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Nov 2020 · 520
Future Lover
Mohannie Nov 2020
I can't wait to meet you
The one who'll make me whole

But I will sit patiently
And when I know I've found you

I will love you forever

So, to my one future lover
My hand will be waiting for yours.
Nov 2020 · 497
Relief of the Brain
Mohannie Nov 2020

From buzzing bees
To a soft breeze

My mind is calming down

The bubbles rise
And vibration dies

Thoughts flow like a gown

I'm safe right here
My nerves disappear

I don't feel like I'll drown.
A poem about how I felt after listening to music therapy for my racing mind.
Nov 2020 · 458
A Virtual Hug
Mohannie Nov 2020

To all who is lonesome
And in desperate need of warmth
My arms are wide open

Sending you a virtual hug

I think we all need a little hug right now
Nov 2020 · 269
Mohannie Nov 2020
The warmth of a cat is all that you need,
Your saddened heart will cure with their lead.

They'll keep you company on your loneliest days,
As they curl in a ball and soften their gaze.

Cats are superior to all of the rest,
They'll keep you grounded when you are stressed.

These animals care, though sometimes it seems like they don't,
But when you think everyone has abandoned you,

They won't.

I love my cats <3
Nov 2020 · 780
Even if
Mohannie Nov 2020

Even if you're struggling now,
I'm still so proud of you.

Even if you can't get up,
I'm still so proud of you.

Even if you did some wrong,
I'm still so proud of you.

Because no matter what,
You're still so strong.

And I'm so so proud of you.

The fact that you're reading this right now proves how strong you are.
Nov 2020 · 356
Please Promise Me
Mohannie Nov 2020

Please promise me
to never, ever forget
that you are worthy
just keep that mindset

I look over at you
and all I can see
is beauty through and through
let your smiles be free

Continue to grow
and you will be gifted
with peace that will flow
and hope that is lifted

Just stay positive, even when staying positive seems impossible.
Oct 2020 · 333
The Art of Serenity
Mohannie Oct 2020

To learn to be calm
Is something I long to know
Can't wait for that day

Oct 2020 · 380
The Good Kind of Rain
Mohannie Oct 2020

Oh, to be like the rain on a warm summer's day
To fall to the Earth and allow cool air to stay

The good kind of rain that refreshes the skin
And we dance in the fields as we lift up our chin

Oh, to be this fine rain will fill me with glee
I listen with a smile as the drops hit the tree

The good kind of rain is all that I need
As I wait and I wait for my love to be freed

I love rain :)
Oct 2020 · 215
A Quick Reminder
Mohannie Oct 2020

Here is a quick reminder to:

drink water, eat, take your medication

and remember that

you will be okay

Oct 2020 · 246
Mohannie Oct 2020

Wonder is what wonder does
It fills you up with glee

Wonder is what you are now
You're special, I hope you see

Wonder is your life with love
Just live it up carefree

Oct 2020 · 578
A Message To You
Mohannie Oct 2020

Although I don't know you
I know some need to hear
That I'm proud you're alive
You've got this, my dear.

I know it's been hard
But you are so strong
Keep your head up, my dear
And remember:

you belong.

Hello everyone! I'm back with a mission to spread love <3
Dec 2019 · 193
In Another Life
Mohannie Dec 2019

Goodbye, old friend
I’ll miss you too much

With your Caribbean charm
And loving touch

You never failed
To make me smile

You let me forget my worries
For a while

I loved you then
And I’ll love you now

I will never forget you
That is my vow

Although you’re gone
I suppose my only advice

Is to remind myself
That I’ll see you again
In another life.
RIP Papa
Jun 2019 · 197
Mohannie Jun 2019
I wish I wasn’t me
Definitely not today
But for the time may be
The girl I hate will stay

I wish I wasn’t me
A ***** up from the start
Someone you never want to see
But sadly, my body I can’t part

I wish I wasn’t me
God, I never learn
To never once be free
To be lock inside an urn

I wish I wasn’t me
And that is all to say
Yes, the truth hurts
And yes, I want it that way.
Jun 2019 · 319
Low Battery
Mohannie Jun 2019

computer notification:

"Low power"
Anxiety rushing like a shower
It's dying

The yellow glow begins to sting
My body starts to feel a ring
It's dying

My mind in swirls and it feels tired
Blood is pumping and emotions wired
It's dying

Lower and lower the percentage goes down
My life is no longer in bound
It's dying

Closer and closer it drains so fast
Far too stressed I will not last

It's dying

It's dying

I'm dying

May 2019 · 1.8k
The Flower Analogy
Mohannie May 2019

Flowers start out as buds
Not knowing what they'll look like
But, when they bloom
They're magnificent
Each one alike in species
Yet, each one unique
But still, as gorgeous as ever

Just like us.

