Saumya 5d
Shade by shade,
Layer by layer,
crust by crust,
I'm understanding you.
But you, dear pal,
End up thinking, whining
I'm heartless indeed!
And all I'm left with now,
Is a sigh of grief,
At a phase,
When I wished it to be a huge relief!

I know we're meant to be,
But how, if you always doubt me?
Saumya Dec 2018
His thoughts keeps her eyelids dreaming all night,
Her fingers and her sighs become the best delights,
When memories of him, cross thru her  mind.
She opens her up and down,
Caressing and ******* herself
For her very favorite clown.
Her sighs and movements then knows no bounds,
When her fingers play religiously,deliciously and wildly,
Across and inside her mound .

Ah!  My lover,
Ah!  dear he,
His name is what,  
She secretly repeats.
While her movements grow hard,
Outside, inside and really deep.

She repeats the movement,
Can't really sleep,
His thoughts make her wet,
Deep and deep.

She rubs herself,
After ******* deep,
With a pillow,
The one she secretly keeps.

Her ah convert to Ahhhhs so sweet,
As contending thoughts keep her in peace,
And once she **** for him so deep,
It makes her then, sleep well indeed!
For my Fiance.
Saumya Dec 2018
The world  is full of
So much to know,
And love is  a blessing,
Us blessed souls know,
They why oh people,
They why dear folks,
Then why dear guys,
And gals we know,

Use Rose as the flower to express their love?
When nature adorn earth with flowers much more?!
I ask dear people,
I'm curious, so I need to know,
Is why you chose just 'Rose'
That you always chose,
To express  love or well,  to propose?
Or well, maybe  because you're just so obsessed with rose?
Just a pondering :)
Saumya Dec 2018
You may know, yet you've to pretend like you don't.
You may see, yet you've to behave like you haven't.
You may not feel comfortable, but you have to feel like you are.
You may not wish to smile, yet you have to.
You may wish to sleep more, yet you won't always get to.
You may feel like leaving everything,
everyone aside, and sob off
that pestering ****,
yet you've to stick around, and behave like all is well .
You may yearn to be truly you,
Yet you can no more be your old, original self.
I'm soon gonna get married, by May last year,  and here's how I'm feeling right  now.
All your suggestions etc, regarding the poem etc are most welcome.

  Oct 2018 Saumya
If I were to tell you something...

And have you understand it..

Like really understand it...

I'd tell you,

Grow up but don't give in

Move on but not away

The people that promise they'll always be there

Never stay
Passing knowledge
Saumya Oct 2018
They will always be able to see the happy and contended you, and admire  or envy that. But it takes a deep heart and a tremendously empathetic person to admire your simplicity, your flaws, and live ya fir that. behold and perceive the pain, the worries and fears that you go through often, but is all so perfectly  hidden  within your deepest shell, that no-one except you and a precious heart can really  see, and still love the way they always did, despite discovering the real you now.
Saumya Sep 2018
Yesternight, for a while,
When the doors were closed,
I heard a howl from an alluring primrose:
'Arise, Awake lest wear a cloak,
It's twelve, it's midnight
Our turn to explore'

Amazed, afraid yet stunned from this roar,
I steped, and ran towards the front door.
I peeped up and down,
Around all its cores,
But nothing except a melody was all I could explore! _

Curious, Agitated,
With a thirst to know more,
I sat restless
Gazing at the door.

Again came a shrill cry,
Of a man once known,
'May I enter, enter the door
And have some toast?'

Oh! All I could listen
Was to give him a toast,
But ah! I could'nt see
His head or nose!

I wondered, I wandered,
I could see him for sure,
But ah! This figure
I could see not anymore.

I turned back and walked towards my room's floor,
I felt some steps, following me for sure
I ceased, I turned and looked to the door,,
But couldn't see anything once more,
Before I sat in disgust,
Next to a pillow

I was hungry and thirsty,
So couldn't resist more,
And cozily teared a packet
To have some toast

But oh! a bite from it,
Or more,
Gave me chills, and shudders
Of kinds I never had for sure!

I turned back,
Saw a black big ghost,
I cried out loud,
And he stared more and more
He patted my shoulders,
Casually ya know!

His eyes so red,
And puffy ya know,
His skin was stained,
With humanish gore.

His nails so, long,
His figure so stout,
His cheeks and neck
Were a sorry sight
Oh! I dreaded seeing him,
And mostly looked out.
And prayed that he left Me
alone in my house

He sensed my annoyance,
The disgust I had then,
He sensed that I was scared,
From this ghostly man!

He smiled a smile,
I wondered then why,
He asked me to sit,
Saying twould all be alright,
If I'd have a seat
And plan not to fight.

Puzzled, annoyed, yet
I listened to it all,
As I sat down firmly,
In my dreary dining hall

He sat when I sat,
And asked me for small,
A glass of water, some toast
And shawls

I handed him some toast,
In his palms too large,
And served him water,
In a vessel much large

He ate and drank,
And burped so high,
And asked me
To give him a shawl
As twas late midnight

Scared, agitated,
I still dared to ask,
'May I know why thee need a shawl?
You look to un-human,
Behave not like us even,
I'm sure, you're a ghost,
From some hearthy heaven!

What makes ya come in my
Room afterall,
As I know the main door was locked afterall?
And While all are asleep, in this night too dark?'

He grinned,
He smiled,
Like a man too wise,
While his eyes were full
Of lamentous skies.
He Replied with a sigh,
With angst and disgust
Bleeding from his eyes:

'Ya got it right,
Ya got it right,
I'm a loveless,
Forsaken, deserted knight,
Once loved, twice rejected,
And sent to demise,
By my children, and thence by dear wife!'.

I begged for my food,
I begged for my home,
But Oh what I got?
Was a life alone!

I loved them most,
They hated me utmost,
I was fooled by the ones
Who I thought were so close!

I lost my health,
I lost much more,
I lost my body,
Because of them therefore!

But ah! This time,
The time and our deeds,
Yield just that
What best deserve thee!

I begged for them then,
They beg, beg now,
They loved me not then,
No one loves them now,
And oh what they are they,
Is but a sad, sad clown!
And ah what they earn,
Is but a ***** frown!

This shawl oh girl,
That I asked ya to give,
Was for my unfortunate,
Unhealthy kids.

I can't see them weep,
And beg at streets,
I can't see them starve,
For their slightest meal.

I tread in dark,
And sob at my children,
I wish, I wish
I could atleast pamper them!
And a shawl this night,
In this chilly, frosty night,
Would what i think,
Would be the best present,
But my dear, deserted, unloved children
To rest in this night.
So cold to awaken.

I walked with him,
He walked with me,
He showed me the place,
Where lay his children,
In an utterly bad state.

I asked him to wait,
Ran back to my house,
And collected all the shawls
I got that night.

I came back running,
With the heap of shawls,
While my tears knew no end,
I knew not ,how to stop them at all!

He grabbed the shawls,
Handed it to them,
But ah those kids!
Couldn't feel his hands.

He smiled and sobbed
At this instance,
And thanked me well,
With his shivering big hands!

He asked me a leave,
With his heart at sleeves,
While he vanished in grey,
In those dusty, grey streets.

Just an imagination :)

Please let me know how was this poem.( This is my very first horror poem this far.)
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