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Saumya Sep 16
Today was the day,
We met.
Not really as lovers,
But some fortunate strangers.

Today was the day,
Our eyes gazed each other's,
They felt, percieved, and learnt
Something fascinating bout each other's
Not really as lovers,
But some fortunate strangers.

Today was the day,
Before an year,
We were just so unaware of each other!
yet somehow touched ,
by a glimpse of each other.
Not really as lovers,
But some fortunate strangers.

Today was the day,
We exactly conversed,
Unaware, and clueless,
Of whatsoever,
Yet intensely curious to know each other,
Not really as lovers,
But some fortunate strangers.

Today was the day,
That introduced us to 'us'
The silent, observant you
The Chatty, silly me
Not really as lovers,
But some fortunate strangers.

Today was the day,
We fell for each other,
And heartily gave a consent,
On being with each other,
For the rest of our lives,
For many more years,
Not really as just lovers,
But endearing life partners forever!

Days swept by,
And it's yet the same day,
It's now one year,
To our meeting,
To our greeting,
And the innocent love,
That blossomed from there.

Thank heaven!
Thank Gods!
For adding this magnificent glare,
For this Loving figure,
For blessing me with a hubby like mine,
With whom life seems good,
Even in it's blues
Without whom a day is unimaginable,
Like the night sky without moon!
Whose arms are the most soothing shelter,
I can always pursue,
For a martial bond, As ours
where we'll always be dear,
To each other
And love will blossom
Through and though .
Saumya May 27
Binding, yet unbinding a lot more than just something

Joining two families, two souls,  into one being,
Yet sacrificing  your very sweet being,

Hiding, yet unhiding a lot more than something

Smiling, yet Compromising a lot more than just Something,

Being Yourself, yet fencing a lot more than 

Is being a Conjunction,
Really easy?
Or easliy interesting?
Conjunction=The responsibility of being a significant part of two families (one's own and the better half's)❤️
Saumya Apr 8
There's more to a person,
Than their faces.
There's more to a book,
Than their pages.
Saumya Mar 12
'She' was but a fly,
With wings, stripes like butterfly's
She dreamt of skies,
To sore high and high,
Before that moment,
when the zephyr whispered, smiled,
Sweetly, serenely,
In her hearts's eyes,
In pious, utmost delight,
And made her realise:
'Your world itself is a beautiful surprise,
That's tremendous enough to take ya miles!'
Just a rambling :)
Saumya Feb 27
Behind all closed doors,
there are some open spaces,
Behind all Happy souls,
There are some sad faces.
Behind all eyes,
Is a story, it visually narrates.
Behind all worries and strifes,
There's a wierd, soothing solace.
Behind silence,
There's always a loud voice, that whispers, percieves and waits.
Behind all Smiles,
Is a mysterious story, with words at stake.
Behind all lies,
There's truth, that knows no haste
Behind this rapid,
lively, yet  lifeless life,
There still a life, that knows patience viz never a waste!

Behind us beings,
There's a something,
There's an energy,
An eternal someone,
Watching, gazing, beholding,
At what it has made,
And still makes,
Knowing, hoping, percieving
That it will once realise
Life's always about good choices,
Good efforts, Good companions, Good thoughts and great tastes!
Behind us masked people,
There's a Godly sage.
...Just a rambling :)
Saumya Feb 1
Weird though it may seem, but some people who seem to be unpleasant or rash sometimes  are actually the most pleasant and kind ones, and it is instead the ones whom you've known  to be the most pleasent and kind ones, turn out to be the opposite of it.

It is hence you ought to be both persevering, patient and adaptable with life, always.  You never know your next moment, your next situation, nor how long and how exactly might it affect you,  nor does the other person. But then, acting right  at right point of time and at the right situation is what is still a responsibilty that you should spare yourself from.!Respecting people and being kind to them is good, but then ya never outaa be so kind and good enough to them, that it gives them the liberty to take you for granted, and disrespect and be unkind to you at any cost.
Saumya Jan 16
There's so much into so little sometimes, that, that 'little' does'nt remain little anymore but an immense epitome of deep grandness to the very eyes that are persevering and empathetic enough!
Continuation of the chapter from my book,  "The Philosophical Lessons Life Taught "
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