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Kiley Beck Jan 2016
I didn't realize it that day, but maybe you did.
Maybe you saw it before I did, or maybe
      you were lying through your teeth.
     "Fake it 'til you make it," they say.
           You'd always been good at that.

Or maybe you just knew. Saw the look in my eyes,
      recognized all the signs before I even
            knew they were there.

I said I wasn't sure, but you didn't believe me.
      Didn't take no for an answer,
            but that had never been your strong suit.

"You're different," you said, and bless you for
actually believing that,
      because I never have.
      "I suppose you could say I'm not like other girls."

But with a beginning like ours, how could we not believe
the other was different?

It happened by chance, maybe a coincidence,
      serendipitous timing, I'd always believed
             everything happened for a reason.

But that's been us, I guess. A handful of
      happy accidents and coincidences, sunsets and city lights,
      dreams and adventures--
            ambition beyond measure.

It's wild to think I didn't know it then,
      but even wilder to think that maybe you did.
Kiley Beck Dec 2015
Descending faster and faster into nightfall
The cool darkness enveloping me, comforting me, caressing me
The black sky like silk wrapping around me
       as I fell further,

Speckles of stars splattered across the night’s canvas,
penciling in the constellations,
weaving an intricate web to catch me
       as I fell further into the depths of the night.

Cooing winds spun all around me,
whirling in playful cyclones
in and out of the web of stars.

I smile as I fall deeper into the night, perfectly content.
       As has always been,
       as always will be.
Kiley Beck Jul 2015
Have you ever felt such an intense wanderlust,
Your heart cries out?
Yearns for something new,
a different culture,
a new experience.
Yearns to feel the sand beneath your feet,
between your toes
Pouring from hand to hand,
like an hourglass

It yearns to shake the weathered hands of the storied folk
it's never met
Yearns to look into the eyes that have seen more than words could ever tell.
It yearns to see the beauty in the heart of another stranger from an unfamiliar land
To see the beauty in the sunset
over a scape unknown
The beauty in the untamed wilderness of the world

It yearns to feel the amazement that only wandering can fulfill
Kiley Beck Jun 2015
The serenity, the peace,
the love of the water
You would never know how many ships
she so selfishly kept with her
held under her surface
to stay as long as their iron beings would allow
People mourned their losses of her historic companions
But they are not at all lost
They are found in her serenity, in her peace,

in her love
Kiley Beck May 2015
It dripped onto my skin
Fell on my nose
Glided down my arms and got lost on my fingertips
It soaked into my pores like the sun into the thirsty brown dirt
Rejuvenated, quenched, relinquished, relieved my soul, my muscles of their tensions as they floated off and up into the air, the heavens
Where they spun and danced and twirled until they dissipated into the blissful nothingness that is a warm spring morning's sunlight
That gracefully drips onto your skin like a teardrop of gold
And falls on your nose
And glides down your arms
and gets lost on your fingertips,
your soul

— The End —