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David Bojay Sep 18
what happened to reason?//
gone with the wind with every changing season//
the seconds between you realize that moment at ease//
finding my way but I've lose the keys//
deep in the sea, there's no surface to see//
is it comfort I seek? //
am I just teasing my mind with ideas that easily flee//
the overlapping conversations between my sensations fill the paper//
they fill the spaces of silence//
they might even satisfy the eye//
interactivity in the process//
no thought can linger for so long, a vessel in disguise//
perhaps I'm just a lie, at peace with what I don't like... what happened to reason?//
a reason for this, a reason for that//
a reason to fight//
but all that I don't like.... requires judgement//
a thought follows, but I can't//
too many mistakes have been made under this light//
a war to be settled with the untouchable, with a mirror//
there was never a reason to retaliate//
David Bojay Aug 11
Temporary truth
Something to hold on to
No offense to you
It’s just the unpaid dues
That leave me without a clue
What’s new?
A view oh so blue
What’s new?
Feeling old way too soon
What’s new?
Feelings I already knew about when it seems so new

Still into you
Still stuck in two

Feelings I never outgrew
David Bojay Aug 11
Laid up beneath my eyes
Knots that can’t be untied
**** ups that make us wise
I lose and I win, it’s implied in the balance I used to deny
It’s written in ink
A past to revise
A moment to edit
So that intention is justified

My essence in disguise
Some efforts to stabilize
Nothing to really symbolize
Abiding the opposite of a lie

A simple truth I cannot tell
An idea I cannot sell

To simply be
Awareness can swell
who is my bestfriend
David Bojay Aug 8
the distance we've made
when the cards were played

with nothing to be said
and time to be paid
I can only love an option of higher grade for  the sake of me
for the sake of my ***** ******* mind
who knows of it's treacheries

how many people still waiting for me to decide whether or not I really love her or not

it only amounts to nothing
delicate to the stumbles we take
down the sewer with the rest when I fail a couple "are we still "there"? tests

in my arms
out my arms

the only person you can truly be isn't what you see in me

but what you see in everyone

I just think ******* be *****

really *****

I just be sidetracked from a temporary truth
David Bojay May 20
there's nothing to worry about

no images on the screen to mind

realizations before mindless


collapsing of all that's around me, including my "self"

no moments to be thought of

no future to await

practicing letting go

noticing a thought

peeling the layers

experiencing the core of it all


David Bojay May 20
the clouds have moved

the sun is strong

my love for you continues on

changes made

let it marinate

contemplating less as of late

waking up next to you is great

and my words are limited

like life in creek for a little fishy
David Bojay Apr 19
little to know
So much to assume
(You know what happens when that goes down)
Reflecting out the hues of blue
Embodied by the mental constructs coming out my ******* tube of lubed up thoughts I chose to pursue
with nothing to lose
So much to do
With no point
But a check mark in my list of “to do’s”
thoughts of you
I wish you weren’t so cute
Drowning in brews
Walking with no clue
When I finally know
I’ll remain aware of the cues
Facing a doom
A “SELF” to understand and diminish in the fleeing moments only awareness captures
The knowing essence

nothing to lose

With a mind glued to views untrue to me and you

when every moment is ANEW
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