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Kelley A Vinal Jul 2017
Memories left by supernovae
Beautiful, colorful
Names like Cassiopeia
I fell to your surface
And my matter was rendered almost instantly
Into my surroundings
And we became one
I can tell that I can't leave
I can't reach escape velocity
Half the speed of light
I am here forevermore
But at least
Your micrometer-thick atmosphere should
Last me a good, long time.
hopefully we don't collide with another neutron star because i've heard scary things about gamma ray bursts
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2017
what an amazing example
of natural selection you are
primordial to now
pretty good choices were made along the way

i gotta say
it'd be weird if you had echolocation
or anything like that
probably not that strange
if everyone else had it
but that's not the scenario in my head

it's funny to imagine you as a bat
i think you'd be just as magnificent
Kelley A Vinal Jul 2017
typical as it seems
i, too, have moonlit dreams
whereby stars illuminate
the circles under your eyes
and the hands in your pockets

i want to show you a song
as beautiful as you

but my fingers aren't that elegant

yours are

star-shaped shadows behind your back
and birds on your ears
i know you know
what they say
that song
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2017
they cannot keep their head straight
i can't say it's bad
my eyes are closed to listen

eyes clenched shut, fingers spread wide
like light from their teeth
i am drawn to this
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2017
O, most wonderful and brittle coffee cup
How I have forsaken thee
For a fortnight 'fore now
My hands became butter under your
Beautiful, wondrous weight
The sound still resonates in my ears
I have broken thee
Aghast, I am
And forevermore
Shall be
loss and heartbreak
Kelley A Vinal Jun 2017
it's not pensive
nor is it pondering
the wind
red whistle in the trees

it sure is something
is it tuesday
Kelley A Vinal Mar 2017
I guess, like they say
You don't read between
The lines in the light
Ultraviolet or extra bright
But it's not your fault
Not your fight
Explanations from you
Insight and guidance
Into why
Why I feel I need to be
Just right
It does make me
Pretty tired
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