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Jami Samson Feb 2020
Silken skies
Candlelit sunset
Clouds of fresh linen
My lips all over you
Like rose petals
Scattered around my room.

Moonlit smiles
Red wine kisses
Slow dancing
To the rhythm under the sheets
Your body wrapped
Like lace on my skin.

Hot summer breath
Sweat like coconut and lime
Your voice soft against my ear
Time flowed like sand
You and I forever lost
In waves of lulling bliss

Colors flashed
Bubbles burst
Feet landed on the ground
But in your gaze my heart still floats
Though all this is only in my mind
This love is solid as your hand.

For Tristan
Jami Samson Jan 2020
Do I dive to the ocean floor
or seek the edge of the world?
And will this heart of gold
sink or float?
I tell myself
with my blood as my ink,
I have my soul to keep;
now I’m at the tip of the quill
but the slate’s wiped clean.
When there’s nothing left
but the other side,
is there nothing else to do
but go there?
Tryna get my mojo back

Jami Samson Nov 2019
Tomorrow held such promises
then the next day came
and broke all of them.
Jami Samson Dec 2017
Looking at a computer screen
but seeing blue skies;
brain frying in radiation,
body floating in the open ocean.
Heels on concrete,
grass between toes.
Pounding on computer keys,
pricking on cactus spines.
Thinking of brand conversion
but dreaming of the Grand Canyon.
Impersonating relevance,
giving my rhymes a rest.
A fool for freedom
but a tool for currency.
Jami Samson Nov 2017
How to be silenced
with your own words?
Write in someone else's voice.
Jami Samson May 2017
Young little bud
with thorns they ache.
You bleed life
in order to grow.
I know it hurts
to keep yourself closed
when you just want to bloom
like the rest of them
and you can't cause pain
as much as you can feel it
when you remain wreathed in a shrub
and pose in a bright color
while everything happens inside of you.
You may think there's something wrong with you
because you don't get picked by people
but not all seeds sprout right after sowing
and you may not see the sunlight yet
but at least you can feel the morning dew
and the world has yet to see you
and you have all the world to see
so take your time
and keep your stem long
for even the seasons will wait
however long it takes
for a young little bud to unfold.
Jami Samson May 2017
I am nowhere lately
Pacing in the city
Closing my eyes
Seeing a desert
Sitting in a cave
Then I'm gone

I am nothing lately
No sound
No feeling
Like embracing the wind
Like thinking you can touch a cloud
Knowing it's just smoke

I am endless lately
Just floating
Slowly dissolving
Now scattered
Are these parts still mine?
Who am I now?
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