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David Bojay Apr 19
Skewed vision when I followed the cynosure//
Beam balancing
Can’t hold my own sometimes//
Made up characters to separate my thoughts from “myself”//
Split my cares in eights//
Off with the indecision//
Fall asleep as soon as the tears hit the pillow//
Head up, delusional//
So I think
Perception shields the egomaniac residing in me//
I make it seem as if so, but really with my intentions, I’ll never know how things will play out//
Misterpretating will be my end//
With no one to truly seek, I play with the inconsistencies.... so what about guilt?//
My character doesn’t mind the idiosyncrasies I portray... I do it for the show
Merging with the relentless and the glorious
It ***** to be Sweet, bittersweet//
David Bojay Apr 19
Waking up in valorous conduct/
aware of my impetuous commitments/
I long for awakenings when my eyes seem to be open/
Misinterpreting a reality I can’t untangle/
Trying to bring about the moments that brought me most happiness by force/
Valiant to go against my deepest rejections/
Alone in the moments we belong together in/
To think my art was stymied by your love/
Selfish me, couldn’t see it took a selfless “Sweet” to redeem our forever ever after/
         (Interruptions from the tip of my ego)
(Getting the best of my fragility, I’m not tough)
In shambles after processing what once was, actually was/
Questioning the will my mental grip strength had during changes I never wanted to face/
Your love, like pummeling fists dodged my ignorance/
Careless and regretful, the silence is filled with what “was”/
Ashamed, but perhaps a benison in development.... through the pain/
David Bojay Dec 2019
Practice “my” traits
Allow the knowledge to flow
I make my food
Servings of protein
Driving alone
Up and about to nowhere
My days seem endless
Distant in my room
Awaken when I see myself perform my life
But is life everything and everyone if we’re all reflections of ourselves

Performing this experience in the now... we are the crowd and dancers

I am you
But my thoughts conquer and the surface is all I see
My ego doesn’t understand
I want to love it so that it shrinks

I’m full from my meal
I miss Sabrina, my dear friend
I’m on this journey, and you’re still in it too somehow
Beauty is when the mind ends
When you just are with what’s infront of you

Cultivating in this state of loneliness

Collecting information
I don’t want to work tonight
The people will dance to the music
I’ll dance to our lives
But still playing my role
Shake my head right

Everything is happening in one moment
Sometimes it’s
Sometimes it’s
You know
Either or... it still is... “is”

When it all collapses, your spine tingles
I love my family
I love myself more these days, but it’s hard
My thoughts fall into the processors
Some seem to be “important”
I’m practicing my life
I’m experiencing it all in one
In one breath
I shift in and out
But it’s always there
Either way, I cherish the emotions
The downfalls
The glory moments

I come back to myself
I come to back to all
Behind the curtains
Behind the show
Behind the producers
Behind the mind
Underneath it all
In peace
Dancing in the stillness of it all
So much to think
They come and go
But some are part of me, they are stitched into my mind
I’m going to drink some coffee
This one is everywhere
But inside me
I miss myself sometimes
But I’m wrong to
This is fresh
I’m getting used to the handles of this acceptance
A follicle in an ocean
Vessels of ideas walking the earth, ******* each other
David Bojay Dec 2019
Out of place
Out of lane
Life in vain
Observe the pain
Regain my “self” to seek a “self”
Loss of love, lots of doubt
Gain some love, bend some time
Act so cool, create visual ***
Generate from the nothingness
Feel some type of way
There’s no way I can regret
Why should I think about something that’s dead?
I didn’t plan on walking the stage
I do it for my mom, I do it for my dad
And the people that’ll meet
I’m grateful for the insights, I’m lonesome without the help
Some of the most random situations pull me out of hell
This character will lose his mind one day, if there was actually a mind to actualize
It doesn’t hurt to leave
Leaving behind what’s not meant to be
But how do we know without any effort?
It’s the morning
I hope to see you soon
3 weeks ago, I couldn’t look at myself for more than 10 seconds
But I live in a world full of reflection
I don’t sense myself looking at the mirror
Formless forms
I’m ******* myself with unreasonable neglect
My goatee is thick this morning
I’m about to use one of my moms new razors
There’s all and not much to talk about
It sounds crazier when we speak it though
The simplicity of the complex
The complexity of the simplicity
I’ve been sitting on this toilet for too long
Goodmorning world
It’s about the approach
David Bojay Dec 2019
the time shall come
when the birds hover over the fields I'm buried in
and every metal I've known is rusted
who knows about the next generation
we're already saying it's too late
for whatever it can be, there's only a now to correct
my will to prosper in the dark ages brings me to the absolute
eternally in a moment processed to live

my morning has been warm
we've seen the sun arise in the earliest of the morning every time you've spent the night
it's only been two nights, but I'm well into patterns

a moment so precise, a love that breaks the ice
I turned over and watched you sleep for inspiration
Sensations passing and arising
Find myself dying when I give surrender to my passion
For my sense of self, there’s no place in heaven or hell
everything is happening so fast these days
Losing feelings to create new ones
When do the cycles end?
I problem to face, a dent in time filled my plate
A new approach to things that are usually too late to appreciate
Everything that’s right infront of me
David Bojay Nov 2019
what happened to reason?/
gone with the wind with every changing season/
the seconds between you realize that moment at ease/
finding my way but I've lose the keys/
deep in the sea, deep in the sea/
is it comfort I seek?/
to break through illusions I create?/
am I just teasing my mind with ideas that easily leave?/
the overlapping conversations between my sensations fill the paper/
they fill the spaces of silence
they might even satisfy the eye/
interactivity in the process
no thought can linger for so long,  a vessel in disguise/
perhaps I'm just a lie, at peace with what I don't like... what happened to reason?/
a reason for this, a reason for that
a reason to fight/
but all that I don't like.... requires judgement/
a thought follows, but I don't/
too many mistakes have been made under this light/
a war to be settled with the untouchable, with a mirror/
there was never a reason to retaliate with my angels and my demons/
David Bojay Nov 2019
with or without me/
the world will keep change remarkably/
the leaves will sprout and grow into trees gracefully/
And some ******* will later saw it off to build new offices for future graduates that care about the environment when it’s too late/
it’s the pain and joy that bring me closer to life/
it’s experience that separates hope from the all knowing/
you’ll love again/
I’ll sit in my dreadful misery for that time being/
there’s indignity in my temperament/
only you can see through the masks I portray for the mindful and mindless/
the conceptions they throw at me to identify my mannerisms just make me laugh/
Because everything is on purpose/
Played out before I lay it out/
Understand the roles before I play the part/
There’s “freedom” for artists in this world
Inside the heart of imagination that never stops beating/
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