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Chirayu Writer Oct 2018
Why I am drowning
Because I am letting me drown,

Why I am going into depression
Because I am letting me go in the depression

Why I am living in hell
Because I am letting myself to
live in the hell.

Everything is happening because
"I am letting"so it happens with me."
Chirayu Writer Feb 2018
Whenever I buy a chocolate
I just imagine you
How madly you are behind to a chocolate
I mean more than anything or anyone,
Your favorite and your love
that you eat the most are only chocolates
Even today do you like it
I'm not sure but I think you still like
In childhood, we were the best friends
And today we are the best my enemies
It happens, because when there is a love in between two lives then there is also some fight
So living everything behind, I am coming to your
Home with your best childhood love
To give you chocolates,
to tell you sorry and to tell you
Will you be my wrapper of the life chocolate again?.
Hope she says yes.
"Happy Chocolate Day".
Note to all.
Chirayu Writer Nov 2017
It hurts when you look others
But no one looks you back
It hurts when you care others
But no one cares you back,
It hurts when you love others
But no one loves you back,
It hurts after you know that
Whatever things you are doing for others
Aren't going to be valued and appreciated
Is useless to do, But still, you do
Because you are not same to them
You are different,
That's why you are you,
A true exquisite pure life.
Do you relate to me?.
Chirayu Writer May 2017
"Happy Mother's Day"
She fought for us against the world
She stands for us against the peoples
She sacrifices for us against the lives
She still continues to inspire us everyday & every time.
She is no one, then the most important Person, who is a human, friend, teacher, love and a god of everyone's life.
Mother is the term
I call her "Super Woman". My mother is my life
My mother is my love
My mother is my Shadow
My mother is my Role model
My mother is my Inspiration
My mother is my Idol  My mother is my best friend
My mother is everything to me
Today what I am is because of my mother,
for me my mother is everything. "To you mother,
thank you for everything Maa,
I know, how great you, I know how beauty is your love and care, there is no one better to understand me and without you my life is incomplete, Thank you with priceless, because you deserve more than this, you are" the entire universe is with me, words will never measure the love you have showered on me,
I can't Thank you enough, and a thing I forgot to mention is you "the best and no.1 cook in this entire universe, I bet no one can cook like you, you are beyond, magical and magicians of your as well the surrounding lives.
On this auspicious day to unforgettable time, I have to
Promise you something that from now
Onwards the time is yours,
"Each second of your life going to be so special & every minute will be unforgettable,
Precious includes charismatic.
this is my promise Mom.
Stay happy,
Love you
Keep smiling.
(You are my god).
Love you Mummy.
(You kept me in your womb, safely with care, I can say only one thing "Thank you god for making the best creation for life.
My Mom is Super Woman.)
And To Every mother in the whole world wish you "Happy Mother's Day". Keep Smiling & Keep Rocking.
Thank you
Happy Mother's Day... Plz read it..
Chirayu Writer Apr 2017
"International Dance Day".
Dance is an expression of art
It is created with Million of ideas
Which comes straight from mind to heart to show through the "step to step
to all the moves of body,
depiction of dancing glimpses is seen by the passion, love to live a life for a dancer and also they have their own special form and traditional folks to represents by every single note of music and dance is a heart of music and music is beat of dance both connections are like a true love so I wish all the world to street dancers a very happy  international dance day.
Enjoy your world & make your magic.
Love, Live & Dance..

Thank you

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Chirayu Writer Apr 2017
When you don't want to cry
tears blinks at that Moment,
When you wanted
it never comes out
Because at that time
tears find it's on way.
Tears is a sign and sigh of pain and cure. -Chirayu!.
Chirayu Writer Apr 2017
"Sometimes walking on a wrong path
takes you to the right place
where you have been wanting
something from life.
( may be an instinct or a hint)
Wrong way has a trance to take you
back to your own path,
which you miss once in between the
journey to destiny where Failure is
that wrong way which
rights you later in life.
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