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Silent Thoughts Aug 2016
Not really sure what do do
Guess I’ll just sit here and think of you
Waiting on old memories to fade
And new ones to take there place
Not the the best thing for me
Wishing for something I’m not sure we can be
But just the same I’m hoping for a change
One with you to move past the pain
Hope you’ll be what I need
Even though love has often meant greed
You seem to have the right state of mind
The kind that can excite and still unwind
Hope you’ll be the one I need
Erase the memories this hope precedes
Silent Thoughts Aug 2016
The hardest part is forgiving you
But i won't let myself turn bitter
I'm not a vengeful heart
That you lies can litter
You took a piece of me
Then twist and broke it
Took my remaining sanctity
Wrapped your hands to choke it
And now I find myself
Rubbing streams of hatred
Sick that I once loved someone
That made me so jaded
But your win isn't the end
And this pain will fade
And the scars you gave
Will turn to strength I've made
So when you smile for me
And the torment inflicted
Know I've forgiven you
For what's been indicted
So next time you turn to vengefulness
Remember my name
Think of the girl
Who beat your game
Silent Thoughts Dec 2015
I hear your complaints
Causing your own problems
Moaning over it everyday
But refusing to change
And I’m not talking about your heart
Because that’s precious
So stop giving it scars
And tearing your life apart

Take it in and let it back out
Soak in the love
Brush of the negativity
Whatever it may be
It’s ok
Silent Thoughts Oct 2015
I used to feel nothing
I used to feel nothing and cry
But now I know something
It’s worse when your heart is alive
Because that ache that I’m feeling
It’s not love that has left me to die
No, it’s cops who took my meaning
When they scared me from living my life

I thought I was certain
I thought I was certain about
All the things I was doing
Wouldn't let myself doubt
But this ache that I'm feeling
For the things I'll just live without
Hope you catch my meaning
When karma won't bail you out
Silent Thoughts Jun 2015
I didn't know I could fear this strongly
For a something I'd loved so fondly
A chance I knew as normal
Became forms too formal

Men with cold eyes through glass
Replaying every moment of my past
Could I take this chance again
Can I find what might have been

Do I choose what would destroy me
The something that employed me
What made me lose my choice to use
No longer the spark and just the fuse
Made nothing hold certainty
Except despair certainly
I didn't ever want to stop
But it seems I've reached the top
And from this peak I could fall down
Or stay up on solid ground
How do I remedy
This pain from something that still loves me?
I want to enjoy rare moments without being robbed of the average ones...
Silent Thoughts Apr 2015
He said there is nothing I can do
I can not make it better
Only worse

Take a moment he said
I'd need much longer than that
But that's something I'll never have

So I took my moment
And I'm taking this one, too
But not in the way that he asked
Silent Thoughts Apr 2015
The way I lust isn't fair
I fall for an eloquent stare
But the heartbeat's not there
How can my lips need one thing
And my knees another
To fly or to fall
That's the choice isn't it after all?
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