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Lorraine day Feb 2019
The time of your passing etched in my mind
Like a branding iron
It Sears through my heart
As the pain of your loss
Encompasses my soul in limbic state
I search for parts of you to keep
That death may not steal
In a box I place your ring with a lock of your hair
A receipt from the last place we went
Where we exchanged smiles
sharing the closest bond of love

Then ~~your touch was warm
As comforting as the sun
Your energy ~was always gentle and light
As a distant breeze
Oh how I hanker after your essence
Each passing day
The gap widens between us
As I grapple to find ways to not let you go
I stand alone in deep solitude
Finding comfort only in the refuge of the bed
Where you last lay

Breathing your last breath
As I comforted you
Watching the clock
No other could ever love me
As you did so beautifully
Thanking you gratefully

My inspirational mother
Lorraine day Oct 2018
Whats wanted isn't always needed
What's needed isn't always wanted
Lorraine day Oct 2018
In life there's a road we must travel
Some parts are winding and long
There's bumps n cracks that knock us off track
Sometimes there's no light and no song

There are times when this road is too steep
As we wonder just how can we climb
So we stumble along hoping we've not gone wrong
Then somehow once again we are fine

This road we're all on is a journey
There's lessons to put us to test
Only mistakes do show
What we once didn't know
So we learn then to just do our best

In life there's a road we must travel
We may think there's no end in sight
As darkness descends
No sign of friends
It's then we look for the light

Your path had already been crafted
By one who won't leave nor forsake
His hope is you'll seek to find him
As life's road leads to .....heavens gate
Lorraine day Oct 2018
For what reason do you rise to face another day
Do you live to work or work to live
Is your main concern the pay

For what reason do you rise and use the time you spend
Do you live to please or to appease
Friends and family who offend

For what reason do you rise as each second passes by
Do you treasure heartfelt memories
Do you walk in truth or lie

For what reason have you been given life
It's purpose have you found
As time it waits for no one
It ends in silent sound
Lorraine day Oct 2018
Have you ever sighed and wondered
Why some people just don't see
That we all are part of the universe
Significant as every plant and tree
Have you ever hoped that somehow
A power or force Unknown
Would stop them in their weary tracks
As though a storm had blown
Have you ever thought how different
The lives they live could be
If only they would seek to find spirituality
Have you ever known the love the peace
His eternal grace
That nothing here on earth can bring
Regardless of what we face
Have you ever wanted everyone
To feel that love today
This is my hope for all mankind
As I bow my knee to pray
Lorraine day Sep 2018
Each day I live To seek your face
As I bask upon your warm embrace
My soul then filled with. Heavenly scent
by a humbled bow I then repent
I rise refreshed renewed once more
To walk this path as I've done before
Each day you give as I'm living
My quest to be much more forgiving
To relish thoughts of the purest kind
Reflecting you with heart and mind
My aim to love more than before
Til I stand and knock on heavens door
Each day I live to seek your face
I ask you fill me with your grace
And light my pathway from above
Comforting with unconditional love
Lorraine day Sep 2018
Value that which can't be paid for
Be grateful for what we have already
Use your time wisely
Live in the present moment
Don't worry about that which can't be changed
Tell those close you love them
Be true to yourself
Find your life purpose
Speak words of healing
Touch others lives with kindness
Know your own value
Don't be one to judge nor criticise
Let your presence be of peace
Always be hopeful
Give with no intention to recieve
Embrace your uniqueness
Enjoy this gift called life
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