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Bijan Nowain Jul 2016
What is a muse,
but a fuse to ignite
passion and inspiration.
The goddess of ingenuity
sparking creativity within me.
The mind, the heart, the soul
come together as one.
Blood flowing, ideas growing.
Electric fluid rushing
through my veins.
Fingers tingling,
gently stroking the keys,
words gracefully appear.

A poem is born
Bijan Nowain Jan 2016
Lay here under the old oak tree
Stare up at its gnarly, crooked limbs
Feel the breeze grace upon your skin

Lay here in the thick grass
Gaze up at the clouds
Sunlight warm against your face

Lay here among the crisp red leaves
Watch the birds dance in the air
Hold my hand, I whisper in your ear

Let’s lay here and forget everything
Bijan Nowain Dec 2015
Imagine the night sky was made for us
Shimmering stars blanketing the darkness
Glimmer of hope and wonder

Imagine the sunrise was created for us
Day begins anew
Uplifting light bringing happiness

Imagine the world was meant for us
Possibilities immeasurable, limitless
Strong alone but invincible together
Bijan Nowain May 2015
My heart shudders, vibrates
With your presence vacant
Return soon or sadness consumes
Whenever you are near
Flickers of hope burns brilliant
As the future befalls unclouded
Bijan Nowain May 2015
Upon my shoulder, place your head
The road is tough and can be full of dread
Don’t dwell on things cause life is short
Turn to your family, friends for support

Be careful, life could also be long
If the decisions we make are wrong
Stand your ground, test your strength
Keep your troubles at arm’s length

Take a breath and close the curtain
Life and future are uncertain
No matter how it turns out to be
There’s always you and me
Bijan Nowain Mar 2015
I saw her from a distance
observing quietly
unassuming and innocent.
Not a sound or
even a verbal cue.
A shadow amongst others
fading in the background
quiet and still.
All seeing, all knowing,
yet not seen or known.
She savored solitude, seclusion.
Gazing over, eyes lock.
A prompt stare at her feet.
Slyly, strategically, stealthily,
I make my move
through the mass,
an over populated room
of senseless chatter.
Drawing nearer to the
lovely, lone, lady leaning
against the brick wall,
the ways finally part.
Much to my chagrin,
she’s vanished without
even a faint whisper.
Until we meet again.
Bijan Nowain Mar 2015
The sweet sound
Of your name
Echoes in the wind

Your presence is felt
An emotional entity
Euphoric aura

Hair shines bright
That of sunrise
Blinding those that stare

Skin like linen silk
Smooth, flawless
Soft, warm touch

Your voice is music
Pleasing to the ears
Makes hearts jump

In every dream,
thought, and whisper,
you are there
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