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  Nov 9 Cheryl Ann Warner
remember when we were carefree
and nothing used to worry me
the neighbourhood was my kingdom
and the front yard was my palace

we used to play pretend
worlds of magic and fantasy
we made up spells and slayed dragons
but now i’m fighting my mind’s demons

ignorance was b l i s s
when did we become like this?
It’s that time of year
         To fall back
Colder nights
Darker evenings
Fall back
New year coming soon
Start now going forward,
All of the quietness
Leads to unanswered
Days turn to weeks
Weeks turn to months
Months turn to years
Years turn to decades
Decades turn to forever
It all adds up to
        Never talking
Silence will never be answers
It’s like forever,
If you do
Your only
waiting for another day
To put off
What matters
Don’t say tomorrow
Say today
Everyday, everyday
Don’t say maybe
If you do
Your only
Waiting for another day
Don’t say tomorrow
It’s a dark, dark gloomy eve
Fog is heavy, silence it it
Hallow eve surrounds the town
Decorations are up everywhere
Do you believe in vampires?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Ghost come out anytime
Some are good
Some are bad
Believe, believe
Some are hiding in plain sight
It’s a dark, dark night
Happy Halloween
Sometimes love isn’t  enough
I guess it’s time to say goodbye
I know I tried
Sometimes  love isn’t enough
We may have been family
Sometimes  love isn’t enough
We all go our own ways
Someday  maybe love
Will be enough,
Something in the air
Weary thoughts
Set aside emotions
Piece together the past
Truth  untold
It leaves behind
Feelings of emptiness
Cure your heart
So life can start
Piece together the past
So your life can last
          A lifetime
I sense something in the air
The truth will become clear
I sense something in the air
This life is becoming clearer
I sense something in the air
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