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Cné Oct 2017
The surf provides lullabies
as ocean echoes roll.
Too soon, the sunlight glitters
as the dawn turns gray to gold.

I wake and I rub my eyes
beside the sandy beach
My love beside me, languid lips
within an easy reach.

I whisper, sweet good mornings
as your dreams I brush away.
You stretch and yawn, responding to
requests to "come and play".

Lingered memories caress,
of last night's rising moon
with silver waves and ripples,
beyond the dark lagoon.

In shades of colors that mix and smudge
you take your time, no rush
My ******* tingle, at the thought
upon my skin, spreads flush.

In reverie, flutters reminisce,
your wanton body on mine.
Whispered moans in my ear, you ******,
"I'm yours", I hear on rewind.
When last night's... turns into this morning's
lX0st Aug 2014
Please Midas,
Take the golden gun
And shove the golden bullet
Right through my golden skin
And tell me a story about
"All that glitters.."
zebra Dec 2018
i like it ickity split
mad to exceed the world
in dark dreams ******

to evoke blood wet mouths
insertions paradise of fluorescents
in a dark aperture

her pudenda
a rolling hill
gaudy wound like a smash mouth crying
split torn tearing, pink estuary
for gluttonies' joyride
that can hardly be endured
twisted tongue spice melts and glitters raw

the sheets soaked through
matted hair in saliva
blood and eggs
the screams of monsters rapture

oh feral abandon
every thing else a toil

winged *******
**** toys for mama
like heaven cant know

his *****
like hanging bats

Nagasaki goes off in her ***
bodies; quake in silence
the bedroom; a chaotic bathroom
tulips shrill flutter
gulp and swallow milks flame
rosy welts laughing
flushing ******'s

shoved urns
all spilled libations
touching and *******
crimson **** runnels
in bathhouse foam
down the drain
to earthen bowels din
where the dead push up daisies

i am the worm in the fruit
Stu Harley Apr 5
raise and fall
young lovers call
the lies
that glitters
not gold
just because
just because
Eleni Jul 2017
'Are you pleasing those Lions?'

She thinks to herself under Nelson's Column.

'I am no hero of the Nile, nor of Trafalgar. I am an empty vessel.'

City of Angels, yet full of devils. Will she find the exit from Oblivion, in those molten, vermillion revels?

'And will you climb that stairway to heaven? Is it true that what glitters is gold?'

That golden dust, which lies on her beside table, sedative for her sorrows.

'Oh he was a foul coxcomb. England expects every heart will follow its duty!'

She is followed, by those feral eyes;
Those on the underground, those in the streets

And those who she will wish
her eyes will never meet.
This short poem was partially inspired by one of my favourite songs from The Doors called 'Hyacinth House' whereby Jim Morrison expresses loneliness and the nature of being judged by others based on careers, personalities and relationships. I combined this with the strong presence of the lions in Trafalgar Square in London, which have a intimidating appearance and represent the strength of the British Empire. These eyes of judgement seem to pierce through the speaker in this poem who is being criticised by the personified statues for being unworthy of recognition.
Bison Jun 2016
Born with a vacant sea
Raging within me
And a god shaped vacancy
Buried deep

Echo in the Valley
Resounding with the breeze
Narcissus drowned for free
Can you hear that broken heart beat?

Is this an all consuming darkness?
Is this emptiness blooming in death regardless?

The waves wash away sound
Sand castles ***** for crowns
I cannot be let down
By a god who doesn't come around

Hades loves the Beauty bound
Fiery king of all that glitters below the ground
Subdued Persephone weeps for Olympus' Mount
Can you hear her dead voice shout?

Is this an all consuming darkness?
Is this emptiness blooming in death regardless?

I am the ocean
You are a hurricane in motion
Hollow heart within is closing
Filled with Love, the goddess I've chosen
Kiara Hoxie Mar 13
Sunshine gleaming
Against the evergreen trees
Shadows stretch along the river
Leaves fall, moved by the gentle breeze

The river glitters
The light spots flashing
The clear water dashing
Around jagged rocks

The current creates darkened ripples
Expanding upon the ridges
Inky patterns billowing
The swirls glint and twirl
Chelsea Primera Sep 2017
The city spearheads the futures we sincerely sold,
As it pluckers your pennies and your coins of gold.

I felt poor amid the auras of their fearsome metals,
Cowering in the clothes of our daily struggles.

I am destitute enough
To bleach out the interests of my cards,
To shatter your savings for a disabled future,
To rummage the stock markets for apertures.

Yet within you exhales tentacles of the color Yellow.

