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Is your body, so yielding, so tender;
Is your sweat, too salty, so render !
In my whispers, a passion desire;
burns for true lust to fuel the fire !
black book written; with no preface;
Pain never speaks; nothing on face ;
lodged to have love; longed for hate;
Life begins and ends up in debate;
touched, kissed, hugged each other;
vowed in a ******* to one another,
Love is all about evolution,
What looks like a mistake to others
has been a milestone in others life.
Even if people have betrayed,
even if a heart was broken,
even if people misunderstood
or judged wrongly, love has learned
from these life incidents.
We are human and we make mistakes,
but learning from them is
what makes the difference.
Williamsji Maveli
No more profound pain in this present;
It is a real gain in the shadow crescent;
Nobody's life is entirely free of any sorrow;
All you created without a need to borrow
The mind always seeks to deny the current;
Intensity of pain depends in this moment;
Imagine the Earth devoid of human being,
All we  need is  time; mind of a well being,
And when we are gone, we are forgotten,
Without a trace, as if we never even existed.
And that's all, a simple and a fine life,
Well lived, fine loved in a mild silent way,
When a dwelling has just lost its soul,
a wounded silence falls over
the sudden emptiness
that no one will fill again.
And all the noises that may be made later
in that house will be like a scandalous din,
ugly echoes from one room to another,
from one corridor to another
When new olive tree blossoms, all conflicts will end,
showing the angels of all peace creations to descend,
This fruit garden of you and me, where our childhood
dreams flourished under the shade of that tree stood,
Playing all the child games of love, hatred and despair,
I held his wounded body with much more care,
In the shades and shadows of the big orange-grove,
You and me, hugging together our love grew to prove,
We are one, in life, will never ever to depart,
Among the thorns, hills, oasis of this desert,
Although I was not dead, the other fatal day,
On my chest, I sadly placed a tombstone today,
During that night of my loved friend’s death,
No clouds, no blue skies, no stars to talk with,
My tears rushed down like a flood on a hill,
The heart dried, eyes blind, it’s all your will.
With all anthems of life now singing in love,
bringing peace, accord and bliss from heaven above.
All of new life now bearing in minds the truth;
it’s the heart of desire which will give a rebirth.
Williamsji Maveli
My dear angel,
You are the greatest one;
Elegant, loveliest, glittering
Among all celestial presence;
I adore you without any stain
While you wear a dress of wings
An earring of obedience to songs,
But as soon as the turn of the earth,
A call out from the top of purity,
And began to boast in a carnival
We glorify you in beauty

My dear angel,
You are the cutest one,
celestial, alluring, sumptuous
among all glorious perfections,
I worship you without any return
while you behave very  obedient,
But no craving in you selves,
Nor do you have any darkness
in your make-up;
only the beam  of love

From the pages of  my poetry anthology " SONG OF THE SOULS "
Life is a secret garden

Mind is the main root,

Body is the long trunk;

Soul is the blossomed flower,

When will you come?

to enjoy the wind within me

And to pluck my fruits of love


Green leaves grow on your body stems,

Two deep blue eyes glow like  gold gems,

Soft rose petals are fresh on the your face,

Outsourcing, nurturing the human race

Lyrics are star clusters of pure love delight,

Your fruit garden is my heavenly heart;

It slowly opens its buds in a shy of love,

Pure nectar flows down from the above


Elegant, charming, celestial women,
hidden within my own infinite powers,
and other endless possibilities,
Around you, boundless opportunities,
Then why should I fear, dear
When someone strong like you
wakes me up with a song of a dawn
scribbling of poetic instincts arouse
inviting true and near friendship,
a friendship of alphabets, words,
sentences, Paragraphs, Chapters,
Finally, an untitled life-book
buried under the mud……

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