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Through the forest grass,
a lockstep march.
Neat columns
of silent striding teams.

To ground they go,
to burrow deep.
Bringing prizes
foreign and mundane

Can they look into the giants above?
There is no time to dream.

Hurry home! Your colony calls
and the task is but half done
#23 in my Year One collection, from notes on 3/21
Carl D'Souza Jul 21
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
says we have the right
to life, liberty and security of person.

When I have the right
to life,
do you have the duty
to keep me alive?

When I have the right
to liberty,
do you have the duty
to give me liberty?

When I have the right
to security of person,
do you have the duty
to give me security my person?
Regina Fable May 30
another hull breach
most of her fortune slips away
suckled by the undercurrent
her shanties are bottlenecked messages
entangled in self-accusation
listing through distress and tide
she flags toward more sympathetic waters

love is the bright iris of balmy weather
a ballast for threadbare optimism
she makes berth in tiny lips
that pardon her insufficiency
emptiness, a welcome refuge
projected under the twinkle of satisfaction
mirroring devotion
Zywa Mar 11
The war happened to me
the hostile people
my neighbours and family
I have to
take my loss

The dark is teaching me
to accept
that I am invulnerable
there is no need to flee

my soul is my asylum
if I ****, I **** lovingly
with a silvery shine
around my duty
which is not a mirror
of their motives
India (Delhi 1200 vC – Mahabharata, Arjuna)

Arjuna = Silvery shine

Krisjna = Dark

Collection “Short Sermons” # 20
annh Feb 23
Wherefore, Fortune bled and mortal wounded,
Will thou not relinquish heart nor hope?
Yet stand a part for truth, and duty bound
Do wield thy sword securely still.

wherefore (adv.) - why
a part (adv.) - as an individual, individually
securely (adv.) - confidently, with skill
I must learn happiness
Lest she leave me
To mine own devices
Which have decayed in woe
Do you ever lie in darkness,
Wondering if you will be
The star of some great epoch
In books of history?

Do you ever fear you'll fail,
And let everyone down
That expected you to be someone,
Instead of to be drowned?

There are so many expectations
For you to change the world
To deny is to refuse
Your duty.
Hoarding is a problem associated with
Deep sense of something missing something.
Or someone.
An emotional empty feeling.
Until we can face theses things
We will carry the excess baggage.
around in a physical way.
Only we can
The things around us.
By sorting of the pain hurt.
We can let go
And release the things that we are attached too.
Then we can do a spring clean inside outside.
There are people who are for no one,
For whom there is no one.
They are two sides of a circle.

The first is clad in shadow-black,
Who sails down a river of blood,
Deeper still, never glancing back.

The second, alabaster white,
Who watches over life and love,
A justice bitter as winter's bite.
Why are they not "for" one another?
Although both share a love for something greater than themselves, each stands in the way of the other's dream.
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