Barton D Smock May 2014

I am three pages into the most honest letter I’ve ever composed to a brother when I realize I’ve been writing with my finger.  I tell my daughter it isn’t crying if you’re drinking.  she’s asleep.  it’s there she hears a piano.  sees a typewriter.

Miguel Muller Sep 2014

Some people work out
to get totally bulked
some people work out
to get totally slim
sometimes one just
never knows which
will result
but when all gets going
the most beautiful part
is to get the body
getting the body
getting the body
it is so beautiful
to feel a tug
of bodily movement
never felt
where it was felt
with any strength before.

Keeping the body
means keeping up the
movement is beauty
when done with
will and devotion
the body is ageless
when rejecting the
that time is an
enemy like
zero pdf lotion.

Keep working out
how you will
be it lifting
be it dancing
be it running
or groovy prancing
let your self
cry out for more
let yourself
to reduce being

Let the body move
so that you sweat
straight from the heart
the more you move
and work it hard
you create
body art.

Miguel Muller Oct 2014

Sinus Pressure
Up all night coughing
Losing sleep til morning
Next day many body aches
Off to Urgent Care I go
Ear infection diagnosed
On antibiotics
Going home to rest
Feeling better
Coughing less


SøułSurvivør Jun 2016

I'll agree!
But I'm not camping 'neath a tree
I'm getting fit... I'm getting free
From habits that were hurting me
Now my weight loss all can see!

I'm not hiking through the woods
But i work out... it does me good!
I now cook nutritious food!
The labels are now understood!

I'm never tired. Never bored...
The future has so much in store!
I'm learning mindfulness and more
I was put here by the Lord

And now my life has been restored!

:D Catherine

It is my last week at Camp Wellness... a 9 week Fitness and Nutrition Learning Center. They have really helped me to get to know myself and some of the self-defeating habits I had gotten myself into. I have lost 10 pounds and feel wonderful!

I want to thank you all for bearing with me during this time that I haven't been able to read that much. You have been so faithful to read me and repost and comment...


Unfortunately I must go off site again now... more chores to be done... It never ends!

Sam Hain Oct 2015

With curvy spines grow all the trees,
    As though they passed round scoliosis
Like people pass a cold and sneeze,
    Or swine-flu, or tuberculosis.  


Barton D Smock Apr 2013

the doctor
wore secretly
a nightgown
and poured
a glass of milk.

     his wife

she had not seen
a ghost

     remained his wife.


( the wellness of my mother
  does not need
  my mother
  nor does
  the wellness

  of yours )


if you see a white mouse
in a dark city

a light
for which
I have kept
goes on
in my son’s head…

Chris Neilson Mar 20

Raindrops keep falling in my life
pitter, patter, pitter patter, trouble and strife
unfamiliar experiences and reactions rife
a body like butter with pain the knife

Life went on 'til illness pressed pause
a reticent role of rebel with a cause
each day now a battle in wellness wars
poetic metaphors dig like devil's claws

An existential journey throwing curve balls
the game of life gives iffy line calls
barriers and hurdles provide plentiful falls
bad days find you climbing the walls

Hearing Carpenters songs wearing a frown
rainy days and Mondays always got me down

Andy Hunter Jan 2015

take away the orchid
from the sill

watch the shadows

close the window on your day

as the lights

pull the curtains
go to bed

put the pillow on your head

they’re coming in
they’re coming in


PoetryJournal May 26

Draw from the well of hope.
Avail of limitless withdrawal.

madison Jul 2015

so ive been thinking about ending my life a lot lately. nothing seems real anymore. i just feel so, so worthless. ya know? i dont know how to handle anything anymore. i used to try to be happy, but i kinda just gave up. ive tried hopelessly to recover but nothing seemed to work. the coping skills, they let me down. they dont work. my antidepressants, they make me feel worse. i just dont know how to cope with my emotions, and i dont think i ever will. so i need to make up my mind. death or wellness?

Miguel Muller Nov 2014

Walking along an
Autumn afternoon
in New York
where in New York
somewhere upstate
somewhere downstate
somewhere leaves fall
in front of where
I approach
but land as a crash
like a stray piece
from construction
high above.

An afternoon
where dreams
of new
where visions
of more
than just a few
begin to fade
to black
as the sun’s
signature upon my
recluses from
the greyer skies.

Now lost in New York
I attempt to recover
and sojourn forth
from where I had
been to somewhere
somewhere different
somewhere inspiring
somewhere that brings
out the best
of not just a few
but all the rest
who wish
who dream
who ignite
like fire
as the presence
of Autumn’s
dimming light
truly and finally
does expire.


Francie Lynch Jan 2016

My car is in the bat cave,
The lower chamber's lit;
All the doors are locked,
The drapes don't leave a slit.
I'm in here all alone,
Haven't shaved for days;
My fingers need attention,
My bed is like my grave.
There's dishes in the kitchen sink,
The refuse starts to stink.
I'm underground.
No calls, no texts, no tweets.
I have my bread and butter,
If only I could eat.
I have a need to peek outside
Where the living own the streets.
I'm better off than dead,
I'll rise up from this sleep;
Don't call my name
To call me forth,
At present I'm too deep.
When time is ready,
And I'm steady,
I'll push aside the lid,
Walk from this crypt,
Abandon ship,
And bask in light above.

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