away. Got to get away. Dig out. Dig out.

Theyre coming. Sit and hide and wait. Sit and wait and hide. There is no where to hide. No where to go. Need freedom.

Theres nothing you can do that i have not already done to myself. There is nothing you can do that i have not already done to my self. There is nothing you can do. There is nothing you can do.

Away! GET AWAY. its just me. It has to be just me. Just take me. Its me. ME!

There, there. There, there. Its okay. Im here. Im here. Its me. Im me.


Im sorry. Im so sorry. Please let him out. Let him out.
Second-hand misery
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