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Norman Crane Sep 2020
Wronged figures encircle the world. Saturn's
rings of martyrdom expectant beseech
God, The pain we suffered in your Name, return
it from beyond our graves. With vengeance teach
our torment to those who made us suffer!
Impale their bodies on bolts of thunder,
Black bones and roasted flesh, they are but slurs
against Holiness. Tear them asunder!
And for us, the white robes of salvation,
And words of eternal comfort: Patience
and faith in the Lord of all creation,
whose rewards in Heaven will be immense.
All the hurt you have borne shall be lifted,
Through Him, foreverness is gifted.
Inspired by El Greco's 17th-century painting of the same name, which was in turn inspired by the Book of Revelation 6:9-11.
Jenish Jul 2020
The welcome sun gilded, the mighty seven mountain peaks
As fingers adorned with rings, they lay aloft our eyes
Beneath our feet, the silent sleeping snowy snake
Conquered on the kiss of cold, a cambered frozen line.

The eternal night of valour, written in silver past
Still shining in the faces of unshuffled uniforms of bravery
Twenty daring sons of motherland, in the ticking clock of darkness
On the giddy throng of foes, fallen lightning strokes.

Time was what they need, till the distant succour
They fought an infinite war, fringing their martyrdom
Until the land kisses, the unclouded moment of victory
For the present cradles to sing, made their last salute.
Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019

I tried to save your life six seconds ago,
but the air sent me away
when I moved in its domain
to reach for your hand.


You were vilified in its winds.

It gushed of how you ruined everything.


It once killed you,
but you trudged back
from the river's part,
without spite,
holding an elder's rebellion.

Your         crime         was too heinous
and the wind begged me to **** you again.


With the trial withstanding your time,
I sought your records.

They were pulled in gusts,
spread over pinkened
cumulonimbus clouds,
and struck down to my hands
where I dropped them myself
in utter revulsion.


How could I ever save you?

You killed the air too.

Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Her passion was life
Her agony was divine
Her choice was death
Joan of Arc (1412-1431)
Miss Daytona Aug 2019
Benevolence’s dry, therefore,
I look for your acts of violence.

Easier to face it had you carried a sword,
Not just a shield and your armour.

Truce became the deadliest of weapons.  

Turns out there is no blade sharper
than the white flag of a martyr.
Daisy Feb 2019
I am here now
Amidst the ashes;
Away from the world's mystification.

Do not weep for me now
Remember my sacrifices;
My love, my life for the nation.

They reckon they've won now
They laugh, they celebrate-
Sad! they do not grasp the ramification.

Mother have lost her child now
Holding a grave ache in her heart.
And me- a fallen father for my girl and son!

Will I be avenged now!
Or end up like a long lost memory
Of honor and love for my country?

Will I be avenged!
Or end up as a tool in the game of politics
Between vultures clutching on the opportunity?
Eloisa Feb 2019
I remember vividly for many years
We were enamored with each other
The promises we made seem real I thought
Hearts and letters were existent

God has bestowed us with such blessings
Two little angels His ultimate gifts
You were my life, my world, my everything
A wonderful man to me and our children

I didn't know what happened next
One day you said that you were home
But I saw you then with other girl
You kissed her lips, you held her close

I was afraid to ask the truth
I became blind to your deception
Tears rolled down my cheeks
A bleeding heart I needed to keep

My agony was building up
I have forgotten how it is to love
I felt so down, alone and empty
You crushed my soul, you made me crippled

I remained still a loving wife
Despite this heavy pouring rain
I tried to forget the agony and misery
I live for love, I breathe for it

I tried so hard to win you back
I gave my all, the love in me you cannot see
But then I saw you one time again
With the same girl, I died in pain

I let the tears fall down so quick
I knew your love has reached its end
The look in your eyes I can't forget
You said GOODBYE, I was in grief

I know my love is now forgotten
My hopes are ceased, my dreams are shattered
But though your betrayal cut me so deep
Your love's sweet memory, I'll forever cherish
Devil Atticman Apr 2018
You will not
Cut out my tongue
Until you bury my corpse.

I shall be,
And speak, in freedom,
And shall owe no explanation.

If it comes
To strength and iron,
I'll fall like my ancestors,

Dying in the name of what's right.
Governments across the world are adopting a fascistic view of personal freedoms. It seems as though they wish to police thoughts and opinions. Do not let them. Oppose a regime that tramples your right to be as you are: at that point, it is no longer worthy of your suboordination.

He was hers
in the past.
Nevertheless still,
He is imprisoned by the agony erstwhile
Oh how ardous it must have been!
to him
to her
To love him in the days to come
Foreseeing that she can't be in his heart
no matter how hard she tries
Because of her in his
So, until when?
Martyr she is!
He can't never be hers
Because He was hers
Even before time,
And by and by.
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