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Anand Jul 2017
Night flower that blooms tonight in my garden,
night dewed, stands still
as the moisture carrying breeze gently caresses its petals...
Dry summer smell that evaporates from the baked earth
mingles with the redolence that exudes from the night flower
and flows mutely with a blithe disregard...
It reaches you, balmy still, while you are fast asleep...
You  dream of a distant person,
the one who meets you oftentimes in your dreams;
perceiving his presence by his scent that engulfs you in a reverie...
In the morning,
when you wake up,
won't you tell me that you had a good night's sleep?
Won't you tell me that you remember
about the faint fragrance of Night Jasmine
that still lingers on your mind
and that you won't forget about it for times to come?
Won't you tell me now?
Won't you?
Anand Jul 2017
The crescent on the horizon
set out in the night
Reddish brown orb
quite timid to materialize

Many, oblivious to its sight,
it evanesced away
from the welkin high

Saw I, him shyly walking off
with the dark
lonely as ever,
away from the stars
Anand Jul 2017
pasear por la calle
a la hora de la noche
nadie más
sólo tú y tu amor
desconectado de todo
manos a manos
charlando por un rato
unos minutos
estar juntos
se les hace feliz
unos minutos
que tienen los dos..
Anand Jul 2017
En las pocas noches que pasamos a bordo,
la luna unió su magia a toda la magia que nos circundaba...


La noche hoy no es tan diferente..
Es igual, con la media luna,
mágicamente deslumbrando nuestra memoria...
Aclarando todos los momentos,
como las olas
con las que la orilla de nuestra vida se moja...
Dejándonos así,
mojados con la añoranza,
con la nostalgia..
Anand Jul 2017
The days all dull and the evenings gray
when mornings come and nights retire

Grave unrest is what one's blessed with
for when passion burns like fire
Anand Jul 2017
Pine, Spruce, Deodar and Chinar drape the foothills of the mountains freshly blanketed in white. Their peaks proudly rise high, making a journey towards the heaven. Nowhere else in the world could the mountains be seen so close to the sky.

Grassy lawns run around a vast expanse, enveloping the entire landscape in green. Tourists and school going children alike, walk past it merrily.

Delight dances in her eyes, which is evident by the glint of sunlight on her countenance and the wide smile that adorns her beautiful face. Few strands of her dark black hair let themselves loose, swaying impishly with the cool breeze while their ends begin to turn white.

Awestruck as she is at the vista in front of her eyes, trying to capture the flitting moment, she is transfixed by the soft white pieces of frozen water that whirl around in the air before falling down to the earth. She holds out her hand to the sky and a few flakes, carried as a blessing by a balmy cool breeze from the welkin high, settle down gently onto the soft hand that until now knew not of its touch. It feels cold and smooth, almost tender like a feather, melting at her tepid contact. She is more than pleased to have discovered snow for the first time in her life.
Anand Jul 2017
As you would tread along those misty winding paths
into the beechen green heart of the wilderness
in the flower of flower
and in the leaf of leaf,
there'd be a tale beseeching you,
beckoning you;
would you care to hearken close my dear?
would you hear then my entreating whispers?
whispers seeking pardon
in every stream, in every cloud,
in every forlorn rock.
these will be the ones
these will be your memories
and I shan't be in them,
but then again I shall be
If only you'd care to live mine.
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