Apr 2019 · 326
In The Mirror
Mohannie Apr 2019
Look into the mirror
and write a poem

Not about the bad
Not about the sad

But about the good
I think you should

How your imperfections make you unique
No one is like you
You are the perfect you
And that's enough
Apr 2019 · 244
The Simple Poet
Mohannie Apr 2019

Desperate to change the world with her words

Aims to inflict damage on every reader

Who lays their naked eyes upon her work

But, how much change can one simple poet cause?

Apr 2019 · 499
Mohannie Apr 2019
Wipe away the dark on a cold cloudy day
Entering our souls with light, where it will lay

Make us feel warm through the coldest hours
And wrap us in safety with the smell of flowers

What we need is the shine from the sun's bright light
To keep us away from life's hurtful fight

So be the sun that will light up a life
Let out your warmth and chase off the strife.

Apr 2019 · 358
Just Lovely
Mohannie Apr 2019

Everything's better
With the presence of you.

You can make the world smile
As if it's on cue.
Apr 2019 · 569
You Are Loved
Mohannie Apr 2019
If ever you're down
In a dark, dark place
And ready to drown
To leave the Earth's face

Just, please, always remember
Somebody loves you
They'll spark your damp ember
Because they'll always love you

You are alive
You'll breakthrough
And you can thrive
They love you.

Even when you think it isn't possible, someone loves you. We'll all miss you if you go. So please, can you stay for us?
Apr 2019 · 359
Good Things
Mohannie Apr 2019
They say
All good things must come to an end
So why let it end?
Let's dance forever, sing forever, laugh forever
Just be happy


If only
Apr 2019 · 295
Trust Me
Mohannie Apr 2019

You can
finish your workout

You can
study for that test

You can
smile again

You can
text a friend

You can
start an adventure

You can
tell them you like them

You can
do anything because
if you put your mind to it
You can

Trust me.

It's time for us to get up and try again. Together. We've got this.
Apr 2019 · 292
Worst Of Times
Mohannie Apr 2019
Even in the worst of times,
what can one do but just
sit back
and simply allow
tiny emotion
wash right over them

Mar 2019 · 375
Mohannie Mar 2019
All I want
      Is to feel your warmth again.

Mar 2019 · 219
A Cold Wet Blanket
Mohannie Mar 2019
When you're feeling trapped
In a cold wet blanket
All you must do
Is find love
And then

Mar 2019 · 493
Dear, You.
Mohannie Mar 2019
Your beauty and grace and love
Could light up the world
in just an instant.

Mar 2019 · 220
Mohannie Mar 2019
Kindness is made from
A softened heart
A warmer soul
A brighter mind
Kindness requires light to shield us from

Mohannie Mar 2019
Was stuck in a rut
But because of all of you
I feel like I’m free.
I just want to thank everyone for all of the love and support from my last poem! My latest poems have not been getting much attention so I’m glad to have finally escaped that. I am just so very grateful for all of you!
Mohannie Mar 2019

You're more beautiful
And more outstanding and bright
Than you'll ever know.

You're worth more than you'll know. Just a reminder.
Mar 2019 · 213
Addicted To My Phone
Mohannie Mar 2019
I will tell you a true story
Which I am struggling with now
Watch a fight for my own glory
Through the addiction I will plow

I try to do work
And fight away the urge
Yet, I feel my phone smirk
With the media, I'm submerged

A war once again lost
My white flag in the air
Washed over with exhaust
As I'm trapped in my phone's snare
Mar 2019 · 553
I Hope I'm Not Annoying You
Mohannie Mar 2019

I think of you a lot
And talk to you on the spot

I hope I'm not annoying you

I like you sweet
You've got me beat

I hope I'm not annoying you

I stare at you
My mind feels new

I hope I'm not annoying you

Butterflies in my gut
Their wings won't shut

I hope I'm not annoying you

As bold as thunder
But still I wonder

I hope I'm not annoying you...

Mar 2019 · 185
Ads On Spotify
Mohannie Mar 2019

Stop interrupting
I do not want Premium
Please let me listen

Mar 2019 · 251
Mohannie Mar 2019

Even when we're inches apart,

               You still feel like an ocean away

Mar 2019 · 652
Mohannie Mar 2019

I aim the old camera
And focus for the subject
As my fingers dance to adjust its settings
For the perfect shot
With my eye in the viewfinder
I angle myself
While feeling for the shutter button
It's picture perfect


Mar 2019 · 175
Too Little Too Late
Mohannie Mar 2019

As you all pass me by
Not giving a second look
I'm creating something big
Something that you wish
You knew
But sadly, you will be

Too little        
                Too late.

