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Ann M Johnson Jul 2022
I think that I want to plant a garden in life
I want to start with lettuce; lettuce be helpful
lettuce be kind,
lettuce be thoughtful, I hope you don't mind.
This garden I plan to share and you can join me if you care
Keep in mind that we need to ****: **** out anger,
**** out strife that threatens to choke out our delicate plants
Next, maybe we can try some squash out prejudice, squash out greed, and help
those in need. It doesn't always take money to lend a helping hand. Just lend a listening ear or any special way only you can, and perhaps we will all grow in a more peaceful land.
Maybe if we all work as one it will matter to many people and they too will help us plant this garden, And don't forget the water which joins us together in this garden of life, For the water is love.
I hope to meet you in the garden, there is always room for more understanding and together we can discover what great things this garden can bring.
  Mar 2021 Ann M Johnson
Mike Hauser
I often hide behind
The poetry I write
If you only knew
What I was going through

You might not come to grips
Or even come to like
This poet here
That keeps on fooling you

In and out of seasons
This reasoning of mind
Who's to say
What is false or true

Warmer comes the weather
Colder stays the heart
With straight face
No one has a clue

As I press pen to paper
In another roundabout
Way of making
Rhyming words for you

This whole time hiding behind
Theses simple words I write
Where no one has a clue
Of what I'm really going through
Ann M Johnson Feb 2021
I long for spring to warm me up after the sub zero winter chills.
I long for spring to come and take away my ills.
The asthmatic weezing is getting old as well as the snow and cold.
Spring please come my way soon I pray.
I long for better and warmer and sunny days
Spring come and please stay awhile
I know that your very presence will make me smile especially when the trees grow leaves again and the flowers bloom
The birds will come back and sing you a tune
My heart always makes room for you too.
Ann M Johnson Feb 2021
Valentine Serenade
I am not able to conduct a parade
I would not want you to catch a chill
in the icy cold winterland
Lets stay inside where it is cozy and warm

Let my warm up your heart with songs
old and new as I serenade you
I hope the songs sung for 45 minutes
take you to the Top Of The World
because Baby Baby, you mean so much to be

I hope you will get to know me better As Time Goes By
and know that I am with you through both your laughter and your tears
I hope you will learn it more as i get Close To You throughout the years
You are My Funny Valentine that is for sure maybe that is why I Can't Falling In Love With You more each and every day
After years of darkness now I See The Light as it is shining in your eyes
If you Kiss Me in the moonlight it will be a truly Wonderful World.
I am singing for a Valentine's celebration in the Apartment building were I live and there will be a potluck afterwards. My guy friend heard me practicing and got an early Valentine's serenade. The songs I am singing their titles are woven throughout the poem. Here I share this poem, with all you Hello Poetry friends.
Ann M Johnson Nov 2020
I some times lose when playing some writing games. I will site some examples ,for instance when I was playing tug of war with my writers block, just when I seemed to gain some ground the block took me by surprise and to my demise knocked me back.
I played catch with some rhymes but just as I was about to catch up with them they sprinted away.
When I tried to find the right words to draft a poem the harder I tried the more elusive the words became.
  I  made a decision that next time I will not try to chase after the right words but instead wait for the right words to find me, If I don't try to force them out they will be free to flow naturally.
When I get writers block it is so frustrating.
Ann M Johnson Nov 2020
I feel the need to get away to another place in time
I indeed have you on my mind
If I am in the mood for romance I will dance to your tune
I hope to meet you again soon
If I need to spice up my life with mystery or suspense you will me my guide
When I need to learn a historical fact  you will happily oblige
The sky is the limit of the adventures in store for me when I am with you
I have had the joy of discovering you at a young age
You sometimes appear alone
You sometimes come in trilogy's
You sometimes are contained in many volumes
You share with me some sonnets, poems or prose
You are held within a blanket of various colors and textures
  You are at times  in pristine condition or weathered and worn
  You are at times leather bound no matter how you are arrayed
   I have not strayed from my love of the written word
    I will take another look and pick up and read my favorite book
Ann M Johnson Oct 2020
The first snow fall
Sparkling like diamonds
Even though it comes year after year
It seems magical

A newborn babies first cry
The look of Love in the parents eyes
It seems magical

The excited expectation glittering in a small child's eye on Christmas Morning that lights up a room more than the lighted tree
It feels Magical

The seasons changing from fall to winter
Spring to Summer
The preparations it brings
It seems magical
The blooming of flowers after a harsh winter
The fragrance they bring to the air
Makes me stop for a moment and stare
It seems magical

The first sunrise of each day
The rays of the sun
The moon at night to light our way
The starlight sky
So beautiful I could cry
The feeling that anything is possible
It seems magical to me, does it seem magical to you too?
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