Pax Aug 22

I was the star
who lost his
glow -

as I function
living for the
sake of living
as my heart
has stop breathing
the love he
suppose to

I burried my own
unglowing star
its hopeless.

I've been reading, reading,
watching, watching,
and working, working
same old, same old
until I lost my glow
and stop being wishful
as I know time has stop
as I drop
my dream,

I lived because
I can still pretend.

I guess this will be my last post for a while but I will not be gone just around. writing seems so away now, I guess that my life becomes dull as my heart slowly turning to a stone. this piece pretty much explain what ive been doing. I will write again when im back in my own country, it's good news to me that im exiting suadi Arabia, soon...sigh... another big challenges will come to me, another big step i'll take....
Pax Jul 30

No lies escapes someone's sharp mind.

just saying, quick reminder, a quote, 6 words story.
  Jul 30 Pax
phil roberts

Do not dream too loudly
You may awaken your conscience

                                        By Phil Roberts

Pax Jul 23

im used to
being left

so it doesn't hurt anymore.

6words story.
Pax Jul 11

your disability is never your weakness,
its your greatest motivation
in finding
the strength

just a quick reminders....
a quote
Pax Jul 2

I can say the right things
yet in the wrong time,
while I say the wrong things
in the right time.

seems contradicting but in truth, I better stay silent and listen more than confronting any situations thats for the later part....
Pax Jul 1

there's a solemn tune in my core
that longs for warmth
- a melodic rhythm
that produces spring's blossom.

though my core is in
solemn mood
but the mind speaks
  - its a mess.

never have i asked
something great
like a grand
Autumn concerto
just wanting
his own
music sheet
playing the song
to the one
     who cares.

for how long
will I be
or where will
I ever find the sign
for the right
notes befitting
to my tunes?

asking questions
only time can tell.
I'll wait....

longing i knew so well...
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