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Sharde' Fultz Jul 31
singing* You just called me, "Beautiful."
Now you've got to be mine foreverrr.... (2x)
--repeats in background for duration of poem--
  You just called me--
I hate that it's so easy.

Now you've gotta be mine  foreh--I hate that its so easy to please me
when you say things
that makes me think that you see me
as who I want to be
and the way you say it,
it -it touches me
I'm naive
I want to believe
You just called me...
I want to trust you
I want to believe your intentions are true
and its not me in a fantasy
but its you just
being you
you just called me beautiful
All you did was call me, "beautiful."
but your words spoke to my soul
cause I know you know things about me that I don't like to show
and I think you've dug something up in me
that was unknown
and odd
and free
and foreign
now you've gotta be mine foreh--*
and willing.
and unencumbered
You see? Now you've gotta be mine
cause I'm too fragile
I'm too exposed
you can't break into my heart
and unlock all these doors
that've been guardin who knows?
no, this is a two person job
you shoulda watched how you talked.
and now you're mine.
you gotta be mine.
you gotta be mine.
you gotta be mine. *repeats till fades out
This poem sorta erupted when a soulful song came up on my playlist and I sorta ran with this beat that I started humming. I think it's oddly a little dark. We don't really know if the speaker has found someone genuine or if for some reason she just falls for someone that seems to say the right thing but nevertheless she's hooked and she now somewhat depends on this person's affection because they brought something out of her that had been hidden for a long time. This was fun!
James R Jun 9
hiding behind false bravado
and an epoch of shame
twists uncertainty,
anger, and stubbornness.
this wasn't going to be a long
one but it was there to say hello.
You know me,
All of me,
Who I am, am not and want to be,

You saw me,
All of me,
Who I was, was not and tried to be,

No pretence when you're around,
To your essence  I am bound,
You see me for who I am,
Warts an' all, see through the scam,

I can be my own true self,
Fake lies dust filled, on a shelf,
All that crap stuff, in the gutter,
You can see me, like no other.......

(C)[email protected]  07/05/2019
It's great when we feel comfortable enough to be who we really are. It's also very rare..
Steve Page Mar 23
The bigger my heart,
the greater my capacity for hurt.

The more open my mind
the deeper I need to think.
David Bojay Jan 29
Talking to my GoPro as if it were you
Current truths
Diminish the whirling blues
inside my head where you don’t have a clue

out the zoo with my emotions
In the beginning eased it with some sleep
Because I couldn’t see the reasons for my grief
Out the shadows and the light is brief
What to think?
What to know?

The tension is rigorous
Kept inside a pin
Let it sit and sizzle until it’s smoke

Open the vents, and let it go

To seize a chance for peace
Dismantle the layers of myself
Find you in a strip
A memory I’ll always love
My love just don’t lose grip

But to love is to see you free
A peak I couldn’t see
Relief indeed
Let it bleed
Let it bleed

Let it bleed

Consume the dooms
Swallow the distrust
The other side of the moon

The ending will come soon

Sitting in my room

About to make some chicken....
David Bojay Jan 1
Lullaby playing
I can only think things I shouldn't be saying
Like the loss of you that is driving me insane
Alone in the room that was meant for me and you
Never been so distanced from the truth
It was you, the one that made it seem like this experience was eternal youth

(troubled, will you be back soon?)'s this moment that I wish I was immune from this doom that said I couldn't make it past the afternoon

I'm here now

1:30 pm.... a little bit passed afternoon
Eric Dec 2018
Quiet winter's day ,in a house filled with winter's snow.
Many things about this house .
Things I didn't know.
I spent my life , searching for a light .
So I can melt all this winter snow.
It's doesn't please me anymore ,
And stops me from going where I want to go.
By the time summer comes , it has made me so cold.
Many people get only 70 of those.
But yet my house is getting kinda old.
Every step , towards my death bed.
These are the things I said .
It was a quiet winter's day , in a house with a empty soul.

~E. C. D. C.
My eyes betray
My heart and mind,
They reveal too much.
Others can read me
As an open book
And mock at me,
Pour ridicule
And unclothe me.
Unable to defend
I shed silent tears,
But thus glistened
My eyes reveal all
That is more of me
I intend to hide.
When I close my eyes
I often see me languishing
In make-believe worlds;
I see dreams
That hurt my psyche,
The pleasant I see
Is not pleasing
And the unpleasant
Scare me.
I seek the rare;
I long for
Dreamless sleeps.
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