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The gardner plants
The garden
Waters the plants
In tomorrow
He believes
His garden
To flourish
Bear flowers
Bear vegetables
Bear fruits
The farmer ploughs
The fields
Sows the crops
Weathers thunder
Weathers storm
In tomorrow
He believes
His fields
To flourish
Bear grains
Bear pulses
Bear seeds
Draughts hit
Diseases hit
Hit hail storms
Hit winds
Vegetables destroyed
Fruits destroyed
Crops destroyed
Destroyed their income
Their belief
Not destroyed
The gardner plants
The garden
Waters the plants
In tomorrow
He believes
The farmer
Ploughs the fields
Sows the crops
In tomorrow
He believes
Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely !
She said I am so lonely, lonely, lonely,
I  could die.
My mouth was dry,
There ain't sweetness here in paradise

Baby, Baby, baby, baby!
She said baby, baby, baby,
I  could die.
My mouth was dry,
There ain't sweetness here in paradise.
Two minute beer mat song
I, Too, Sing America (and did so in my diapers!)
by Michael R. Burch

I, too, served my country,
first as a tyke, then as a toddler, later as a rambunctious boy,
growing up on military bases around the world,
making friends only to leave them,
saluting the flag through veils of tears,
time and time again ...

In defense of my country,
I too did my awesome duty –
cursing the Communists,
confronting Them in backyard battles where They slunk around disguised as my sniggling Sisters,
while always demonstrating the immense courage
to start my small life over and over again
whenever Uncle Sam called ...

Building and rebuilding my shattered psyche,
such as it was,
dealing with PTSD (preschool traumatic stress disorder)
without the adornments of medals, ribbons or epaulets,
serving without pay,
following my father’s gruffly barked orders,
however ill-advised ...

A true warrior!

Will you salute me?

I hope my “small” attempt at humor will help readers remember the sacrifices made by the spouses, children and extended families of our valiant servicemen and women. It was not easy making friends only to lose them, time and time again, as I grew up a “military brat” on American air bases around the globe. I really did make sacrifices for my country, while winning every battle against the “communists” in our back yard.

Keywords/Tags: Memorial Day, military brat, service, war, duty, honor, heroism, soldiers, army, navy, air force, marines
Shwetha sb Apr 26
Dear comrade,
Maybe you are achieving medals for your victory
but, actually you are achieving our hearts for your bravery...
A big salute to all comrades, serving for their country.
No matter the nation,they costs their lives to protect it...
Man Mar 11
olive green
tight fitting garbs
drab and mean
old men who jaw
we're a caravan
of death
we march to a beat
of bullets let
i'm running far first chance i get

christ, i'm in the army now

"Anyone could
change the
world so you
can too.
By putting
right thangs
you see
wrong in it."
changing the
world is a
collective duty.
can change
the world!
I won't be loved, I know that,
They always knew best, I'm sorry for all of your tears,
I tried to be a good human but this love of yours,
Much stronger than anybody else's hurts.

I won't be loved, he said, I know,
I made a terrible mistake with her!
I won't be cared for with a kind heart,
Only her duty can save me from this trap.

"What about a miracle? Someone sweet?"
The joyful party on the hall of the hospital
Offered to the kids in the salon, time sweet,
The clowns and elves dance, a flight super-vital.
Part of my "Natural" collection,  © All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu
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