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Lorraine day Feb 2021
To all you fellow poets
Who inspire me to write
I read your work for hours
Well into the night
Just knowing there are others
That take the time to share
Makes me feel I’m not alone
you people really care
So many may not realise
What positivity they sew
Just by writing comments
To a poet they don’t know
Each time you contribute
A golden thread is sewn
Into the very heart
Of the poet yet unknown
This leads to a tapestry
Woven over time
Knitting us together
By the spirit
Heart and mind
Priceless is this tapestry
No naked eye can see
I’m grateful to everyone
On hello poetry ........
Thanks to all of you especially Timothy who has never failed to read comment or inspire me to keep writing
Lorraine day Feb 2021
Today the sun shines
In unison with my heart

Today I will give that sunshine away
From this heart I will speak

Warm comforting words
Planting seeds that will grow smiles

Smiles of happiness that will impact positively
On any one who sees them

Spreading warm rays of hope
Contentment and peace

the sun is shining in unison with many more hearts 💕
The beautiful energy source of the sun fills me with a warmth I like to spread to others especially during the darkest times
Lorraine day Feb 2021
He asked me to marry him
But he hated himself
Lorraine day Jan 2021
My mind made a movie
Of the two of us last night
When everything was beautiful
And all the wrongs were right
The wind blew the storm clouds
The rain washed away the pain
The love we had returned
And the sun came back again
Lorraine day Feb 2019
The time of your passing etched in my mind
Like a branding iron
It Sears through my heart
As the pain of your loss
Encompasses my soul in limbic state
I search for parts of you to keep
That death may not steal
In a box I place your ring with a lock of your hair
A receipt from the last place we went
Where we exchanged smiles
sharing the closest bond of love

Then ~~your touch was warm
As comforting as the sun
Your energy ~was always gentle and light
As a distant breeze
Oh how I hanker after your essence
Each passing day
The gap widens between us
As I grapple to find ways to not let you go
I stand alone in deep solitude
Finding comfort only in the refuge of the bed
Where you last lay

Breathing your last breath
As I comforted you
Watching the clock
No other could ever love me
As you did so beautifully
Thanking you gratefully

My inspirational mother
Lorraine day Oct 2018
Whats wanted isn't always needed
What's needed isn't always wanted
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