Yellow as in,
The scattered stars that scorch the injured sky,
The mellowing voices of neon artificial lights,
The apex of fire alight in frostbitten nights,
And the yolk of hope my cheers rely.

So while you chase the sun
with your copper-clad hands,
remember but this:

all that glitters is not gold,
It’s the color Yellow in these eyes I behold.
Nikole L Mar 17
A place where tears turn to gold,
days are aging but never grow old
Always a bright morning awaits
No lonely nights - my fear abates

Let pixie dust fly you on high
Paint all that glitters in blue sky
Let it sparkle like a starry night
Drying your tears by and by

Wash away your pain in streams
go with the flow indulge your dreams
No need to hide the way you feel
Here in Wonderland, everything's surreal.
Bison Feb 2016
My veins are pumping gushing gold
Round and round this blushing girl
My heart: the broken center of this hollow world
All is silent against my rib cage: love creates turbulence
Whisper to your willows as they weep for yesterday's and succumb to impermanence

This sickness is spreading, I won't let it in
Decadence and heartache, they won't let you live
They won't let you live

Abandon your chastity
Abandon your morality
Embody vanity and chase the morale out of me
Purge your glittering eyes
So clouded with blistering lies
Diamond, diamond, fall out of the sky
All that glitters is poison to my mind

This sickness is spreading, I won't let it in
Decadence and heartache, they won't let you live
Nico Julleza Aug 2017
Seems to be a strange day
a cold in the breeze
in the months of May
screeching’s of the door
a mist at the windows
broken pane

The room was lonely
as the leaves, out whirling
a thump at the ceiling top,
rolling, shackling
like those ogling cats
for a savoring mouse

From an ominous weather
to the whispering waters
a ***** brought my most
uncanny things lurking
came falling within

I saw streamers
faking shimmers
I saw glitters
but aren't gold
I saw diamonds
yet it wasn't snow

A strong wind gushing
hoist the storm came
toiling, warping
heaven and earth
were felonious, winced
and everything was settled

Crystal drops touching
the tender heart abrupt
shattered glass striking
a sorry won't be sought
memories engrave nothing
flagrant it is to mend

Crystal drops falling
true friends come for once,
an astral to a feeling
stalwart is to be keeping
till when, twas its end
and all of this begins again
#True #Friendship #Love #Rain #Crystal #Drop

Yes Dear Poets.. You will know the Feeling of this poem..

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
My name is not romantic
neither is it fantastic
I am in the midst of men
commanding all human

I caused  man a lot
Many suffer because of me
Others die because of me
Nothing Can be done without me
Everything is done by me

I break the chain of unity
Mean couples divorce because of my absence
When my voice speaks
it shuts all the mouths of truth

Those who have me in abundance
Turns to command respect and prestige
from those who search for me with courage
without knowing I disappoint the trust of a man

My searchers are my manufacturers
my lovers are those I lynched silently
I pray people don't recognize my inner self
because I am toxic and made from that
which I am

Am I not like the light?
makes the path clear in the dark
for all human to follow
I can't forget myself that
All that glitters not gold

It would have been better for man
to search for love and wisdom
than wasting precious time
killing and dying for me

I am only a deceiver of souls
making them believe my absence is a curse
so they can hurt and hate to purify  their souls
but it is difficult to wake up the person not sleeping

How I hate those who handle me with their conscience
Helping others to recognize they can be happy without me
How I hate those who think I am not all about the world
Making others not to value me

I am the only voice of the world and
I am the only killer of the body and soul
Marla Toledez Feb 20
Humanity and it's legacy
Forever immortalized
In the cosmos
By a metallic structure
That couldn't hold a single person.

The sounds of our home,
As tremulous as they may be,
Are left to echo quietly
Through the grooves
Of our planet's most sacred relic:
A shiny artifact made of that
Which glitters softly in
The eternal night.

Whether or not it shall ever
Be looked upon again
Remains to be seen,
But one thing is for certain:
Though we may die
And every planetary body
That we know may follow,
Our solar system will forever
Live on
Through the modest craft
That shall never perish,
Even in the darkest of nights.

From our sacred ground,
We launched it into the stars
To endure a boundless eternity.
Venturing into the unknown
To preserve humanity's light
Until the end of
Oni Olusegun Nov 2017
Slender as a needle
Bright as hunter's headlamp
Okpeke next door makes
My heart skip a beat

Like yellow rose lures the bee
The sound of her voice compels me
The market square gong beckons
Who dare ignore the king?

