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Florence Maude Nov 2016
They think I'm a mocking bird
-Singing a false song

They think I'm a siren
-Leading men to their doom

They think I'm fools gold
-Too good to be true

That is why I'm all alone
Sitting in silence at night
Because no one believes that a gold rush
Is any where in sight
JAM Feb 2016
So, a Grecian alchemist and his apprentice were trying to make gold.

     The tenured teacher and ambitious student toiled in their lab for many days, mixing all manner of heavenly substance and earthen metal with no success. It ******, any one successful solution produced hardly a glimmer, and the cost for spoils was a draining demand on their cosmological rate of alchemical exchange, sure. The Magi grew weary, tired and hopeless. So they searched for higher knowledge, why not. Hermes Traelderstus looked toward the stars for sensible wisdom, and Ostanes Zoyoang'nshper worked through charms for potent magic, vowing to steer clear of power the master fears ("ain't that **** cliche?").

     Upon one worn out night, after a bit of stargazing, Traelders falls asleep in his observatory. Under a full moon his mind soon begins to drift through stars, life, death, broiling quazars, those elements and all their combinations. In time, deeper meaning begins to blossom into understanding... Little does he know, Zoyoang'nshper, eager to impress, keeps toiling and is boiling in forbidden brews.

     "Voodoo, yeah. That'll work on this chemistry test. Some beech leaf strands, cherry bark as a base, beats, and career advice from Eru Iluvatar. People'll love it. magna opera. A great work!" This yong'n drops dank and dusty ingredients into a ***, chuckling, "My great work..." I swear, kid's got good intentions, just trying to make the grade. So half-baked conclusions mixing in half-brained solutions fission, lab ceilings echo with a BANG and a CRASH. Traelders rifles into reality, zoyoa risen over him, holding something glitter prone.

     "MY GODS! Have we made THE stone?! Is that gold?!"

     "I think I'VE done it! It FEELS so!" Zoyoang'nshper declares with delight.

     Traelders snatches an orbiting glitter-stone from his student's hand and feels it in his own. It is a rough marble turning there, each revolution staining his palm and tips with a grassy aqua-green film fringed in oily illness.

     "You broke my dream... for THIS?!" He scolds! Casting his stone into the ****** fool's liver.


and irony..."
i don't get it, could you help me out
Ann M Johnson Aug 2015
Not all that glitters are really Diamond's or Rubies or Gold
Well that truth can be told by an undiscerning miner
who quickly had to learn the difference between what was real
and false and thought he struck it rich
only to discover he could not bank on his claim
He wanted to make a name for himself
instead he was a victim to the glittery deception
of Fool's Gold
Way too often people fall for something
that they mistook to be real
Infatuation gets confused for love
True love takes time to blossom and grow
carefully watered with selfless understanding
respect and caring,  patience and acceptance  
of each others faults
It can bloom with encouragement
and appreciation
and survive time apart
free from jealousy which try's
to corrupt the heart
If you have a true love
hold them close to your heart
Daily tell them what a treasure they are
If you don't, wait patiently
and take your time
remember what the miner learned that not all that glitters
is really gold
You don't want to fall too fast without clearly thinking
and discover that what you really had was
Fools Gold
You can best summarize it that sometimes in life hindsight is 20 20.

— The End —