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Ann M Johnson Oct 2018
The Stages of surrender:
First Stage: Who me I surrender no way, I am doing fine. You don't understand this is mine. I don't want to share.
Second Stage: Maybe I could share a tiny bit, the rest is all mine. I seem to be doing fine.
Third Stage: I should share more but all wait a little longer see what happens.
Forth Stage: Geez, I made some mistakes I should ask for your help but I want to fix it myself. I'll wait a little longer.
Forth Stage: Geez, everything is falling apart. I feel like a wounded solider. I am crawling across the ground in defeat. I need help. I am waving a white flag. I have fallen too many times on my own. I will accept your help. I surrender not just some but all.
You lift my burden I breathe a sigh of relief.
Then you send me peace.
Ann M Johnson Oct 2018
Stained Glass
We all have a story to tell.
We can stand alone or become part of a bigger picture together.
We come in different shapes and sizes.
We are all part of a kaleidoscope of various colors like individual gems.
We are each unique but we can band together and become part of a masterpiece.
Some of us maybe smoother than others.
Some of us maybe a little bit jaded.
Some of us may have more lines than others.
While some of us are shapelier than others.
We can choose to shine alone or shine together like precious gems to become a masterpiece of stained glass if we join together and let the light shine through us.
Let your light shine.
The above poem was Published in The October  2018 issue of The Sr. Perspective Newspaper LINDBERG  edition in the Poet's Corner Section.
Ann M Johnson Aug 2018
The Recipe for a good life
Count your blessings not your problems
Value people not possessions
Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever , so make lasting memories
Try to give more than you receive
Give to those in need
Have more friends than regrets
Be grateful for the start of each new day
It is a chance for a new beginning
Stir in kindness compassion and understanding
Share generously  with those you meet
Serve with a smile and with gratitude
Double or triple the recipe by seasoning it with Love
Watch it grow in yourself and others.
Ann M Johnson Jul 2018
Independence day, a day to celebrate the birth of a nation and those who fought and currently fight to keep it free.
It is something more at least to me,
it doesn't have to be limited to just the fourth of July.
We can have Independence day any day that a life is set free.
When someone gets victory over Alcohol or drugs, it is an Independence Day .
When someone breaks free from abuse it is an Independence Day.
When troops come home after war and get to spend time with their loved ones it is an Independence Day.
When the lonely finally make a friend it is an Independence  Day.
When the prodigal returns to a loving family after years of being away, it is an Independence  Day.
When emotional chains finally break free, it is an Independence Day.
May the rockets blaze across the sky, raise the banners high it is Independence Day!
I wrote this awhile back a friend recently helped me edit this poem.
Ann M Johnson Jun 2018
Sunshine and sipping ice tea.
Visiting with family and friends.
Reminiscing  while creating new memories .
This is what I call  life at it's best.
Time to rest and relax.
All seems right with my world at this moment.
I need to savor this time because time too quickly passes away.
Spending time this weekend with Family and Friends that I have not seen for awhile.
Ann M Johnson Jun 2018
Some days are tough bringing me to my knees
Some days I just need to remember to Breathe and believe that this too will pass.
Ann M Johnson Jun 2018
Hello to all my Hello poetry friends. I hope that you are all doing well.
I am so sorry that I have not been on here posting yet this year. The reasons that I have not posted are as follows. My mother passed away in late November 2017. I recently went to a funeral for a friend that died from injuries sustained in a car accident. Another friend recently told me to hat her son who is only in his thirties is diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer. A lot has happened since I last posted.  On a happier note in February a poem I had posted on here a few years back got published in a local edition of the Sr. Perspective in the poetry section of the newspaper. I wish you all a good and healthy summer.
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