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Yanamari Jul 2019
I see you again.
A gaze that I process but
Do not comprehend,
Do not want to comprehend

Good bye
If only that was the end.

Not too close and
Not too far
Your shadow looms
Through my mind
A scar;
Not yet embedded however
Amplifying what it can be
Through a simple
Caress to my spine.

Careful and yet
Your counterpart less of the former
And more of the latter
And yet currently,
My trust lays more in your
Parallel counter.
I wanted to trust you
But your one slip
Was enough.
I trust no person, a mirror of my ambiguous brevity in my words. All present juxtapositions, but not all juxtapositions are worth bearing. (Pers Ref: 4YS1A1,2)

The Aura Series: V
Penmann Jun 2019
I had a **** childhood
But at least the music was good
Delia Grace Sep 2018
Peeling silver skin
And exposing yourself
To change
In blister punch holes
Is a fight in itself

And running is easy
And hiding is comfort
And tiled voices echo
Against porcelain
And bubbles
BSeuss Sep 2017
Nay; the question may yes indeed be - how hath thine been; neither what is to be, nor not to be.
I say,
my word,
top marks old chap.
For every disorder there is a border
Hence we have to be ready to counter
Step by step to play with the boulder
For every question there is an answer

Let be clear about our path,destination
Let be specific what we have to celebrate
Let dominate us our endure and passion
Let our character to be fine to ameliorate

Great people portray actions loud clear
Meanest of mean  resort to ***** tricks
So be loyal honest and sincere my dear
Strong building is raised bricks by bricks

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Avery Glows Apr 2016
If only there are Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell.
Life and Death; Light and Dark,
Good and Evil ; War and Peace,
Prey and the Predator,
Lion and the Lamb
And Alas!
They exist not
as enemies but
to fall in love
with no one else but
Each Other.
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
My daily dose of wellness pills,

Is in a weekly container,

The sadness of filling it up,

Makes me want to take the remainder
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
Everyone sharing their point of view
Bombs away for another new age
Everyone simply just trying to understand
But bombs away for another new age

Talking of a time of peace
Talking of a time of justice
The ones who should listen
Never shall listen

Injustice thriving beyond comprehension
That’s how it is
A new counter strategy beyond comprehension
That’s how it is

So much desperation
So much desperation

Beheadings beyond comprehension
But that doesn’t justify the rush
We need to think
But continue to tell yourself not to care

The project has been swept into dust
Traces of hope continue onward
But maybe we’re just fooling ourselves
We’re all just ticking time bombs

They’ll never listen
As the bombs continue to blast away
That is our justification
Everything will be swept away like a hurricane

Another cloudy day
But I can at least feel the day has possibilities

So much desperation
So much desperation
Äŧül Jun 2014
Sol o Sol!
Come be our guest,
Come & imagine a lunch with us.
Sky o Sky!
Most clement you are,
You are invited to lunch along us.

The stove is just so cold,
The stomach is hot as oven,
Warm bread is our daydream.

May some day come our way,
Our poor daydreams be realized,
Drinking the water in steel tumblers.

Delicious potato-tomato greens,
Sour tamarind sauce will be there,
Such a day has always been on the list.

We toast to our mini picnic,
Gulp chilled water brought along,
Yes so would be our hot celebration.

Let us sit under a tree's shade,
Enjoying our picnic time the best,
Melting some butter on warm bread.

Just for the sake of our joy,
May birds be our music system,
Today we shall feed them as well.

Sol o Sol!
Listen to our invitation,
Come & imagine a lunch with us.
Sky o Sky!
Accept all our offerings,
You are invited to lunch along us.
I am inspired by the thought of a not so well-to-do family of a man and his five kids whose mother has died.

The man tries his best to avail best food for all of his children.

The children also understand his situation, the lack of a woman in their family and embrace their problems.

A woman's absence will increase their poverty.

My HP Poem #642
©Atul Kaushal
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