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Dec 2023
Freedom is the most overrated wants of life.
People crave freedom more than 3² meal.
They would do everything to taste that freedom sweet

Yea, they want to be free.
They want to do that, they want to this
They want to have fun, go places they'd never been.

They want to be free... from pain and agony
Free from stress..... making real their fantasy
They want to laugh and hence fill their cheek...
with rays of smile brighter than halogens

They want to talk, they want to see.
They want to breathe without oxygen
They want to chop life and do crazy things
They want the freedom to live eternity

Freedom yes, that's all you need...
Freedom to rule; freedom to be king
To run the street before the lights turns green

Freedom to loot, freedom to steal
Freedom to **** without questioning

Freedom they say, is the peak of everything,
Well, so they think
But what if I tell you bro
Freedom as it is, is slavery pro
Slave to the gold, slave to the doe....
Slave to a life thats not your own

Freedom is the reason 2pac was shot.
Freedom is the reason humans life gets short
Freedom is the reason why after 63 years of independecy
My people will **** for a chance to flee abroad.

Freedom is bad, yea, freedom is crap.
We all slaving to life's goodytrash.
So, I guess you can choose that freedom instead
Cos' to be real..... freedom is bitter sweet.

But afterwards, what do you get... you find yourself swinging in the pendulum of slavery to -slavery fro.
A pendulum that swings you to that 6feet hole.
Abdullateef Moshood
Written by
Abdullateef Moshood  31/M/Ogbomoso, Oyo, Nigeria
(31/M/Ogbomoso, Oyo, Nigeria)   
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