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silvervi Dec 2023
It's ok to sometimes fall out of balance.
Out of flow like a leaf that gets stuck somewhere between branches or stones.
A minute ago this leaf was flying graciously like a butterfly but it lost its balance and got stuck. Squeezed between some objects.
Now it has to stop worrying. To look around and to breath. "Where am I?" it says. "A minute ago I was flying carelessly like a beautiful butterfly 🦋 and now...?" it thinks.
"It's ok to lose your balance sometimes" it hears an unfamiliar voice. "It happens so that you can stop and look around for a moment. It happens so that you can appreciate what is here now. Breath, relax. Soon enough you will fly again."


Or maybe... the balance gets restored when I lose my fast pace for a minute?
silvervi Dec 2023
It's okay to feel lonely and abandoned sometimes.
Zack Ripley Oct 2023
I won't pretend I can keep every promise I make. And I know good intentions can only take you so far. But I's OK if you need to let go
Zack Ripley May 2022
People won't always be there
to tell you what you want to hear.
What you need to hear.
So let me take the opportunity to be clear.
Even if no one tells you,
it's okay to be proud of yourself.
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
There's nothing wrong with grieving.
There's nothing wrong with taking your time. There's nothing wrong with saying "no."
There's nothing wrong with not being ready to go.
There's nothing wrong with you
if you feel you want to be alone.
There's nothing wrong if you're feeling blue.
But most importantly,
There's nothing wrong with you.
keila skie Sep 2020
we all lose things
and people too

we have a timer
ticking furiously

take me back

i wish for eternity
although eternity can be cruel
at least you
will be
I lost someone this week, currently at the funeral. I havent logged into hp in a while now, almost 2 years. I wonder what gave me the motivation to write again, was it death? Looking at my previous posts, maybe it was. Death inspires me. like how a dog inspires a rabbit.
Amy Duckworth Apr 2019
It's ok to not be ok.
Yes, it's hard to follow your heart but...
Tears don't mean you are losing.
All you have to do is be true to who you are.
I just feel really sad right now and I wanted to make someone else happy. Have a nice day or night!
Carolina Jan 2019
I'm sorry, you feel, I dont care about your feelings,
But; how about the way you make me feel?

You make me feel so little and small.
You make me feel invisible.
When it comes to my mental health,
When it comes to my feelings.
Instead of asking how I feel,
You TELL me how I feel.

Don't tell me how I feel.
Don't tell me what I feel.
Don't tell me what I think.
Don't tell me What I see.

You are not in my head,
You do NOT know what runs through my mind,
What races I push to win,
What marathons I struggle to win;
Every day of my life.

Don't tell me when I listen, and when I don't.
Don't tell me when I love, and don't love.
Don't tell me when I try, and when I've given up.

I'm tired of people always telling me how I am and how to do it.
The last person I ever expected it from was you,
But you do it to me the most,
You are the worst,

Don't tell me when I am in pain, or when "it's in my head"
Don't tell me when I am looking for attention,
Don't tell me when I'm not depressed,
Don't tell me when I'm happy or just "manic."


You always inform me how you wish we had communication,
That doesn't consist of you telling me how I am feeling,
What I am feeling,
Or why I am feeling.
How I feel.
David Bojay Jan 2019
long days are becoming more comfortable

things to do

away.... selfish me
let her be
no one to please
enlightenment to seek
dissolution of thought

seeing through the fissures

visiting the empty creeks

totsiens boo
روبرت Dec 2018
You have asked me to love you like you love me
How can one love anything without the "love of I"
I is for me and me only
You so loved the world so I could love myself
The winds of change scatter the feathers of my heart
Your outstretched hand catches them
Finger tickled by their softness
Your touch warms them
May I love as you love
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