Sarah Jane Dec 2014

Life behind shadows,
Society beckons, rules please conform.
Truth is lost, we fall to dust.
Now open the soul to wanderlust.

Deborah Perne Nov 2014

Seeking asylum
In the quest for freedom
Looking for wonderland
Just a glimpse of heaven...
Driving out of the city
Chasing liberty
Lost in wanderlust
I am stardust

Sam Y Starlight Jan 2016

..She tried to find herself
in places that didn't exist

Aaargh! Can't believe I won the daily! Thank you to everyone who liked and shared. Lots of love.
Rainbow Love Aug 2014

Take me to the stars with you,
I came to get lost here.

I can't spend this eternity,
trapped inside my mind.

Is this what running away feels like?
Or is this just my imagination taking over?

There has to be more than this,
More than my mouth can taste.

Mydriasis Nov 2013

A desire to travel
to understand one's very existence.

of German etymological origins
Racquel Davis Jul 2014

How many times will you say,
‘I leave today’
And still

©Copyright 2014 Written and Edited by Racquel Davis

I could just up and leave
Leave everything behind

Move to a new place
Place with new horizons

Find adventure and joy in small things
Things that fulfill my desire

I've gotten the travel bug

Oh wanderlust


Take me with you,
where the wildflowers grow.
Let's travel to where the sun sets;
somewhere only we know.

To escape the pain,
the bitterness of reality.
To indulge in freedom,
and the sweet serenity.

i want to experience things.
and all of its ins and outs.
its beautiful sorrows and painstaking highs.
i am a girl hungry to see the world.
ready to consume the sights i have yet to see.
to drink in revolutionary ideas with my mind.

Leseywut Mar 2014

I want to travel endless roads and limitless skies
above the unknown depths of seas and oceans.

To create my own world is something I would like to achieve
But it seems that I'd rather not have that world than not to see your eyes and take another chance.

So I'd rather be here waiting for the sounds of your footsteps
that make my heart flutter and dance.

I'd choose to be alone, waiting for the perfect time
until I can have another glance on your face.

Because I want to leave my hand prints on your cheeks as I sleep along the broadness of your back while you walk and we leave this place
with no trace of our disgrace.

Dorotea Sep 2014

I wanna run.
Feel free.
I wanna  explore the world all by myself
and maybe even find love on my way.
Desire is tremendous.
I'm scared.
I still wanna go.

Nicole Jun 2015

To crave such exploration from desires deep within,
has led to lessons, heartache, love, regrets, and pleasured sin.
But through my brave intrusiveness, a storm began to brew,
the thrill of yearning wanderlust had led me straight to you.

© Nicole A
Puck Oct 2014

do you know what it feels like
not to belong?

the mind is aching,
searching for a place
to call home,
where you get tucked in at night
and finally get some sleep

a place
to feel free,
where you can dance in the rain
and laugh in the pale moonlight

but the thing you refuse
to believe

you reject
in the depths of your heart

is the search
will never stop.

anyone relates?
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