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hybridstorm May 13
Pieces of broken glass,
Scattered colors,
An orange ribbon,
And a fresh red rose.
Be out of the box. Never confine your potential because of words or worse. Realize that you are not a clone. You are a product of tomorrow. You can never be someone else successfully. So why try?
David Bojay Apr 19
Skewed vision when I followed the cynosure//
Beam balancing
Can’t hold my own sometimes//
Made up characters to separate my thoughts from “myself”//
Split my cares in eights//
Off with the indecision//
Fall asleep as soon as the tears hit the pillow//
Head up, delusional//
So I think
Perception shields the egomaniac residing in me//
I make it seem as if so, but really with my intentions, I’ll never know how things will play out//
Misterpretating will be my end//
With no one to truly seek, I play with the inconsistencies.... so what about guilt?//
My character doesn’t mind the idiosyncrasies I portray... I do it for the show
Merging with the relentless and the glorious
It ***** to be Sweet, bittersweet//
Mark Wanless Feb 18
i went to war
the valiant the brave
on both sides
and dogs ate the dead
An attempt to tempt temptation we're facing
The entire nation is wasting
While the time clock is racing
Sitting idle I dwell
Don't know what to do
A bottomless well
filled with good intentions
That I forgot to mention
while men's sons
climb the walls
Fingers bleed
so I choose to run
Pain outweighed only by guilt
An attempt to hide so no one would see
Added my hand by not lending a hand
The inevitable entropy

Criticize the critter's size
This infiltration among us
A monstrous demon
indeed in need of expatriation
The daily battle uphill
An upheaval, this weasel
An endless war of soldiers who sold their souls
Signed their mark on the dotted line
Became a mere dot left in time
Sand in the glass we know will not last
Last train leaves the station
Can not stay
Have been shunned

Should have listened when told
On an endless list now too old
The souls that time has forgotten
A swirl in the whirlpool for getting into this mess
A choice we did not choose
Being lost made us lose
A loser with nothing to lose
Loose with our lips
Quick with the fists
A tunnel with no light
The endless darkness in sight
Filled with fear, we do not fright
For what is wrong feels so right
Take the plunge
I just might
Endlessly spinning in time
while getting so high
Spinning out of control
This way I live, this way I die
Written: Early 2018

All rights reserved.
Lost Girl Dec 2018
Valiantly she holds her head high.
She is afraid but puts up a fight.

Her back is against the walls,
But she refuses to give in.

She knows her worth.
She is more than meets the eye.
You are lovely and lively.
the ones of courage
stood up to bravely defend
they saw that injustice
was in need of amend

others looked away
not seeing an infraction
yet the valiant warriors
forwarded into action

they dared to do
what was right
and didn't shun
the just fight

showing conviction
was JAX and Kim
who stood up to advocate
for the apt Jim
A poem inspired by the courage of Kim Johanna Baker and JAX SPADES. Their advocacy for others is without peer.
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
Bravery is not a trait to be learned,
but a decision that's yet to be made.
When standing against overwhelming odds
there's good reason to be afraid,

but despair does not ensure cowardice
and adversity does not equal defeat.
Every man still has a fighting chance
as long as his heart still beats.

Be always valiant and forever fearless
against what others may forewarn,
because the decisions made amidst catastrophe
are also when heroes are born.
Here we lie beneath the poppies
Blowing in the Flanders air
Do not forget our sacrifice
Do not forget that we were there

Young men forged in heat of battle
Neighbors, brothers, sons
Lost in time, with just our markers
Lost to lie, beneath the sun

Remember us as men of valor
Remember what we came to do
We came, and died, do not forget us
We gave our lives up, just for you

Forget us not, beneath the poppies
Where the sky is no longer dark
Remember us as long dead heroes
We came, we fought, we left our mark

Forget us not, please pass the torch on
Forget us not, more than this day
Forget us not, we were all soldiers
And we remain so....all the way!!!

Forget us not....
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
The heart is magnanimous
Never wary, to give up
Hope always kindles an
Eternal fire within the chambers
Providing light
To the experiences in life
Every chamber holds
Memorabilia collected from
The life events we encounter
With a psychic ability
To help us take decisions
And transform to face life
The challenges and experiences
Valiant heart beats
Essence of life in the rhythm
Cocooned within the walls
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
Through the serpentine path
Concealed from prying eyes
Walks the courageous heart
Towards a destination unknown
Numerous fangs, ready to bite
To inject the venomous intent
And incapacitate the heart
Seeking the unachievable
The braveheart dodges hurdles
Stares down fear itself
Arduous journey takes its toll
Small sacrifice to reach the pinnacle
Where none have been before
Will be written in folklore
Valiant one who walked the path
None dared to tread before
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