When the moonlight play is over
I will remember not to ever forget--
All that glitters is not gold
I might have done something I'm not supposed to do
Eunyeong Oct 2018
Silver flakes of snow cover the soft darkness
The world glitters underneath its splendid white cloak,
Mountains of stardust piled close to my home.

Those feathery things, soft as spring moss
Delicate as a spiderweb soaked with morning dew
Melts on warmth from the reddened fingertips of mine.

Winter frost has blossomed in our hearts
Like the day you allowed me to leave you
It left me icy and chilled to the core.

In my strange land of imagination
I will see you inside my winter dreams
Thinking of you, more than you will know.
It's not winter yet, but got my inspiration from Scott Fitzgerald
Adrian Joseph Dec 2018
Stars never disappear
Like truth in times of trial
Always shining in some hemisphere

Ask men about stars and they will tell you of less than you see
There will be no time to say farewell   
All things will wind up suddenly

Stars are stubborn things
Unlike names and deeds which are soon forgotten
They fill the night sky and conceal some greater morning

Stars make us forget the flowers at our feet
Reflecting eternity on a black background
They are without fault

Man is the flailing catastrophe who forever grasps at the untouchable

That sole beauty which time does not destroy
Its golden fibre glitters and gleams
Interwoven in the night sky

Orbs of ice which adorn the threshold of heaven
Nightly soldiers wage war against the inevitable dawn
As Orion hunts the darkness

Too low they build who build beneath the stars

I try not to count but revel in their countenance
If only I could roll the sky into a scroll as to peer past its edges
Perhaps catch a glimpse of the infinite
See whether my name is written on the arch of heaven’s gate

I wish I could hold a star in my hand
Better share its wonder with the world
Maybe if I climbed the tallest mountain
I may get a closer look at those flashes
Which make feeble existence tolerable

They encourage me to climb till day breaks
My quest is complete
Per aspera ad astra
Over suffering to the stars
Round and round on the money go round
Your hopes they kept on turning
Those fortunes ran dry no wealth was found
It's the music game you were learning.

Not all that glitters is made of gold
And it's not always greener on the other side
You followed your dream giving your soul
Then your hopes they  passed you by.

your futue was sealed through rose coloured glasses
You looked at your world through a crystal ball
You thought your name would reach the massis
Only to find they weren't there at all.

Now singing your songs just to get by
You tried to aim for the stars
You used to play in concert halls
These days it's clubs and bars.

The music world's not what it seems
It is the nature of the game
Now your looking back on broken dreams
There was never that Hall of fame.

So when you made it too the top
There was only one way you could go
And when that time your music stoped
You were back on earth below .
The music world in the main stream is fast paced
Many carry on with music after fame.,Seen so many
Who were so well known who we rarely hear now but still
Great .It's the nature of the game.
Seema Dec 2018
A word unspelt
The words unsaid
A wrong turn again
It may be bad
From one end to another
The evidence makes no sense
There could be another way
Why feel tensed
The heavy clouds will soon fade
And moon will give us the way
It's gotta be somewhere
Not so far away
Whoever has laid hands on
The buried old scripts
Have gone missing
On their adventurous trips
What is in it,
That one craves to find
Is it a treasure map
Or a portal of any kind
I feel it isn't a good idea
To join this group of five
It is still time
To run and be alive

But wait...

What is that noise, I hear
The other five lanterns
Seem to have disappeared
Like being swallowed
By some form of evil
I may be wrong, coz am quite behind
To even reach the grounds
Where, burried are those scripts
And a curse that bounds
I decided not to continue
Any further and put my life in danger
So I waited for day break
And that's when, I met a stranger...


An unusually dressed figure
That like of an ancient priest
With a hood covering
Emerging, from behind the trees
May be, he is one of the five
But how can I be sure
As the figure looked strange
Or perhaps, trying to lure
I sat next to a big rock
Keeping my eyes fixed
A sudden brush of winds
And the place seem to be mixed
I blinked to clear my view
Of that of dirt and dust
Pieces of rags flew
In the wildly gust
Intoxicating scent caught my senses
And I seemed to be drowning
From below my feet
Hours later, opening my eyes
On a hard solid ground
Surrounded by
Unearthly or earthy crowd?


Whispers of death
Rang in my ears
Blurred vision gave way
To my crouching fears

Where am I?

Above the ground of below
Is it my grave
Or a tomb
Like cave
Dim lights sprawl
As I try to stand
The ground suddenly shakes
And on my chest, I land

Is it my end?

