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Zywa Sep 2021
I like to replace

not's with likes and everything --

looks different then.
Collection "New Ago"
Zywa Sep 2021
Flowers in the park:

people are strolling around --

opening themselves.
Collection "WoofWoof"
Kamila Salimova May 2021
How do you live, how do you function
When all the feelings you always bottle
Are the main cause of pain, self-destruction?

Stop what you're doing, stop building castle,
You've tied yourself up, don't move a muscle,
Aren't you tired of your inner hassle?

Stop playing cool, please, stop your pretence,
Warm yourself up, and let the ice melt.
It's finally time to put down your defence.

Begin allowing yourself to feel,
Embrace sensations despite the fear,
And I promise you'll break free
Martin Boško Apr 2021
We are thinking in binary oppositions
We feel obliged to announce our positions
on every single thing in the world
And when we meet a person that somehow doesn't hold the same view as we do
We can't believe it, "What!? How dare you to challenge me!? Don't you see!? The truth's with me!! How can you be so dense!?"
You see, it depends! Sometimes you are wrong
Doesn't matter how strong you think your truth is...
This world does not deal in absolutes
Truth is not dependant on your ego, on people's moods, their short fuse, or if they refuse to open their eyes
Truth lies outside your confused mind
Just leave your ego behind and open your ears!
***** that fear of being wrong
The strong can abandon their lies
They can clean the mist from their eyes and see things clearly
So liberate yourself, and see the world freely!
Zywa Nov 2019
He is unreachable, night and day
a dream that won't let me go
We know everything about him

In his garden, we find something
tangible, a ladder, it challenges us
I climb to the bathroom window

Inside, we touch the cups
from which he drinks tea
but not with me

We take pictures of underwear
try on shirts and keep one on
It's not even exciting:

just sneaking in with a bit of stealing
nothing valuable missing
Maybe it's childish

but for me, he is a good friend
After playing tennis we shower together
and we wear each other's clothes

real contact, night and day
“She came in through the bathroom window” (1969, Paul McCartney)

Celtic symbolism: Ruis (the Elder), that thrives on challenges and change, and that protects horses in the stable from evil spirits; the Elder should be guided by Cailleach Beara (the mother of the Celts) and the Raven (the symbol of healing and protection)

Collection “Lilith's Powers" #115
Man Jan 2021
i open up to you
though at times, you make me regret it
we're friends, it's true
and yet, every now and then i forget it
you're here for me
and i'm here for you
so i wish your love for me
weighed as heavily
as the pain and trauma
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Have you ever thought about the qualities

that silence shares?

I haven’t, but I’d like to someday.

It reminds me of

Earth’s luxuries

How everything was created to show us

the signs of becoming

when Light runs its deepest course

Sitting with the pit of a fruit in my stomach

Looking to the space between

Knowing someday that you and I will be

under the same sky


To imagine the day when a soul finds itself  

in another

Merging into an embrace of Silk Silhouettes

Hands held tightly around their bodies

They just know.

Nothing ever comes to us without

accepting the space exactly the way it is

Loving it and all the beauty it allows


an ever growing thing

Grateful for such moments

Infinite patience

A tiny ladybug

painted peacefully

on its stem

A higher power

believing it has you

to rely on..
The Dybbuk Dec 2020
If you don't know how to punch,
or how to have a good time,
If you can't make a decision,
you should know to flip a dime.
Cover me in tattoos,
Piercings galore,
confidence is ****,
without it you're a bore.
William A Poppen Aug 2020
“Judge not”

Harsh words

For most of us

Who judge automatically

When each new experience

Brings forth a feeling

Of this is good

Or this is  bad  

Unmuted feelings become

Judgmental thoughts

I judge

So, tell me

How do I “judge not”

Do I cover my emotion

With a shroud

So often that

I become unresponsive

Or do I learn to greet

Each new experience

With openness and compassion

Showing unconditionally

Welcoming acceptance

Ideally, learning such openness

Would come with ease

In reality it seems

To take a lifetime
*One of the three necessary and sufficient condidtions of a helping relationship according to Carl Rogers, author of “On Becoming a Person*. I previously posted a rondeau about another condition, empathy.  The third condition is “unconditional positive regard.”  Irv Yalom an eminent psychotherapist has said, “there’s nothing that’s more empirically validated than Rogers’s assumptions.”
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