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mlebrdn Sep 25
“Do you really think we’ll make it to the end without giving up?”
asked the mind.
“I’m really exhausted but she sure is a fighter!”
said the body.
“We will not give up and we will keep on fighting no matter what!”
exclaimed the heart.
We will fight this. No matter what.
mlebrdn Sep 25
Maybe if I tell my depression
That I will never get tired of it,
and I will always be here for it,
it will leave me too.
Cause that’s what they all say
and yet they leave anyway.
Probably the only time in my life that something/someone leaves and I’ll be happy.
Thalia May 2018
There are days when I mourn for her, before she got too comfortable with her sadness, — before she became me.
Lehua Lokelaulii Aug 2014
They say i let it show,
that they can see the pain within me.

They see it in my eyes and my expression

and it's true, I can no longer hide it,
cause the pain is there.

They say
"push harder."
"Keep going."
"You can do it."

I'm not trying to let this happen,
I just want the world to know that.

**I'm here.

— The End —