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The Terry Tree Aug 2015
I balance
Rotating and fixed
Suspended freely
Compelling insight
Keeps me
Remaining right side up
As I revolve in this life

Breaking the chains of
Weak slavery in my
Self created habits
I reconstruct the wheel
To appeal in an
Exercise of wisdom
Within the universal
Kingdom of resurrected

I am certain to follow
My soul path as I journey
Deeper into my heart
For what I believe
Controlled not by
Useless desires
Destroyed not
By grief
Eyes wide open
In relief

I choose my trials wisely
From this moment on
I choose to learn
For the last time
Trials that no longer
Promise to teach me
Anything more
In a golden ratio
Of vibrating love
I engage the power
Of every beacon
Every tower
Resilient to

I choose to learn
For the last time
Trials that no longer
Teach me

Mental powers expanding
My cup of realization
Has the capacity
To hold an ocean
Of understanding
Awareness enlightening
Brightening knowledge
Surrounding me
In footfalls
Of cascading
Arms and light
Day and night
Day and night

I smile the indestructible smile
Within this ferris wheel
I balance
Rotating and fixed
Suspended freely
Compelling insight
Keeps me
Remaining right side up
As I revolve in this life

The milky serpents of stars above
Reveal a code of comprehension
For earth and celestial
A blinding
A blurring
Elements stirring

Great works of
Perseverance unfold
The beating sky beholds
An invitation opening
Beyond the gates of
Heaven and hell
Break the

You are the master
Of your ferris wheel

The Terry Tree May 2015
Paint the madness of your life
Wild colors like the sky
Just before the sun sets
To say goodbye

Begin again

What's stopping you? Are you crazy?
Show me how crazy you can be
Paint the world with your crazy love
Every part of your human being
This is you

Embrace yourself with the brush of life
Colors fly from finger tips
Music notes waltz and sway
Through your teeth and out your lips
When you're awake
When you're asleep

Scream it out if you have to
Shout to the world with your
Greatest madness
I love you!

Inner demons creating miracles
Of unspeakable beauty
Forcing you to love even the darkest
Parts of yourself that you fear
Tame the beast
Ride the wolf inside of you
Paw prints of beauty and life
Leaving your tracks of love and light
Behind you

Glow with the power of a thousand sandstorms
Of crazy affection rising all around you

Turn the madness into the most beautiful portrait you know
The painted masterpiece of your soul

Spread your wings, let the Phoenix in you ascend
Feathers out arms wide spread ready set go!
What are you waiting for?

Paint the madness of your soul
You are a masterpiece to behold
Ride the wolf
Feel your heartbeat thunder
Like an earthquake through the floor
Penetrating love across the globe
Do not underestimate your power anymore

You are an eagle so let your voice soar
You are a dragon so let your fire burn forever more
You are a lion, you are
Any beast or creature you desire
Paint your madness like wild fire
Reach down into your core
And let your madness roar!


Image | Prophetic Sketch 25 Lion of Judah Awakens With A Roar | Anne Cameron Cutri | Inspired by Spirit
The Terry Tree May 2015
The stars surround the pools of lightening in your eyes
Like the willow hangs its leaves in quiet wise disguise
The moment that we met my heart soon realized
That you were something more than ever to behold
Something reminiscent of a blanket in the cold
A beautiful illusion to unfold
Like the greatest bedtime
Story ever told

We walked onto the water with such grace
The sun was shining down so brightly on your face
The memories of everything I love began to race
And the beating in my heart became replaced
By the the rhythm of your pulse upon my chest
Your warm arms melted all around me
And every care had found a place
To be remembered in
The space that we

We stood for hours holding hands beneath the showers
Of mirror blue dreams that all became the both of ours
We were relentlessly engaged in one another
Appreciating every blessing of such power
Given by our Mother's Nature
Spirit found us to be grateful
There was no stopping
What imagination blazed
Out of this beautiful
Umbrella of
Light rays

I'll sing to you the songs of water lullabies
Effortlessly I'll carry you sweet love of mine
Each step we take we'll leave behind
Another tear, you are divine

Please rest your head
Upon my shoulder

The Terry Tree Jan 2015
You are the fabric
Embracing the outside of my heart
You resonate Your drumbeat
Wrapping Your pulsating streams
Throughout my spirit's cage
Around my holy gate
You are the light in my veins when
My mind wants to shine darker
You will always be
The first melody I can remember
My hands were empty
Until I knew that I could touch You again
I send a message to the celestial heavens
Swimming through angelstars
Dear God, with You I am soaring in
A never ending roaring echo of love
Both awake and asleep in Your
Infinite dream lovequake
Forever burning in this lustrous tree
Of Your eternal life
Esprit, You set me free
Espíritu, You carry me

I am Your wings
Take my love
Show me how to breathe
A gift to Thee
Everything that I am
Is Yours to mold into
The formless spirit
You would have me be

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The Terry Tree Jan 2015
The further in the reach will cry
To surface beveled wind and sky

Wade less in the pool of text
Encountering the dampest

Moments memories mind to feel
Things our tongues would test to say
To capture the appeal

Our questions answer paradox
As grapes did once conflict the fox

We hinder in the cold
As cinders dark behold
The beautiful unfolds
A hideaway foretold
Of fire and love consoled

Rescue now the winds of time
Along the waters level

Explanations taunt with the tides
Fleeting affection at shoreside

Ever push and pull we are
Fragile such as fading stars

In voice our chords have failed to brace
What lips would speak to chase and chase

New memories will we soon create
Our hideaway at sundown waits

Meet me before the dawn breaks free
Beneath sacred sycamore tree
Our great escape in midnight's cape
With Spirit resting peacefully

The Terry Tree Jan 2015
Your life story is your own
Different from mine, different from his, different from hers

Though our stories aren't the same
As our life journals that we write take different turns

Individual experienced tales to tell

Your life notebook is special
Just as my life script is special, we are walking

Our footsteps both important
Together what we ink and what we print will shine

Your stories filled with moments
All their own and so are mine, not less important

Share with me your legends of
Your life, I will share with you the legends of mine

The Terry Tree Jan 2015
Glares of Moon Stars
Shine brightly overhead
As I am gazing out my window
Resting in my bed
Thinking of the ones I love
Holding them so tight
With every beat my heart conducts
I hold you in my mind

An orchestra of petals
A choir of starlight
Beckons me come morning
Bends its way through with sunlight
Through an opening I see
The day reach out its hands
Welcoming us to embrace
The gifts that we've been given
Simple blessings we receive

The gift to see each other
The gift to read our words
The gift to hold each other
The gift of hummingbirds
The gift to taste the sweetness
The gift of fruit on earth
The gift to love each other
The gift to know our worth

I pray that we are able
To see the simple gifts
The Christmas of our lives
Everyday not once a year
To be here to support and love
Each other is a gift
And I thank heaven up above
For blessing me with
Your friendship

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