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Bison May 2016
I've always wanted to be
An astronaut in the deep
Galactic sea where creation wrought
All that is exploding into naught

I know that this could
Not last the empty starlight wood
But I would hope you should ask
To bear the burden of a faceless mask

We could become wild-human-angels
Answering the unending questions
But we're not

Leave the grass and the leaves to dust
In search of intergalactic rust
Sink into the ink of darkness perched
Awake from death, supernova rebirthed

All power to the grace of the distant
All glory to the face of singular instant
Bear the weight of tomorrow
Become the force removing sorrow

We could become wild-human-angels
Answering the unending questions
But we're not

Such a quiet desperation
Such a dying fascination
D Awanis Oct 2016
As for her,

She might has forgotten
where the home is in the world

For she's always everywhere—
in every countries she crossed
on every streets she wandered
at every motels she spent the night
above the sand and ocean breeze
below the tallest buildings and crowded bridges..

But you,

You make her feel like
the closest thing to feeling that again
abby Dec 2015
As I sit at my desk
staring at my screen
for the next eight hours
I can't help but let my mind
wander off into places
only my memories can touch;
places that shot
a permanent feeling of
wonder and enchantment
through my soul.
I can feel an itch of
adrenaline and desire
creeping down to my feet
until I can no longer stay still.

I should be somewhere else right now.
the travel bug is always biting
Tanay Sengupta Jul 2018
I wish I would have been a nomad,
I would have travelled to the places no one had.
I wish I was a voracious reader,
Books would have helped me to forget her.
If life would not have been such a mystery,
It would have been easy to forget my history.
I wish I was another wanderlust
In a world which seems to forget so fast.
I never wanted to be like me.
Oh, how I wish I was not me!

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
Another simple poem from this small and simple person. I hope you enjoy reading it. Cheers!
LexiSully Jan 2018
My vagabond heart skipped with every step taken,
As if the wind whipping around the trees whispered, “Go find your ‘Great Perhaps.’”
Alex Apr 2018
I walk with my head down, I've outgrown this town,
I know my way around but it's boring now,
I'm snoring now, ignoring clowns that surround me, how
Do I break out, find some glory now,
See the globe, rewrite my story, develop some clout,
Enveloped by doubt...can't seem to figure it out,
Developed my sound, need to deliver a shout, no fuss, gotta row,
This **** bridge fell in the moat,
Forget a paddle,
I'm still building a boat,
Don't doubt though, I'll break out now, might be slow but expect a ******* as I go,
Not gonna linger, stay sharp like iguana fingers,
Depressed and full of stress, my best is yet to come,
Inhibitions, lack of rest keep my ambitions undone,
My dreams have been oppressed, my soul remains repressed,
But instead of being stunted I'll stun, refuse to just regress
Daiene Sep 2018
i love travelling at night
makes me feel like i could write
pieces of melodies that could make me
hold on tight
at every wonder that's in sight.
i tried
Shang Dec 2013
beneath the star-struck, eternal vast,
    painted black, blue-grey black -
voices blister of the past.*

haven't felt this way in quite some time.
    the restless nights. this cold, empty bed.
unrhythmic breaths flood my chest
    as I watch my mother die
                         for the second time.

it's moments like these you never forget.
    find yourself waking in a cold, hot sweat.
mind tracing every syllable, every breath;
    remembering every word you should have said.

with eyes like a beating heart;
   smells of daisy wanderlust.
soul-fire like passion's spark;
   worn-out smiles like last night's luck.
these memories will never be seen
in the dim-light of abandon.

(C) Shang
Childlike innocence
Childlike wonder
I want to travel back to that time
A simpler time
Simple yet imaginative, so creative
A world solely mine
That is my wanderlust
TB Dentz Jul 2018
I’ll lose myself in another person again and again
Sometimes a different person and
Sometimes the same person over and over

Every time I come back a new person, myself
I picked up a piece of them and made it my own
Hopefully for the better

What I really hope for is that no one’s heart breaks
We might be sick of each other and that’s tragic
But if everyone is in tact everything will work out

I fear for the others more than for me
I’m made up of pieces I stole from others
I can’t be hurt for long
All I have to do is shed a layer
And I’ll be reborn
Ready to dive in again
If you are reading this I want you to know I like you a lot and I'm a great person so you should really feel honored.
TD Jul 2018
I watch as the roaming sea
(whose wandering rivulets unravel
posthumous biographies
with nuances corroding
the mystery of untouched sands)
fills rivers with muffled words.

