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  Sep 2019 Austin Cole
Daylight 4U2C
I gave away my branches,
I gave away my leaves,
you chopped me up for housing,
then ran off,
leaving me.

I gave away my dirt,
and gave away my air,
I gave away the water,
you said you'd none to spare.

I gave away my patterns,
I gave away my age,
I gave away all I had,
and you'd just take and take.

And now that I have nothing,
I sit alone, and cry
I think how I am now a stump,
and you didn't even say goodbye.
I don't know why,
I give stuff to you.
I tell the others,
it's just what I do.
But I'm ready to jump,
right over the ledge.
You keep laughing,
and pushing me off the edge.
Then you come back around,
asking for solace.
I'd have hit the ground by now,
but i won't get stuck in the past.
So whether or not hurting me was your goal,
Take that you ***!
Being a bully isn't cool.

Austin Cole Sep 2019
To whom do you pray to when you need a miracle
I pray to me; For I have the vision to see
To each their own, and I am not spiritual
Luckily, we get to choose what we believe

There’s comfort in placing your life in a higher power
There’s danger in giving up the reins
There’s peace in indulging the finest flower
A doomed planet does not change

When you look to solve mysteries-
Don’t look too far
There are innocents in cemeteries
Only God knows where they are

I find it hard to fathom that we are who we imagine
I can’t believe I must beg for mercy to live justly
I wish I could live in a hole at Bag-End
I wish I could live anywhere but here; mostly

Next time you fold your hands
I want you to remember my words
Do you really think there’s a man,
Controlling you from another world?
I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.. this is just how I see it.
Austin Cole Sep 2019
I’ve got all that I need
I’m living in a dream
I’ve seen my own nose bleed
More times than I want to believe

I’ve been running away
In one place I find it hard to stay
Everyone decays the same way
Why would you rush to the grave,
you’ve still got more to live
How could your family ever forgive,
you for just what you did
How could you ever live again,
when you’ve lost all your friends.
What’s the point to race,
when you’re more safe
at your own pace.
How could you be in first,
or even last place?
You’re alone in a wall-less maze
You alone, know the way.

Stand up and face your fears,
Always remember to pick and choose your peers
And when you look in the mirror
Accept whomever appears
But be weary of your leers,
And how you really appear-

The only way to win,
is to live until the end.
Caution when you begin,
Until you full-send
Remember with each grin,
the life that you’re in
will ultimately end
Austin Cole Sep 2019
Home from hell I said I’d prevail
I stayed out of jail
But from the hospital I had to be bailed
Everyone says that I failed
I see them now- how their faces have paled
Now raise your head and yell
Cry out that I fell
Catch a clock in the mail
And I’ll see YOU in hell

When I was gone I heard how you talked
You can **** a **** and a rock-Jayhawk Chalk
I don’t like how you talked
Got my mom worried in and out
Just from the word flood out your mouth
Give me quiet and a drought
Or I’ll lay my new plan out
You hear what I’m talking about?

Went behind whose back?
You must be slick like a tac
Or another sheep in the pack
Now look down the path
Of chaotic aftermath
Witness my wrath
I said that I’m back
And that’s a matter of fact

Whose got a point to prove to who?
Not me; doesn’t look good for you
Your life exists within in a rues
Relevancy fading like a bruise
Yes- I’m still referring to you
Huh? What’s that? My face turned blue?
This is the mask that’s gonna haunt you
From now until the end-
Might I mention my friend,
When I take it off you begin; decomposition
For putting me in the position I’m in
I wear my sins with a grin
It’s the mood that I’m in
You thought I’d lose but I’ll win
Over and over- again and again

Pick a pole and pay the toll
As my mind unrolls
Like Plato’s scrolls
Legends untold
Hunter S Thompson’s nose
From a night of new lows
Under his eyes imprinted feet of crows
They think that his weakness is blow
But is that what you’ve been told?
Play your cards or fold
Your acts are cold
Leave if you wanna grow old
Now live a life of your own
And leave me the **** alone
Or you’ll be the next one that I own
You’re done with a heartless tone
Now awake- your new clone
You can call Hell your new home
Now I grin and I moan
Can you see the set that I’ve shown?
Will you continue to block my own phone?
Or will you pick at this new bone?
Vindictiveness is my tone
Like I said- to each his own
Awake as I drop this microphone
I spent a 6 day stint in a mental hospital.  When I was gone, some people said some untrue things about me.  Some of it hurt; I used the rest to make this
Austin Cole Sep 2019
‘Twas break of day when our thirteen marched away
Stood tall did all their party in the soft warm glow
Twelve dwarves rode and their thief strode, to make the dragon pay
The subtle breeze whispered of vengeance and the falling of their foe

Gandalf in hand an Elvish blade and a staff of wizard rage
In front of he scores of corpses bleed and mercy is begged for at his feet
The evil at bay has gone away, our savior close behind to save the day
In hopes of all the evil will fall and the dragon will soon be slain

Our heroes unite to prepare the fight when the Evil Smaug takes his flight
The folks of Dane shriek in disdain as their homes and family burn
There in the sky a cross bolt flies, can it be true, can a dragon die!
A shadow falls from above so high, the Bane of Dane has lost his life

An evil falls, the eagles call as the dragon fell so hard
From this tale a true hero prevailed, and his name is King Bard
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien has always been a personal favorite of mine.
Austin Cole Sep 2019
A Mountain stood above a Snake, a helm of gold veiled his ghastly face
The little Snake picked up his head. and this he said, I’m not afraid to die
For I will sink my fangs in you and today I decide my fate
A strike from I will leave you dead, you’ll be remembered by a mournful cry

Blocking out the sun, the Mountain’s sword fell and swung
Striking left and right came a fight or flight position for our friend
The Dwarf yelled, “Oh no, I’ll be ****** I’ll be hung!”
But the Viper perilously brought forth the mountains end

Now quietly in the courtyard, Lord Twyin looks on thee
The accused has been convicted of treason and a greater crime
From his chains Tyrion makes no escape for he knows his last breath he’s breathed
A man stands to **** his son, and slaughter like rancid swine

But when our prince ****** his poisoned spear into our villain ‘ere
The Mountain couldn’t lonely die-
He wrapped his hands around our friend
And he squeezed tightly from each eye

A trial was to be decided on the mournful day
A winner was undecided but lifeless, our competitors lay
This is my summarization of the legendary trial by combat where Prince Oberyn and Ser Gregor Clegane met their fates.
  Sep 2019 Austin Cole
Maybe if I tell my depression
That I will never get tired of it,
and I will always be here for it,
it will leave me too.
Cause that’s what they all say
and yet they leave anyway.
Probably the only time in my life that something/someone leaves and I’ll be happy.
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