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Racquel Davis Dec 2020
I fatten the cow
And drink her milk
To wash down
Her baby's flesh
And she loves me even now
As I squeeze her *******
Her milk allows
It feels like silk
Because I fattened the cow
To drink her milk
  Nov 2019 Racquel Davis
CK Baker
it wasn't as though he shoulda seenĀ it coming
(God knows he muddled through that one well enough)
and it wasn't as though he thought it in the bag
(the whole **** thing had always seemed ****** daunting)
but these now recurring tasks
and pop-up commitments
were wavering him
a great big pain the ***
burdensome, machine like
lacking, of any particular meaning

now there was that element of perseverance
that he had read and lectured on (oh, how he had lectured on and on!)
but he was not fully accustomed
(having flown on a wing and a prayer)
to the shattered routines
and fallen plans
obligatory iterations
and post-mortem like sessions
(seemed easier to stack em up, and
shelve em in a somewhat manageable way)

but a rhythm evolved
in simple momentum, and truth
new plateaus, and revelations
transformative unfoldings
and cosmic events
(which appeared as gifts from above)
and they paved a path to growth

eyes opened, to the wonders of the world!
a grounding in an earthly connection
narratives reclaimed
adjustments made
faith, and fellowship
first steps, compromise
and gratitude
filling the center stage
(in kaleidoscope colour!)
in this glorious
and ever evolving
play of life


was it worth it old friend?
you bet your *** it was!
Racquel Davis Sep 2019
Woe to the woman lost to love
The woman who loves
to love a man too much
Woe to she who loses herself
She loses herself to love
Racquel Davis Sep 2019
Aching for our two souls to intertwine
My heart on your chest, your heart on mine
Opening like a blossom on a vine

Longing for hands to discover me,
Roaring to a flame of ecstasy
And with time, growing inside me

Fingers imprison fingers, fingers imprison flesh
I am weakness beneath your bated breath
Lay claim to my clay, lay claim to my breast

I am yours with every command, each and every kiss
Till my maiden land, fill me with every inch
I can be your *****, I can be your *****

Heat, sweat, electricity traveling in between
A valley full of nectar, consuming delicacy
Make me your subject, I am your Queen
Racquel Davis Sep 2019
What is useless if unpossesed,
And like currency if one devalues it?

Good and light, you hold it dear,
Yet its darkness brought you here?
Racquel Davis Jul 2019
Did you really
expect me to
applaud you for
pleasuring yourself
with my body?
How was it for you?
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