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Porch evening remind.

As if said with flame.
Mr. Tambourine Man and you.
On wavering beach, collapse.
For it's worth while.

Garrett Johnson.
I'll come following you.
Greece in muted pink.

Flooded in Haiku and rubble.
The painstakingly, shin.
Filled in ghosts and napkins for yours.
When it rains.
Flowing blanketed surprise, the fiends.
Over and against certain other pains.
Because it rains.

Garrett Johnson.
Akira and some edibles.
Frankie Cosmos at 1am.

Maybe more like the old place.
Wouldn't have any.
Make of it.
Staying weary.
Running out.
Of the kitchen in your skin.
Till you faint.
Talk it more.
Said in utter incomplete.
But stay awake.

Garrett Johnson.
left beside you.
Let it, I know

Put it mostly, as if I care.
I make the time....Timely.
Off center of void.
Alright I feel annoyed.
Like it's not.
Like I'm not.

Garrett Johnson
Jaden on the weekend, full of lsd, being tired and you.
The wayy she smiles.

Sputter out of controlling remorse, taken all of his energy.
Notably chalk.
That waits in his knee.
But then you sneeze.
Mostly realize.
That you've got it all.
And none in a hug that was in the fall.

Garrett Johnson.
Post cards galore.
No reason until.

Reassured and measured.
You take off your buttoned shirt.
Smothered in dead dye.
Left confined, smiling, once.
A murmur.
No place.
Left wanted.
All streaming in haunting.
Let go.
As the back of candles remember, the brain that coursed in
The drip.
The flow.
The pit.
In the stomach.
Just, still.

Garrett Johnson
Ehh, yeah.
Photo of a street in the Mountains and thanks.

Maybe last.
In anxiety... purpose.
Pending in leaves made.
From you.

Garrett Johnson.
****, I left in on.
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