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Puck Jul 2015
i'd like to believe
that we really had a moment there

but then again, i don't
because i will never see you again.
i met this super cute and nice guy at a festival and we spent the whole day together
and i didn't ask his number
god i am so ******* stupid
Puck Jan 2015
watching it
as it sunk in the sea
the colors warming
the entire horizon
red as blood
the colors hit my soul
there was nothing more
beautiful than this
a confirmation
that it truly was
it saddened my soul
but it had to be done
right here,
in this perfect moment
the time had come
for me to go
this is right
don't feel bad
just know that i
have always wanted
i had a weird, sad but comforting dream
something about sunsets and suicide
this sounds really weird
haha i'm sorry but this website is literally the only place where i can speak my mind i know my poetry ***** but i just had to get this out
Puck Jan 2015
oh please
put your lips on mine
fill my body with
and love
send the tingles
right to my toes
make me blush
and touch my face

oh please
make this feeling
of endless yearning
stop by giving
me what i want
i want you to hold me
and hug me just a bit
tighter than normal
and give me
your love

yes please
i am begging you
i have never
needed someone
like this before
i can't let you go
you're now in my head
just read my mind
and go

just please
show me that
you feel like this too
and please don't
just casually
walk by
without so much
as the glance of
an eye
Puck Jan 2015
you know,
once it's in your head
it never really gets out

and then
all you do is plan
and imagine various ways

it's hard
to explain it with words
but somehow it is pleasant

not having
to live in fear for
the most obvious thing

is it
not a relief when
one's mind is infected

and when
you finally come to accept
that we will all once die
not suicidal
just a realist who is not afraid to die
Puck Dec 2014
ever since
you looked at me
i have not stopped
thinking of you

i don't even know
what i want
i have no clue
what i feel

and about you?
i could not know
i don't dare
to ask around

for me this is rare
i have never felt
this level of
sincere confusion

my mind is a maze
but somehow i hope
that you are there
standing at the end

i literally have never felt this confused about my feelings ever before
i just don't know anything at the moment
Puck Nov 2014
right at that time
when i needed you
the most
you weren't there
to hug my shaking
little body

right at that time
when i wanted to
be gone
you turned your back
and left me alone
in the dark
Puck Oct 2014
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