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Derrick Jones Dec 2020
No place to go
No thing to know
Only, flow
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Kozan May 2018
This practice
of seeing all of You
opens the heart
opens the mind
opens the body

One step in Your direction
is a leap into Love
letting the benevolent power
of You overtake
the way
the void
of Being
jayebird Jun 2016
transcendence does not mean surpassing, moving above
transcendence is living through opposite ends of the spectrum simultaneously, or even being it

without experience, here, still there is
without eyes to gaze upon the mystery of coherent light
touchable without a hand
i am born again
again and again and again
until i transcend
into an unlookable expanse
within and without of myself

how do i know?
Kashyapi Mar 2016
without destination
to be lost is impossible

give up your destination
and be always found
Kashyapi Mar 2016
silent before
even the concept
of silence arises
Kashyapi Mar 2016
you are the path
and the destination
stop searching
K Balachandran Dec 2015
Ears I don't need to hear the music you are.
I don't have to sing along to be one with thy song
You are the tune, my words fit in, meaning falls in place,
The voice rises and falls,the  journey of my music thus begins.

You are the river of nectar, that never ceases to nourish my shores.
That doesn't need any space or time to flow through; it never ends.
A drop of it's ebullience, I am catapulted from the flow of your wave.
I roam, searching for you, to return and immerse  in your fathomlessness.
Christian Reid Jan 2015
I am the water moving through the earth
The lifeblood of withering roots
Stirring ancient sediments
To nourish new pursuits

I am the language of truths ineffable
Encoded in the rhythm of your heart
The secret DNA of crystals
Informing their mineral art

I am the earth moving through the water
The tides are my breath's interval
Mountains bow to the sea's advance
A dance of push and pull

I am the darkness hidden in the light
The contrast that lets us see
The nonexistent difference
Between you and me
"O, how Light
doth so verily well as Ink
upon canvases of Darkness,
as Darkness
doth so verily the same
by Light.

do I beseech of thee
to speak at any length with me
of this 'good' and 'bad.'
over which you toil yet so."
Let's call it "following a whim~"

*Just in case anyone's curious: the asterisk in the title is wholly intentional as a facetious appeal to a theoretically-requisite-though-nevertheless-inescapably-non-existant footnote of a disclaimer signifying that this is, in fact, somewhat likely to be a hypothetical scenario where someone, for some senseless reason, actually wanted to know the author's viewpoint; or, that it could indeed be otherwise fictitious.

Resemblance to any person, myself or otherwise, is favorable.

Just to clarify. ;)


— The End —