Glitters and shine
From the passing ray of lights
A graveyard of buried treasures
Below many heights
It, definitely must be a dream
Yet, I can still feel
The chill of hovering death
Crawling beneath my heels
I dare not look down
To scream my head out
So I slowly, crawled
Towards the faint light
From where I heard the strangers call
Standing slowly,
not to disturb the peace
I followed the voice
That led among the trees...


The moon was bright
And I felt the cold breeze
Brushing enough
For my ears and nose to freeze
Then a voice cracked
Of that of an old man

"he who bares no greed,
shall walk free",
"he who dares to steal,
shall be buried alive"

The stranger -

Your life is spared
From the cursed wrath
Your soul is pure
In the eyes of death
You lack the ingredient
That most posses
So have perished
And left lifeless
It is the greed
That is cursed in a being
Thus, all five got buried
With their share and sin
You walk free unharmed
Return to your people
And let them know
Whoever walks through
The path in search of scriptural treasure
Shall be cursed and buried
Within the treasure

And I, blink -

Far from the place
As I was in the night
Back to my senses
Welcoming day light
Life of mine is precious
That no penny or treasure
Can ever buy
Who wants to live a cursed life
And live behind their lies
I lack the seed
Of greed
That I don't intend to plant
I shall read
And educate
On how harmful, is this

Spilling imagination. A story poem.
E li za Mar 2018
The cold prison bar is our legal boundary
Now that you left my character drenched in blood
Critics and juries virtually, invisible enemies
Stomping words in my face while groping my pride

Collecting flak in your pockets because they tell the truth
At least that's what you believe, and that's all
You need to hear their loathe in your dark room
Their laugh haunts you more than nightmares

No guns or bullets but they use to ****
As you turn your back, they stab, you kneel
They got the knife of deception and treachery
Wish you die like a blink yet they torture gradually

You always say, you're such a prey, a dupe
Who would believe when you're the willing one?
Stay in the cold prison bar where you belong
Grasp you hands 'til it warms, you're safe for now

All they know now is your shame penance
Cold prison bar, you were jailed for their crime
You died from all their stabs of criticisms and lies
Thinking are they enough, are they satisfied?

Wish you could tell them you're not a culprit
Who takes the blame of your offense or their offense
But a lawbreaker of her own pity constitution
Who put her ordinance behind to lavish their pride

Thought restrictions would drive you wild
But dark walls were painted of a free hand
Thought solitude will lose your mind
Yet you found the old self, your true friend

You've never been the same, never been better
Like a spy with filters in hands sifting hurtful words
That no matter how they abuse, damage or ******
Love makes you brand new to go overboard

Walking past through the hall of deliverance
Found golden keys to release your handcuffs
Your uniform now glitters changing in white dress
Only pure hearts can recognize your new price

At the end of the spectrum love is patient and waiting
It blinds you the moment it swallows your dark sides
Echoing something you've never heard of
"That when you die, you didn't lose. May you die all the time."

Like a dying tree in front yard that is too sick to save
Left unmoved could **** other surrounding trees
So in cold prison bar, they planted your roots to die
But from that safe place your roots reached their soil of disgrace

Victims learn from mistakes but you never did
They hunt you again this time now in your white dress
You flew with your butterfly wings to soar in the sky
Above those hunters, above the cold prison bar
#cold  #prison  #bar  #criticisms
Paul Butters Oct 2018
Let me inspire you to go higher:
Lost among the stars.
Our universe glitters, spread across the sky.
The world keeps turning,
Resplendent with hills and mountains,
Dales and plains.
Continents surrounded with seas and oceans
And clothed by grass and trees.

Mother Earth is blessed with flora and fauna:
Sentient beings of every shape and size,
From mighty whales and elephants,
Through furry friends like dogs and cats,
Tall giraffes, slithery snails, right down
To scattering ants and pesky flies.

Smell that fresh sea breeze,
Hear those rolling waves,
Screams of gulls
And twittering sparrows.
Feel the warm moist air
Of an Indian Summer.

Be mindful of all that is around,
Yet let imagination wonder,
For out there
There is more
So much more.

Dark Monsters of The Id
Are out there too,
We all know that.

But Life in all its splendour
And determination
Is there for all to see.
Oh to live forever with such things.

Paul Butters

© PB 16\10\2018.
This is what poetry is about.
Eric Feb 27
I am light years  away
The stars, they don't seem nearer
And the Earth  is just a blank spot
Just an atom soon to explode

All the sorrows are just glitters in space
Waiting to be buried in a giant glow
Here I am in a search of a better place
Lost my track or any pace

Light years to eternity
Among the space and dread
And a vivid stretch of void
And all the past an present joined in unity
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