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David Bojay Jan 26
perhaps you're my karma
seeing you glow from a far
regretting the obvious
options that could've been controlled
logically thought about
fate of man
fate of all
"destiny" betrays
busy as of late
hope it stays that away
from this feeling i must stray
"call it fate, call it karma"
writing to this song
trying to live with no doubts
up into the sky i shout
downing some loud
a love i can't allow to
lazy in the morning after my night shift
idk why i think about it so much
previous love, emotional lust
i wasn't so tough
i'm not so tough
i wish it was a bluff
love love love
flying doves
up and above
stuff stuff stufffff... haha
i'm sleepy
i just needed to write
eager for your delight
perhaps you are the light
want to
be right
Ackerrman Sep 2019
A dream of reconciliation,
Quoi- false- sunlight bursting through rain,
Bonfire of antipathy,
Direful springs of blighted youth.
Homage to one of my favourites
Beginning of time,
Everyone longing
To be with someone--
Together to love and care for.
Every day we learn; we
Realize, and see that there are

Demons in this world-bad people-but
Each day is a new day and
Maybe just maybe,
One day we find someone special; someone to
Never leave your side and maybe
Someday we can change this world around.
Title by Good Charlotte
Copyright; 2019; McNally/Flanders, In.
We all have someone out there.
Please be kind,
Really we just need more kindness,
And love-- show each other we care.
You only have this one life so why live
Everyday with hate and anger?
Really we are all the same, human,
So live each day for what it is and spread LOVE.
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
a little poem I wrote about loving each other.
Title from Good Charlotte
Sometimes in this world,
Loses their minds and
Find the negative---

Everything and anyone who doesn't believe them.
Longing to hope other
People think the same.

But if we all think the same, the world would be a boring place.
Title by Good Charlotte; another inspiration of mine.
Be You and Don't be afraid to be anyone else.
Clive Blake Jun 2017
This flower cut,
Whilst in full bloom,
Now rests in peace,
Within this tomb.
Charlotte Dymond was a young girl who was muredered on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall UK in 1844.  You can read more in my poem Charlotte Dymond.  She was originally buried without a headstone, this is my idea of a possible epitaph for her.  In recent years, she has been given a headstone with basic details on.
Clive Blake Jun 2017
In early eighteen-forty-four,
In Cornwall’s heart; on Bodmin Moor,
Charlotte Dymond, a young farm maid,
Had her throat slit with a steel blade,

She crossed fast streams and deadly bogs,
Found her way through mists and fogs,
But couldn’t stop that fatal blow,
That stole her life and laid her low,

She walked to meet someone that day,
Just who that was ... no one would say,
Found days later beside a track,
Laid on a cart; her shroud a sack,

The surgeon, Thomas Good, was fetched,
Had in his mind, her white face etched,
Charlotte untouched by fox or crow,
Had she been moved ... he did not know,

No evidence was ever found,
But her young boyfriend had gone to ground,
Fingers so quick to point his way,
Matthew Weeks panicked; ran away,

The hapless *******, was soon caught,
No other culprit was ever sought,
The judge was just a rubber-stamp,
Bodmin Gaol was dark and damp,

The scaffold built, the crowds arrived,
Matthew swore he had not lied,
The floor gave way, the rope drew tight,
Was justice done ... the verdict right?
Charlotte Dymond was murdered in the circumstances described in this poem.  Much research has been carried out regarding this infamous case and books written about it.  Matthew Weeks’ guilt has been questioned but with no forensic evidence it is is one cold case never to be reopened.  A reconstruction of the trial can be visited at the Shire Hall in Bodmin, Cornwall, UK.
Living in a world full of hate will get us no where--
In this life, you got to make the best of what you're given.
For only you control you--
Everyone comes into this world the same, getting a

Chance at life
And sometimes people struggle, but that's okay.
No body is prefect. We all make mistakes, it's better
To learn from them and not ignore that they happened.

Go ahead, live your life and just remember
Everyone is going
Through it as well.

Make the best of each day and try to
Understand how others might have to live-sometimes we don't get to
Choose where we're born and
Have to struggle for many, many years to get to an okay life.

Be positive with others and "keep your
Eyes wide open" and NEVER STOP LEARNING!
Things will get better-- "sometimes before it gets better,
The darkness gets bigger."
Each day, try your best and just be you!
An acrostic I wrote earlier today and edited tonight.
Title from Good Charlotte.
Quotes from Sabrina Carpenter and Fall Out Boy.
Never give up, just be who you are!
McNally/Flanders, Inc. 2017
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