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Sabrina and ****
On my mind
Reading through old convos
Sweet girl
Your insight inspired me
These tears
Of joy
I only want you to be happy
I’m happy knowing you did what you had to do
For you
Not for me
For you
I love you so much
Will always love you
Simple times
It’s passing like the dart on a summer day it was our time and you weren’t meant to stay

I guess though bro and ****...
But u know
I be here
Just here
Ready to take on anything

Want to hear your voice, but I’m patient
Even if I never get to hear it again
I’m patient

dear human
It was more than a relationship

But I mean
It’s always too late

And to easy to regret

In hopes of nothing but a greater now

So much... inside to express
In different ways
If was a connection
How did I get this far?
Distorted vision
Collision for some sense
Love that I didn’t remember when I slept
Could’ve forgotten the tears that been wept
Regret to be swept
Socially inept when I ponder about my end

man in the mirror
who else can I depend on?

wipe the thoughts from my mind to "be" a little clearer

once upon
a time
no lexicon

to describe

my love beyond the stars up above

                         para ti

out and about with no doubt in my steps
out to test the handles to manifest

excuse the ego, it's probably best

(sometimes I feel like I'm living like I'm holding on to the weakest set of limbs)

when the chances are thin, nothing to limn

reach within your inner vim

sitting here before work

10:31 am

I go in at 11

haven't gotten dressed yet

drinking coffee

listening to music

about to get my **** in

tonight I might get some ***** in

but recently the tears make me feel like I'm


but that's just.... overthinking

what am I thinking?

I need to get ready for dat werk werk

racetrac clerk clerk

putting in that fookin werk werk

crazy **** ****

dunk my nuts on your face like I'm dirk dirk

okay I'm going to get ready



flying by busy school weeks
periods of stress
overthinking my time to make things
just sit and do
nothing else
my phone rings for plans but I'm here
typing **** up
learning chords
a vision that never gets bored
David Bojay Feb 14
Try to stay away
Silence I can’t remain
Forget the language we created
The moments ever lasted
When you cross my mind, why don’t you say hi?
Carry on
Even in the cold
Head held bold
Even buried under a million stones
I shall shine through the cracks
Daily tunes
Tormenting blues
(Lots to feel) Covered in different shades of hue
But only feel blue
David Bojay Feb 6
a sirenic void
entrance to detachment

what is there to replace?
when all there is has always been

out the bin with regrettable sin
the walls of boundaries are thin

when all comes to an end
where the **** do I begin?

sashayed into a doom
the corner of my room

a lesson learned with grace
a healthy bitter taste

******* ****

my time I cannot waste
I put the flower on a pedestal and not a vase

sometimes wasted times wasted feeling numb below my waist

copy paste erase **** I rather not face

what's the point?
David Bojay Feb 4
end of story before the peak is boring

hanging like a broken door hinge

(when it flows, the show goes)

tell the thoughts to go
Initiate the change beneath the snow

carry my **** in a garbage bag
keep my composure when my feet bleed

back straight, to open up my lungs
hands up, twisted tendencies

in a space where thoughts go down the drain
those that make me go

some **** I can’t contain that’s why I jot it like I’m writing out my pains

the limitations of my brain

the knowing that **** just isn’t the ******* same

the change being experienced to let the **** I can’t retain simply be

I should sleep soon
I have class at 8am

Listening to New Beginnings by Part Time
Probably my favorite band haha

See you later
David Bojay Jan 30
lonelier than ever
get by being clever
patient with the wait....the wounds to sever

Look the other way

listening to your cover of city of stars

the vibrations of your voice
something I always paid attention to

the show goes on but this is a reflection I can’t deny

A truth in thought

In mind

To know it’s not really there

To be self aware

To know that the realization is a step

To know that this moment
Is all that’s ever promised
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