My eyes travel
(distances beyond our curdled whites
to shores whose cultured tones
roll like restless hills
lamenting their broken lines)
with ships and dying sunsets.

You are venturing
(to dive in mermaids' coves
revealing their buried tales,
wrapped in murky clouds
of tenebrous veins)
and I am content

--to whisk a limpid hand
(in churning waters' waves
reflecting your seeking gaze
and the wanderlust
that simmers)
through my most desolate sighs.
Just a side note...if you get rid of the words in parentheses, the poem still stands alone.. in a brevity piece.
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2013
You're the best of the best,
one whom I can trust,
my inner most secrets I confess.
You have been my all in all, the best of the best.

You're as deep as the sea
and as bright as the stars.
You're the one that I can count on
for now and through years to come.

You're the person that can hold
the wanderlust in me and keep me close;
the one who steals my heart away
and brightens my every day.
All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.
Libby Feb 2017
with mountains on your shoulders
and daggers in your mouth
roses where your heart is and
wanderlust spilling out

keep me close to the sunshine
let me scream from the peak
we always knew it would happen
so go ahead and speak

there is so much waiting
cupid Nov 2018
drapetomania is the intense desire to run away from home
i have always been a wanderer
a drifting spirit
i like places i shouldn’t be
and to parallel that i dislike places i need to be
i despise my classes and i love empty hallways and alcoves
i am captivated by the feeling of walking away from my house
bewitched by abandoned houses and grimy alleyways
ensnared by groves of trees and creeks
sadly my “home” is the house i grew up in
i say it is my home only because i am confined to it, because it is where i need to run from
home for me is not where my heart is but where i have been trapped
my place was predetermined
my psyche was chained to the foundation of this place
a ragged person tethered to a crumbling house
my need to be somewhere else is insatiable
i’m not aloud to leave
i feel restrained
i can feel the serpents of my manic tendencies
rolling beneath my skin
a fever enveloping my coherence
my wanderlust, my drapetomania is getting to me
i can’t sleep
my drawings have morphed into scribbles and pen sketches
and my mirror is covered in expo-marker words of disgrace
i look at my reflection and i’m told i imprisoned myself
i can see only that i am a monster
a monster with an obsessive, excessive, and exaggerated wanderlust
i cant wait to leave this gods forsaken place
Lady Ravenhill Aug 2018
By the sea bef're dawn
At which hour nay ships yet saileth
Misty grizzled mask on the wat'r
Veils anoth'r grizzled drawn

I might not but wend to the sea
As the tide pulleth me back each day
The winds pusheth me 'long
The gull cries leading the way

I might not but wend to the sh're
To smelleth the salty air
And dreameth of a sail'rs life
Adrift on the wat'r somewh're

From the sh're i can see
Freah smoke and sails billow
Leaving the harb'r f'r ope sea
But alas, nev'r sailing f'r me
Emily Jan 22
tokyo, paris, shanghai
i long to see
their skies.
gangnam, london, & rome
i doubt i will ever
miss home.
once i leave,
the in between
& the distance
from you to me
will make it
easier to breathe
because home is anywhere
i can finally be me.
Axion Prelude Dec 2017
The solitude of when two hands meet garners thoughts of warmth and want for needs unspoken

I miss the days when simplicity was as common as the delicate exhale shared when two lips release from one a other

To gaze through sultry windows of the soul, soft yet weary with fervent witness, beckons notions of wanderlust to a place that shines brighter than any I've ever seen

I watch, bound by valor for not seeking more through presumptuous ineptitude; bewildered by the plight you've been mired by, I wince at the thought of harm coming to you

Your trust exudes a powerful purpose; wrought from the ashes of all that have claimed to impose before, I succumb to the surfeit of such a staggering meaning in that gift

I hold myself in bated breath for the day you would ever need my heart for your own, but stay guided to be here in spirit, ever more

Although my basic wishes be forlorn, in somber muse I find great purpose to be a part of this grand fate bestowed upon me

You are all I've ever sought; and through disbelief, I am remiss of all that's mired me before

If only, one day, perhaps we could be more..
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