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lX0st Aug 2020
For all the men I’m ****** to love
For all the deaths I’m doomed to die
I lay in wait one crest above
The wave on which fate idles by
lX0st Jun 2020
The buckets of life
Are not filled
By dainty hands
Too much alcohol has been flowing this week, my friends. Stay safe and courageous.
lX0st Jun 2020
At which hill
Will the wind crest

Retreat to still,
Recaptured breath

How deep the sea
Churns calling cold

Raptured bells of
Sunken churches toll

If ever there were
Predestined plateau

Where promised peace
Could erase the chain—

But the wind again billows
And once more, the rain
lX0st Jun 2020
The days,
All the days,
Even those
Inlaid with light,
Shutter closed,
As days do,
With harsh fray
Of night
lX0st Jun 2020
I held tight to peace
In my search of relief
But she still
Spilled discreet
From a hole underneath
lX0st May 2020
This, the abyss
No one warned me about
Where imminent fevers
Cannot be sweat out
And sanity’s good side
Turns one cheek too late
In centripetal orbit
Eluding escape
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