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I love life
Oh how long it has been
Since I have felt truly free
To run singing in the fields as a wild
Horse in the wind
Inside my temple embers burn
Brightly a fire life burns within
I am a madly wild independent woman like a mare I have been kept on these reigns on this trail take this bit out of my mouth if only they would listen to me I consider them friend they consider me servant
I just bucked my owner off and he lost control of me I am now running so far away from those people
That family should have known better
You cannot tame a wild horse not one as wild as me
Quite a while it's been and I am in
Green pastures I found my little foal oh how happy I am to be home again with my baby again free and peaceful
#freedom #horses #Sagittarius #heartsong #trapped #freemyself #freeyourself #idonthavetonetrapped #TAKINGMYPOWERBACK #CLAIMINGMYINDEPENDENCE
Cade Apr 2016
i can see the fight within you,
it tears you apart,
are you a monster, you ask?
will you allow yourself to be a monster?
your hands they can create,
but it is much easier to destroy,

i have been where you have been,
pushing feeling, down
but please hear me out,
they will only come bubbling back with a vengeance
you try to shield yourself,
from the hurt,
but you’re only locking yourself away,
from all you could know,
Miss Grim Jan 2016
You build your walls higher
With each passing year
With every new heartache
Laying new bricks of fear
Until there's four walls around your heart
And every relation is doomed from the start
For no one can live from inside of a cage
Breakups tend to illicit your rage
But Show the world yourself intact
Vulnerability is a courageous act
Don't let rejection make you afraid
Please tear down those bricks that you've laid
Before you're buried in the ground
In the casket framed by walls around
Free yourself before it's too late
Or a loveless life will be your fate
Put your egos to the side
If you truly want to feel alive
Don't follow the trend like the rest
Failure is part of the road to success
And hating love is the latest fashion
If you ask me, the world needs more compassion
So when push comes to shove
Move right on and spread the love
Hold your head up high
With each goodbye
Let it go, don't wonder why
Always Give love another try
It's the only thing that never dies.
Building walls around your heart only hurts yourself. You think you're keeping others out but you're only preventing yourself from fully experiencing the potential of life.

We know that failure is part of success but people fail to see that the same rule applies to love. If anything, love is the one thing in life we should always dust ourselves off and continue striving for. It's the most fulfilling thing in life.
Sarah Wallace Mar 2015
Break free !
You are a bird
That was made
To fly
Ah fly with me :)
You will see
Ah simply fly away
Spread your wings today
Break free !
You are the answer
To every question
Stop looking outside
Look inside
Aha !
You will feel
That you've lit the spark
To burn the flame
Waiting to start
Waiting on
An open heart
sweet ridicule Feb 2015
the god
oozing thRough the air
and saturating the atmosphere
blending into the fibers  
(of shoes, and shirts, and swEaty collars, and slacks, and pews, and smelly green carpet)
and People crash to knees
and bend themselves to a force that constricts them
guilt gripping at nEcks
and sour acid rises in my throat as I cannot fathom
or obey an invisible god that drowNs nations
in hostility…judgment…hatred
and mummifies weak minds
turning benevolence into maligniTy
churning a boiling cauldron of manipulation—disguised as a sickly sugar
my chest bursts in panic
and I need to run from the ashen, needy, suffocating limbs of a body
whose sickly roots control the masses

and the senseless prayer has ended.
free yourself
Sarah Jane Dec 2014
Life behind shadows,
Society beckons, rules please conform.
Truth is lost, we fall to dust.
Now open the soul to wanderlust.

— The End —