Mar 2019 · 156
Take Me For Me
Mohannie Mar 2019

Take me, honey
Take me, sweet

Take me, lover
Take me, please

Take me for who I am
I will not change

To bend for your ways
So take me dear

And love me here.

Mar 2019 · 292
The Day My Life Fell Apart
Mohannie Mar 2019

I remember the day when my life had fallen apart

June 2nd, 2016

This was when everything for me changed

I thought there was nothing left

And had finally hit rock bottom...

But what can one do in such a horrific time

But get up and try to live again?

You've got this.
Mar 2019 · 167
Kiss Me
Mohannie Mar 2019

Kiss me for the first time please
Kiss me sweet, like honey bees

Kiss me kind and warm and nice
Then kiss me hungry like fire to ice

Kiss me like you’ve never had
And kiss me so I know you’re glad

To be with me as I to you
Kiss me so we’re never blue

Mar 2019 · 385
Just A Thought
Mohannie Mar 2019

How I manage to be both a ******* and a ******* is beyond me.

Mar 2019 · 96
5 Minutes To Write
Mohannie Mar 2019
To express what is real
And to show how I feel
With my pen in my hand
My words I will bend
To let out my own thoughts
Before my life rots
A race against the clock
My mind I won't block
And then I will lay
I'm done for the day

5 minutes is up
Mar 2019 · 214
Know Me
Mohannie Mar 2019
You say you know me
Which you really do believe,
But I have dealt with more than you will ever know

And I wish I could let you know.
Feb 2019 · 461
Mohannie Feb 2019

I don't even remember why I was embarrassed!
She thought right as she accidentally reminded herself
why she was embarrassed.

Feb 2019 · 284
Worry Child
Mohannie Feb 2019

I've never faced a more challenging task

Than battling my own thoughts

Feb 2019 · 311
"Fitting In"
Mohannie Feb 2019

Fitting in has never been my strong suit

For years and years it's been a task
To find core friend and put on a mask

But I've noticed as time continues to sweep by
That maybe it just won't work, no matter how hard I try

This used to upset me, and yes, it still bites
Desperately, I ended up changing myself through fights

I changed and changed until I was no longer me
I locked myself away and would not let free

As time passed along
I kept singing this treacherous song

But soon, I felt tired of who I was
I saw my reflection, and didn't recognize myself. I paused.

A person who stared back at me was someone of lies
Someone who only held sadness in her eyes

This was not me and this was not right
It was time to end this weary fight

As the years go on
I learn to love someone who once was gone

I met new people who loved me as me
And they taught me that this is who I should always be

A person who once was lost and alone
Has learned that she never has to change her own.

A much longer poem than usual but this one is one of my favorites. Please read! I hope you enjoy.
Feb 2019 · 343
Falling Together
Mohannie Feb 2019

I once was apart
And I still might be
Even so, I put the pieces back in the cart
Then stacked them back into me

With a bit of duck tape
And then some glitter glue
I fix them into my shape
Becoming as good as new

I will be better this time
I've learned from my mistake
Climb back to my prime
And this time, I will not break.

You can still mend yourself. You aren't broken.
Feb 2019 · 194
Mohannie Feb 2019

If you crave freedom

You must let go of your chains

And change your old ways.

It’s time for me to change.
Feb 2019 · 625
Wherever You Are
Mohannie Feb 2019

Come out, come out
Wherever you are
Come out
And find me
So we could be together
Once again
Like we used to.

Feb 2019 · 668
Mohannie Feb 2019

The blonde boy walked up to the brunette girl
He asked her out to the high school prom
The girl looked up to him and said

"What's the catch?"

Feb 2019 · 532
Feeling Zero
Mohannie Feb 2019

Zero is weird
Zero is odd
Zero is nothing
Because Zero is flawed

Zero is tired
Zero is scared
Zero wants help
Yet Zero never dared

Zero is lonely
Zero is cold
Zero is young
But Zero feels old.

Feb 2019 · 221
A Guitar Song
Mohannie Feb 2019

Its melodic sound
As she plucks through the strings
The music emitted was bound
As the waves rush with long rings

It humed through the air
And beamed to our ears
Her music was fair
As she serenaded her peers

The Guitar Song was loud
The Guitar Song was proud
It showed all her heart
And kept us from falling apart.

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