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annh Oct 2020
ᗩ ᗷᑌTTEᖇᖴIᑎGEᖇEᗪ ᖴEᒪᒪOᗯᔕᕼIᑭ Oᖴ TᗯEᒪᐯE
ᑭᒪᗩYIᑎG ᑕᗩTᑕᕼ ᗯITᕼ ᗰY ᑕOᑎᔕᑕIOᑌᔕᑎEᔕᔕ.
'When all the archetypes burst out shamelessly, we plumb Homeric profundity. Two clichés make us laugh but a hundred clichés move us because we sense dimly that the clichés are talking among themselves, celebrating a reunion.'
- Umberto Eco, Travels in Hyperreality
Samantha Grace Dec 2019
The illusionist drawls,
"Choose wisely", fanning his cards,
and she, eyeing Five of Cups,
POPS her bubblegum, chooses
"You", deciding that the imp
who claims he's not an archetype
is merely the reversed Hermit.
circles find their aim
humans like their range within
ellipses begin

circles hide their aim
humans fight their way within
ellipses pretend

circles might remain
humans hide their pain within
ellipses restrain
A little haiku for you
Tommy Randell Apr 2019
I met a girl in Winter
She said her name was Spring,
Eyes as green as meadows,
As sleek as any sapling.
She danced beneath the snowy trees,
She sang of warmth to come,
She wrapped me in her soft embrace
And played me like a drum.

In later months I lived a dream
My poems of Summer skies,
Sowing seeds and visions
Through pastures warm and fertile
To the song of Nature's blessing,
Hand in hand with Spring,
I quickened to the Jig of Life
In tune with every living thing.

Autumn brought me Riches & Death,
A virtual harvest for the Soul,
A duet of sky and forest soaring
To a breathless tremolo.
The Chorus, then, of the Year of Life
but doomed to die in cold and stone -
A ballet of the Heart on ice,
A Commedia dell'arte, a Mundane of Thrones ...
Inspired initially by a Poem of Don Bouchard 'I Met A Girl', a poet I admire very much. This poem however has other intentions ...

Opera Cornique - Is a type of French opera wherein instead of singing, the lines are spoken. In its early form, it was satirical but would, later on, have serious storylines such as Carmen by Georges Bizet.
You crave and yet resist those things; that take you from what's good, 'till something better takes another other and seems again anew
How often times the image thought supreme to it's ideal
Tryin to change one to form another "other" that seems again anew
Are you another one of my symbols?
Is this another one of my images?
Archetypes they tell me and I'm somewhere in between
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