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Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2019
About wine and beauties, the songs of Sufis,
Those are the metaphors for love of Sufis.

Tavern or church, but refer to the heart,
Different they chant their way, the tongues of Sufis.

The rhythm touches hearts from everywhere,
More than normal drums are the drums of Sufis.

''Allah! Allah!'' that has become their breath,
Only filled with sighs are the lungs of Sufis.

Gihon's a student of this ancient knowledge,
Following the eternal Suns of Sufis.
I always had a deep respect for Sufis (who follow the religion correctly).
unnamed Dec 2019
The moth to its candle
Love measured in the grandeur of the other
Moth to its candle.
The Dung beetle to its dung.
Bryce Nov 2019
Rumi was a great man,

But as the fire that burns in but one hearth,

The Gala Hall remains damp and cold.
Sara Rumi Nov 2019
I’ve reached a stage in my life where I only want people around me who believe in God and higher powers
People whose stench reek of spirituality and enlightenment
Everything else just seems like a distraction
Temporary pleasure
An environment where I’m constantly reminded that I’m powerless by myself,
an insignificant being
That I’m at my most powerful when I’m connected to the universe’s frequency and surrender myself to Him.
I’m trying to be the love child of Rumi and Ibn Arabi
Aisha Zakhael Aug 2019
Who are you?

I am not a vessel;
woman, poet, coloured,
they are only covers.

Who are you?

I am not any of those titles.
You force me to knit a name
from parts of worn clothes
to avoid your own face
in the mirror.

Who are you?

The love in your veins.
The liquour of life -
like water I mold
into shapes, but
I am without form.

Who are you?

A soul.
Sheherazad Feb 2019
Your exhausted heart longs
for the pillow
of my beating one
As much as
your weary head
yearns to rest
there too

But do not cry,
my love
That we are apart
in this world.
What is separation
for a single soul?

We are two aspects
of a single breath
Think of
how deeply we are exhaling
  what a relief it is
to have found you!
though you were in me all along

We are not apart
No, not really
For we cannot be parted
How does one sever an ocean
Or an eternal flame?
You are not my life
But we are life itself

And look how much we are living it.

Life is a veil
And we are the riders
Carrying opposite corners
to vast expanses
Spreading it over the world
and coloring gardens beneath
in the deep scarlet
of our undying hearts

Do not cry, my love.

We are a compound
that cannot be split.
    We were always
    one element

Originally published on my poetry IG @sheherazad.poetry. You can also follow me personally on @soraya.beheshti
Sergio Lira Jan 2019
Cada respiración es una canción de amor
De izquierda a derecha, nos rebasa
Regresaremos al mundo del más allá.
A tal destino nadie puede desafiar.

Venimos de los cielos
Ahí fraternizamos con los Ángeles
Al mismo lugar nos elevaremos
A esa ciudad, pasando los siete cielos.

Estamos por encima de los cielos
y trascendemos a los ángeles
¿Por qué deberíamos transigir?
La Casa de las Canciones es nuestro destino.

Vivamos con buena Fortuna
El destino es contradictorio,
Alegres a nuestras vidas demos
La victoria del orgullo mundano.

El dulce aroma de esta brisa
Brota del rizo de ese cabello
Radiante fantasía sobre sus rodillas
Sobre de esa cara gustoso se fija.

Las personas son como los dementes
Nacen del mar del alma
Manténgase a flote muchas lunas
Al mar, el demente, controla.

Desde ese mar llegó la ola
Mientras el barco tomaba forma
Del naufragio nadie podría salvarse
Volviendo al mar por esa tormenta.

Lo que parecía malo, era la gracia
la amabilidad estaba en la ira de la ola
El amanecer de la conciencia aparece
Iluminando ese camino divino.

Desde Tabriz comenzó a brillar
La Luz de la Verdad, me llama
Tu luz que siendo la Distinta Luz
Divina, no obstante, conecta todo.

Rumi-Divan-e Shams

Tomado de la magnífica traducción al inglés de Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada July 20, 1998
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