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Feb 2020 · 320
Funny Valentine's Day
Devil Atticman Feb 2020
Love is more than tender words!
Love is to have spoke them first.

In love, which many feel to all,
Still one before another falls.

Is love the 'life' and 'death' in dance;
A shield that not let either pass?

Know that love drives every hand,
So 'love' met 'love',
And razed their lands.
dati dizu dan dato chipu
Feb 2020 · 354
Parable of a Golden Rope
Devil Atticman Feb 2020
One hundred men gather to decide their king.

They bring their minds and gold together;
They weave a crown of rope with gilded string,
Then, quietly, it lay before them in the grass

The first man moves to seize the rope,
"See your king with rope in grasp!"
Another comes and yanks it back, "I brought more gold than you!"

Another comes, and another still, 'till every man has seized the rope,
Until it wrapped around the throat of someone in the feud.
"Hold! We've gone too far," said the man whose throat was caught.

The rabble of the hundred men ended as it came,
And each the golden rope held firm; one-hundred men had pulled the knots.
The man who brought the most gold said to the one who seized it first,

"I'd rather you, the first to take the rope, be king!"

The first to lift it said back,
"And I that it were any of you!"
Thoughts on kingdoms and leadership, translated in fun old-timey parable-speak :)
Dec 2019 · 201
Say to Logos
Devil Atticman Dec 2019
That of you inside my ears
Was hard to hear, but ever-clear.

That of you 'come out the mouth,
Was easy-heard, then brought more doubt.
Little thought about thinking
Devil Atticman Feb 2019
Have YOU ever experienced the following:

Sadness, financial debt, crushing loneliness, childhood trauma, all, some, or other soul-killing misfortune?

It all ends today. Introducing the CRYPTO-SPIRITUAL DEEP ANIMA CLEANSING SYSTEM (CDACS) from World Grip Inc. Misery has never been this impartial!

The "CDACS" learns about the user through exposure to create a positive feedback loop that discourages critical thought and negative emotion. Need assistance emotionally, professionally, or sexually? CDACS has you covered.

Disclaimer: rare cases of seclusion, loss of emotion, and unchecked growth of the shadow self have been reported in some users. Tell our professionals if you experience any disintegration of identity or hedonistic megalomania.

Jan 2019 · 145
Devil Atticman Jan 2019
There are people who are for no one,
For whom there is no one.
They are two sides of a circle.

The first is clad in shadow-black,
Who sails down a river of blood,
Deeper still, never glancing back.

The second, alabaster white,
Who watches over life and love,
A justice bitter as winter's bite.
Why are they not "for" one another?
Although both share a love for something greater than themselves, each stands in the way of the other's dream.
Apr 2018 · 402
Free Dankula
Devil Atticman Apr 2018
You will not
Cut out my tongue
Until you bury my corpse.

I shall be,
And speak, in freedom,
And shall owe no explanation.

If it comes
To strength and iron,
I'll fall like my ancestors,

Dying in the name of what's right.
Governments across the world are adopting a fascistic view of personal freedoms. It seems as though they wish to police thoughts and opinions. Do not let them. Oppose a regime that tramples your right to be as you are: at that point, it is no longer worthy of your suboordination.
Mar 2018 · 346
The Sword and the Squid
Devil Atticman Mar 2018
Said the sword as the eye,
"My edge is the sharpest,
Quickest maker of greatest numbers."

So the squid said:
"Oblivion is the lip of my beak,"
And he was the sharper.

The eye, as the sword, set to the forge,
Forfeit to visions of keenness,

And became claimant to a wicked edge
Which shaved him of shame;
Which loved most the whetstone,
So he set back to sharpening,
Growing so fine as to slice the stone in twain.

In recoil, he knocked upon his plane
And cut himself from his steadfast cradle,
And was pulled silently
Into timeless unbecoming.
There are great lessons to be learned from fables. Short, deliberate fairy tales are delicious to me. I hope to do those flavors justice.
Mar 2018 · 274
Silence of a Thousand Words
Devil Atticman Mar 2018
You'll lose me on that winding road;
On the guts of you I choke.
Wrought with knots like gallows' rope,

Your poem is too long.
I love the spirit's spilling forth, but in those rankled waves I'm crushed,
Doomed never to comprehend,
Buried 'neath a city of notes.
Mar 2018 · 1.4k
Dearest Suicide Poets
Devil Atticman Mar 2018
So much love in you.

So much treasure locked away,
Unable to be shared.

Too much love in you.

Too many rivers to your spread delta,
Where you stand bravely to drown.

Immortal love in you.

The gift of a soul,
The truest something.

So much love that you'd give it to nothing.
The world is skin,
But you are within,
And passion is sin,
But who would've known?

Maybe past the aeons, we can try this again.
Mar 2018 · 136
Devil Atticman Mar 2018
"I will be a master chef," she said,

Spreading peanut butter on toast.

— The End —