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David Bojay Jan 2019
when it all makes sense
the hunch that leads you to a conclusion
that I had a right to think the way I did
Because the end is clear
and whatever I worried about when I broke, became the truth
and now I’m no longer in the picture
your picture
your experience

but why does it matter right now?
stuck in thought, writing them down and deconstructing the meaning of all it ever was or will be

you are doing you

and so am I

whatever makes you happy

in the end

All is clear

Bad or good

The end is clear

plenty endings sum up a conclusion with an ending as well

and when we die

It’ll be clear
We are always in the middle of something
gina Mar 2018
But who am i?
Just another name on the list?
Someone you saw it's not worth your time?

But you?
Who you really are?

For me, you were the one who said too much
And did nothing
Who promised too much
Who made me feel too much
Who gave me nothing but empty hopes
And leaved me with nothing..

You were just another person
Who made me feel like i’m special
And saw all the holes
And still thought it’s worth it to make some more damage

but for real..
Who you are?
And who you thought I were?
...’*** all you said was ”it’s not worth it”

— The End —