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Helen Raymond Jun 2018
We behave like gods deigning to walk into the rain
We walk through these manicured fragments of nature on our way from one slab of concrete to the next
Reigning over our kingdom of manufactured marvels and artificial light
So tonight as I walked into the rain I turned my face up to the sky
I praised the cold, gentle touch of the universe upon my skin
And relished in my humble mortality
Helen Raymond Jun 2018
Seeking balance relentlessly
on a precipice..

Sometimes I walk the edge
cutting my tender feet..

Sometimes I wander back
to comfort and safety..

Am I meant to leap?

Will I fall away
by some beautiful mistake
to the place heaven meant for me?

Will I open up some unseen wings
and become what I never knew I was
and always dreamed to be?

Or will I fall
to be punished by the waves
against the shore?

Foolish flightless bird
attempting to soar..
Helen Raymond Mar 2018
Before I knew I had a face, before my eyes were blue
I was an immigrant, a migrant in a world anew
A traveler, an explorer, taking note of my escapades
What hands had I?
What limbs?

There I was a creature of breath, dancing from brim to grin
With my novelty sovereignty, my command of you all
With a smile I conjured yours, with a scream I was pacified
What words had I?
What songs?

Alas you could not hear me or my wild thoughts
We could dance upon the ceiling, but you smiled dumb
So I roared and screamed like a heathen!
We were not the same.
I would  not  be tamed.

What was wearing my skin?
Before I knew I had a face, before my eyes were blue.
Before I was even a mild fancy of you.

When I was a beast of breath without identity
What was I before I was me?
What was wearing my skin?
just a weird thought I had in the shower
Helen Raymond Mar 2018
Soul, trascendental tether to infinity
Voice of instincts & individuality
Ever will I endeaver to reflect this inner self in my personality
Allow this abstract apparition to cast its ambitions through my identity
We all begin with the same block of stone, family carving away deliberately, often in fits of spontaneity
Every person we touch takes a piece away and impacts our reality.
Now we're old enough to carve our souls into actuality
Its been within me since my infancy still I struggle to perpetuate its conceptuality
On occasions when I can summon its voice to my lips its gone just as quickly & I mourn for the brevity
All I'm left with in my renderings is a fragile, frugal effigy -how could a mortal hope to attain the likeness of divinity?
Helen Raymond Feb 2018
Spinning yet standing still
Everything's a tremble
All the world's a jitter
I long to hold it still

Suddenly a shudder
A chill besets my soul
Silence falls, stark and shrill
As earth and atoms still

Universal chaos
Set a shiver in me
Pleading relentlessly
Demanding infinity from mortality

As my small heart attempts to warm eternity
Helen Raymond Feb 2018
More often than not my machinations are little more than fragmented ruminations and disjointed alliterations

Occasionally preoccupied by rhyme, reason, or cravings for another season

Color and light dancing against the doodles left dog-eared among the daily drudgery crowding my deliberations

Purposefully thinking my thoughts more thoughtfully in these days of superficiality and commercialized faux reality

Deliberate silences budgeted between listless noise. On days when everyone's vying for vocal real estate & everyone's talking with nothing to say.. I take a fast from my voice.

I withdraw from myself, deep within my mind.. I attempt to reconcile with that girl I was -forgive myself for letting her leave again. How can I come back to her after what we've been? I've lied to her too many times for her to let me back in.
Helen Raymond Jan 2018
A dance with the devil, fiery grace
Her lips quivered as he offered the pomegranate & she delighted in the taste
The vampire or the victim?
Not as naive as she was written.
Hot breathless gasps of passion,
As the demon cries out blessings to his salvation
A queen is crowned in the hellish nation
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