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You will not
Cut out my tongue
Until you bury my corpse.

I shall be,
And speak, in freedom,
And shall owe no explanation.

If it comes
To strength and iron,
I'll fall like my ancestors,

Dying in the name of what's right.
Governments across the world are adopting a fascistic view of personal freedoms. It seems as though they wish to police thoughts and opinions. Do not let them. Oppose a regime that tramples your right to be as you are: at that point, it is no longer worthy of your suboordination.
Scarlet McCall Sep 2017
Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your inquiry about how to submit your poems to the Official Poetry Portal. Here is where all poems are carefully screened for wokeness. Screening is overseen by a Board composed of members of Black Lives Matter, The National Association of Social Workers, and Disney.
Please submit a video of yourself reading your poems. Our automated system will scan your physical characteristics to determine if you are Black, White, or Other. All White persons are forbidden from wearing cornrows, dreadlocks, or African jewelry. Any such applicant will be immediately deleted for cultural appropriation.
Please also submit a written description of your self-designated gender, as we are unable to tell your gender from your physical characteristics, since this is an entirely self-designated category. Self-designated men are forbidden from writing poems about women. Women, however, may write poems about men.

All poems will be carefully screened for potential triggers, such as  language that could indicate a worldview consistent with those of current or historical oppressors. Please do not submit such poems under the guise that they are “persona” poems. All poems must meet a criteria of non-offensiveness for persons who think literally and concretely. Irony is to be strictly avoided.
Designated White persons may not write about the experience of non-Whites. Non-whites may write about their experiences with White Oppression, as long as any potentially triggering material is hidden and only viewable by clicking an icon.
All submitted poems must be accompanied by an explanatory note describing how the poem contributes to diversity and the dismantling of White Supremacy. Poems merely about nature or love are no longer acceptable. Poems with wordplay or ambiguous metaphors are no longer acceptable, as they are discriminatory toward persons with intellectual disabilities and thus are inherently hierarchical.
Please note that there is a quota of 20 percent for White poets, in order to remedy historical injustices.
Anyone attempting to distribute poems that have not been approved by the Portal will be subject to 5 years imprisonment under the Penal Code, and will be required to read a public confession of their insensitivity and hierarchical thinking. They will be permanently banned from educational employment.
I fear this will be our future.
JDH Jul 2017
Some introductory food for thought...

"Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen"
  - George Orwell

"There is only three states of being. There is slavery, tyranny, those are both forms of conflict, or negotiation. Negotiation depends on freedom of speech and you have to be able to talk to people if you are not going to fight with them or capitulate to them."
  - Jordan Peterson

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
  - George Orwell

The key proponents of the Bill and it's context...
On the 18th October 2016, Bill C-16 received Royal assent in Canada, despite having a small, but thorough opposition, even from those within the LGBT community who felt that the proponents of the Bill did not represent their desires, but that of the most extreme and ideological spectrum of their community. A prominent figure in the opposition to the Bill was Jordan Peterson, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, who has dedicated a great length of time in study into the **** and Soviet regimes of the past, paying particular attention to the ideological and psychological elements of those periods, which has built his principles as strongly opposed to ideological thought, Postmodernism and Marxism, all of which were instrumental or played roles in the mass genocidal regimes of the early 20th century that began with the subjugation of ideas and speech.

The Bill's implementation is an amendment to the Ontario Human Rights Code that makes the refusal by an individual to refer to someone by their preferred gender pronouns a hate crime. It also brands discrimination by 'gender expression' with the same impunity. To those who do not understand what these concepts mean, essentially what the gender pronoun debate is, is how a minority of the LGBT community demand they be refereed to by different pronouns, and have their gender expression (fashion choice) protected by law. For instance, those who claim not to fit into the binary gender pronouns (he/she) and therefor don't identify as either a man or a woman, wish to be refereed to with artificial neologisms such as ve, they and them.

These demands, however, are not being made by the majority of LGBT people, but a small minority of people, mostly younger students who've been indoctrinated into postmodern and social Marxist ideology. This means that the Canadian government is taking the most extreme representation of a group as the representatives of the entire group, which would be like taking the **** Party as a valid representation of Germans, or the British Olympic squad as representatives of the standard fitness of the entire British public. This is a key focus of opponents to the Bill, like Prof. Peterson who recognises (being an employee of a University himself) that Bills like these are the result of borderline indoctrination in the Universities, and not the demands of LGBT people in general.  

The innate authoritarianism of the bill and it's Marxist/Postmodern motives...
Why are the proponents of this Bill innately authoritarian in nature? Well, as Professor Jordan Peterson makes the clear distinction, that unlike other forms of what is deemed hate speech in law, that enforces what you CAN NOT say, this Bill enforces WHAT YOU MUST SAY. As an example, Holocaust denial is considered hate speech, and so you can not express such a position, however, here you are now forced to speak words that you might not want to say, something far more Orwellian that one might be able to conceive when concerning a seemingly trivial enforcement, and having often spoken of gradualism, this is certainly not the end of the issue.

What is also concerning is that the supporters of the Bill are evidently ideologically motivated, in terms that their ideology (Marxist/Postmodern) is in itself authoritarian in nature, and as they fail to gain support by ideas, they suppress them. Law like this should not be able to slide through the apparatus of the State this easily, for it conveys on many levels a lack of respect for the generations of people who suffered under despotic rule for centuries until finally the rule of law gave them rights (and now we throw them away). It also shows to those more nefarious groups, that the public will not blink, even when you chip away at their right to speak as they choose, which I don't believe is a habit that should be maintained.

- a short essay by FabiusSideman
I am from the UK, however, I followed the events and the processes of this Bill, particularly its opposition.
Paul Butters Jul 2017
Oh for a world without wars!
Free of terrorists.
Where each and every one of us
Can go about our daily lives
Without any fear.

But I read somewhere
That there may be a price to pay:
Loss of Freedom.

Think of the USSR, or better still, Yugoslavia.
Ruled by rods of iron
These counties showed us facades
Of calm.

But once those dictatorships disappeared then
Those underlying differences emerged.
The Balkan States were a case in point:
When Yugoslavia went
All **** broke out!

So when I suggested that
A benevolent world government
Might cure our ills,
A warning was shot across my bows:
“Be careful what you wish for!”

For what good is “Peace”
When no one dare speak out
Or act in a “different” way?
“1984” soon springs to mind:
Droves of mindless clones
Dumbed down by drugs
And Media driven hypnosis.
Totalitarianism at its worst.

What we really need is an end to violence
And every other form of Abuse.
Free thought
Married with respect and tolerance
To our fellow men
And women.

World Peace only comes free
When the people are free too.
Freedom of the individual
Based on mutual respect
And better still
On Love.

Paul Butters
From earlier discussions here......
Francie Lynch May 2017
Speared on the trident tines
Of a new world order,
Wiggling, dripping,
Unable to close eyes
Staring out both sides of faces
With an astonished, unbelieving pall.
Some will be fried with rice,
Some eaten raw with *****,
Some battered with fries at Disneyland.
Out of water, gasping,
Coaxed from the shallows
With blinding light,
Baited from the depths.
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