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thomezzz Jul 2018
Maybe you said it once
And breathed it quietly in my ear
As we sat in your freezing car
Parked in front of the library
The roads were slick
But you were slicker
Handing out compliments like candy

Maybe you said it a couple of times
Over and over on the telephone
As we both laughed into the receiver
Me picturing your smile with every word
The connection was weak
But I was weaker
Falling head first into you

Maybe you said it a thousand times
And held my face in your hands
As we laid in that twin sized bed
Your body pressed against my own
The room was warm
But you were warmer
Moving for the first time in sync

But maybe you never said it at all
Or at least you never meant it
As you said this was the last time
Standing on the other side of the room
The air was heavy
But I felt heavier
Fracturing me piece by piece
Sum of what's living explodes drives bones into footsteps fracturing God into breaths
The Sum of the effort
Infinity plus Time plus planets exploding into the rolling sediment, seas, so infected with rib debris it births me and the worry that abridges a declinating Mercury and the searing of alveoli,
Arianna Feb 3
Galaxies crash to Earth,
Noiseless or deafening, who can say?
Setting the tundra ablaze
In a hurricane of stars

And pieces
Of the Moon plummet, melting,
Ravaged by the heat of warring suns,
In celestial torrents,
Sharing elements at last with the lover Sea,

Swallowing land: continents
Mar the face of Oblivion,
Magma shards
Sting the belly of the Earth
Quaking, feverish
Oozing fire from the gashes and craters,
Raw with scars,
Spherical jaws
Red with Self-Annihilation.

Without a sound,
In a vacuum
The fracturing decay
Creeping slowly,
But surely
And completely
Into the tight-woven expanse,
So that at the softest breath
All simply...

.... Dissolves away

In trails of dust
Along the treacherously-laid lines.
"Melodii Tuvi - Throat Songs And Folk Tunes From Tuva - 1969 / 2007":
thomezzz Mar 23
I hope my love catches up to you
In the quietest of evenings
As you lay in bed
And think of me

I hope it creeps into your bones
Until you can barely move
Settling in and spreading forth
Silently fracturing, piece by piece

I hope it seeps into your blood
That flows deep in your body
Flooding your veins with regret
Clogging your arteries with longing

I hope it lingers in the air
Gently filling your lungs
Leaving the taste of me in your mouth
The residue clinging to your teeth

I hope it grazes your skin
Raising your hair on end
The softest of shocks
The lost feeling of my touch on your fingertips

I hope it warms the place beside you
And leaves an indention that was never there
The weight of the ghost of me
Long gone...that was ages ago
Chloe Habig May 14
I met you lurking in the night 
in dreamscape lands 
from Dali's brush. 
More of a shadow than a man 
fracturing my world apart 
with ideas I've never had. 
In the early morning mist, 
the garden stood alone. 
Bathing in the newest sunrise, 

one voice broke the silence.
Singing out, soon, more joined in.
Songs echoed across the crisp air.
all the singers were dressed up 
in their elegant attire, 
rivaled only by the blooming 
flowers in the garden below.

Lies that seem so true
reflect in the mirror 
from an innocent smile. 
I never smile back 
but you don't seem to care 
as you dwell in my thoughts, 

— The End —