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We hope this year is joyful
looking back at hard times
We got to have more joy
        more joy
Keep your guard up
Don't let it down
Let's have the best
     year in town
Full of joy
More joy
Colors change like the wind
              air breezy
Watching hues of trees
each one unique
Colors change like the wind
flowers still holding on
       with frosted evenings
Colors change like the wind
      Every day brings warmth
              from the sun
Colors change like the wind
Have you ever looked at the sky
             like never before?
Waves running through your mind
Don't know what to find
Did you ever want to give up?
Have you ever looked at  the sky
              like today?
There is always a way
             for a better day
Everyone take time to pause
be thankful for everything you have
Don't let greed take that away
Live for today
give kindness to others
nothing in return is greatest reward
laugh at yourself
Don't be mean
Everyone take time to pause
even if unseen
honesty and compassion
will be all you need
Love for today
Clouds are moving away
it took so long to realize
I am strong
in this life
It was full of sorrow
This year is for better tomorrow's
I'm living now for me
My hopes and dreams
I opened my eyes
        to realize
this years is coming clear
It took awhile to see through
I am so happy
I opened my eyes
I open my eyes
I believe in yesterday
please stay with me
release your love
so I can see
oh I believe in yesterday
I'm falling down
please help me
I believe in yesterday
I hope you come around
We can find a way
I believe in yesterday
Bethlehem, stars shining so brightly
your love glows from afar
King of Israel, leader of our world
All these lights, a million miles away
Bethlehem, messages  coming in so strong
                    stars shine so bright
Jesus our savor is the light of the world
King of our nation
stars of love
stars of hope
All from high above
Jesus shines his love
oh Bethlehem,oh Bethlehem
Love the world
our father from above
teach us, to love
stars of love
stars of hope
teach us to love
reach from heaven

oh stars of love
it's not so far
teach us to love
teach us to love
reach from heaven above
watch the stars of love
stars of hope
on this special night
we know  he is within sight
we know he is watching us
stars are shining tonight
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