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Asim Javid Feb 2017
"There is a certain placidity in my seclusion .
The feeling of affection seems like an obtrusion.
Here is peace , but out there whole world is prying.
Probing us for flaws and they never stop trying.
Testing us with abstracts like love & what-not.
As the chains of spurious amity tighten the ****** knot.
I am amidst the society, yet I am sequestered.
And the resentment has become more festered.
I have  no enmity for the world out there.
In lieu of perfidious world , I prefer to be here.
That fabricated affinity I just elude.
So, I always hanker for tranquility of my personal solitude ."*

Asim Javid Feb 2017
" she shed her emotions like four seasons. . .
the gloom in her eyes carried certain reasons. . .
from all the nights she sparkled brightest in the moon less one. . .
and then she faded into the sky like a dying sun. . .
striving through the excruciating weathers that soaked her dry. . .
with all that ache and not a tear to cry. . .
was it her strength that held her high. . .
or was it the despair when hopes were a lie... "*
Asim Javid Oct 2016
Expression is important.  
There are times when you want to scream your heart out and paint the walls with what's building inside your brain. 
 The aggressive, blunt and killer feelings just reside inside and somehow you want to spill them out.
Surrounded by suffocating truths , lies and millions of mixed emotions , humans tend to collapse.
Expressing ,not only in darkest of emotions but also in the most colorful of moments , is essential.
To disencumber the heart from feelings and emotions that sink it , we express.
Way outs can be simple and they can be labyrinthine.
Screams , music,words, art and what not. Our world is surrounded by these expressions.
Every thing that touches us and relates to us, is someone's expression .
Expressions give rise to heartening forms of art and mystics of world. We are surrounded by such things , that way we are part of everyone's life. That's how we are all connected.
Is it not curious, how world so big seems so familiar when we are introduced and when we understand the hidden meanings of it?
I believe , this whole world is just
an expression of God's mind.*

Asim Javid Sep 2016
"Lying in the colors of our soul are the  drops of our insanity.  
A single trapped drop carrying the ocean inside .
We are always ready to unleash the oceans.  
We just need some currrent which touches our soul , and  shakes our roots.
It can be love,  passion , adventure or any person.
As long as our souls are disturbed by these home like feeling we are ready to become storms "

Asim Javid Sep 2016
If we  peek into our souls,
We'd find broken lovers feeding despair to opportunities.
Hidden under the mask of compassion is our selfish nature.
We think we are either trying to heal our souls or cure the souls of those we love .
Asim Javid Sep 2016
The definition of beauty is surrounded to one's perception.
Lose the perception, every flaw is a beauty.
Lose the definition, everything & everyone becomes beautiful*

# asim.javid
Asim Javid Aug 2016
Our withered souls are like
dying sunsets,
hoping to never die.
But only after death,
the sun rises again*

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