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I count the minutes
I count the minutes until we can be together
You are missed my friend
  My first love
  I knew it from the moment I first picked up a pen
You never judge me
  You seem to always love me
You make sense out of  my every silly thought
  In fact at times you turn the weirdest ideas
  Into an inspired work of art
  For these reasons and oh so many more
  I will love always love you
  I will come visit you soon  
   When  I get to take a  break because things are so hectic right now
   Hopefully soon for my sanity's sake
    You except me even with all my mistakes
   Lets plan for June
   I will meet you again soon
   I will bring a notebook and pen
   My love and friend
    Your name is like a sweet melody we all sing to your tune
     Hello Sweet
    POETRY <3  
I never want to say Goodbye to You!
This is dedicated to  ALL OF YOU< POETRY FRIENDS
Who also love the written Art of Poetry!!!!
Fear stay far away from me
I want to make it clear
I don't want you near
You are not needed or wanted
Best not be heeded
You are not invited
You are a robber
trying to take what is dear
You do what you can to force your way in
Trying to invade my thoughts or dreams
You don't care about what I really need
You are an enemy
Your animosity against peace and serenity is atrocious
Your a bully you expect me to stand and take notice
You are indeed a brute I will not salute
I will stand my ground I don't want you around
You need to be evicted you don't give you only take
You did not get permission to try to live rent free in my head
Fear  I will not shed any tears
I will forget about you as I head to bed.
Thoughts from this isomniac
  Apr 8 Ann M Johnson
He's very caring about his family,
And not only that, dear readers,
To every poet, he is so fatherly.

He's your most regular reader,
His words are so encouraging,
He is The Caring Corvus here.

He's the guiding light for new poets,
His profile is not available right now,
The Raven on the tree of Hello Poetry.
My HP Poem #1781
©Atul Kaushal
Ann M Johnson ( Note,Oct 2015, original copy)
On The Day the Earth Stood Still (revised 2020)
The Market crashed as the people dashed
   All the banks closed down
   the people frowned
   Natural disasters were all around
   Stock brokers quite literally took a dive
Sickness abounds
   Many people died
   On the day the earth stood still

    The daily grind
     The worry over bills
      Was replaced with the need to just survive
       Some people rioted just to get something to eat
       On the day the earth stood still
       Some people screamed
        While others cried
         Some people looked down looking for someone to blame
Some people selfishness stood out hoarded things others need
         Still others looked outward and sought ways to help out
        Some people banded together to keep each other and their neighbors alive
        Some people looked up
       While some people prayed for wisdom for themselves and others
        to get through this trial
        Some people looked within only and felt all alone
        Still others thought of this as a test of their will
        On The Day The Earth Stood Still
         I wonder if we were faced with this crisis
         would we stand together
         or fall apart ?
         perhaps the answer is found already in our hearts
         If we are lacking a strong network of family and friends
          Now is the time to start
          We don't want to be found slacking if the world falls apart
                     Sometimes things happen in a blink of an eye
I just ran across this older poem of mine. It seems kinda eerie in light of this current Global Covid-19 crisis. My local banks lobby is closed by appointment only. Stores having a strict limit on food and supplies. People hoarding toilet paer whilee others have to do without. It was also mentioned that stores where low on 22 cartridges. Things are chaotic right now.
How many times have plans been carefully made
then drifted away when faced with the problems of
real life.
What good does it do to worry or fret it takes away from what I can do today.
When I watch the news I feel the blues
I can choose to limit my exposure to maintain a sense of serenity
I don’t need to plan ever moment after all
I can choose to let go of some of the stress before I become a mess
I don’t have to continue setting myself up with such a hurried pace
It can be such a waste draining too much energy
I need to breathe and think
Talk to friends and reconnect with family that I have not talked with in awhile
Take time to laugh when something tickles my funny bone and smile
Take time to cry and grieve when I need to.
My Contentment can be found when giving up on previous plans
and taking things one day at a time and living in the present moment.
After all, I don't know what joys or sorrows tomorrow will bring.
I can choose to live life in the moment this day.
I can choose to make the best of this current social distancing take time to slow down and live in the moment today.
Ann M Johnson Jan 28

   I am just sensitive enough to cry to a sad song  

   I am just sensitive enough to sing along to a song that touches my heart

   I am just sensitive enough to cry while watching a Hallmark movie  

  I am just sensitive enough to listen to other’s troubles and either empathize or sympathize with them  

  I am just sensitive enough to be a shoulder to cry on

  I am just sensitive enough to be a good friend  

  I am just strong enough to not feel like apologizing for being sensitive because it is a part of who I am

I am hoping that you are sensitive enough to except my sensitivity as part of my unique character and personality.
My poet friends feel free to comment and/or offer feedback.
As always I appreciate you all.
Ann M Johnson Jun 2019
Oh good grief,in reality grief don't feel so good
Good morning we hear as some stranger walks by in a hurry.
Is there a good mourning process? My insomniac laden brain seems to be kinda blurry. Another morning has arrived piercing through my muddled thoughts.As the alarm clock buzzing and blaring cuts through the silence. Reminding me of the demands of the day.As my energy is drained from lack of good sleep. I think when will things get back to quote unquote normal? Do I even want them to? My grief burdened brain asks. Why does the world keep going at a madly quickening pace as if nothing has happened? I wish it could still but a moment out of respect for yet another  loved one that has passed on out of my immediate grasp. I wish for but another moment to say goodbye. I long to say one more I love you! To hear their laughter cut through the air. To see their smiling face,or one more embrace.
Sudden death is especially difficult not having time to emotionally prepare. I feel some regret for lost time. I wish I had been there more towards the end. I wonder was I a good enough friend? I was not able to go to the service. I found out about it after the fact. Maybe it could have helped me if only I could have been there. His death was too sudden. He was still young. He was 2 years younger than me. A stark reminder of my own mortality.
At times I feel like crawling back in bed and isolating myself from the world.
   My culture does not have a big emphasis on mourning. I am expected to keep busy. I cringe when I look at my calendar with multiple appointments a head. I drag my sleep deprived body throughout the day. Trying to face each day's demands. Longing for some solace. To be able to be held while I cry. Instead I feel alone in my grief. No sack clothe and ashes to publicly declare that I am in mourning. No group of people to wail and cry with me. I can try to watch a sad movie and hope my tears don't embarrass anybody if they should see me. I try to clean my apartment and rip up old papers in preparation for an apartment inspection. No rest for the weary I guess. Maybe this public declaration of my grief could be proper societal mourning after all at least for me in the presence of all my "Hello Poetry" friends.
In the last few months I have had 5 loses of people I care about. I would appreciate  your feedback and comments. As always I appreciate your friendship.
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