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Conversations display variations seeming as

Splitting wholeness..prismatic they are..joyful

Prismatically..without attachment.. as

Wholeness appears as glorious variety..

However..there is the attachment thing..the golden calf

Hiding the whole..hatching rancor and stomach knots..

World history thus resuming in each conversation..

All of this seems so..until we kinda back away:

Prismatic joy and golden calf..a storied split..

Are still wholeness appearing as this and that..
CharlesC Feb 14

Are they ours..?

With the assumption of separation

An easy Yes is said along with

A strange brief glance..

But if we remove the assumption

This illusory assumption

The uneasy thinker finds

A crumbling identity..

Frightened and joyful..and thoughts visit from

CharlesC Feb 3


Erase the words above..

What remains represents

The End of searching..

Although discussion may

Introduce a cloudy day...
CharlesC Feb 1
The most common word in every language

For centuries has stood for the person reading these words..

Sages are known to possess a much larger I..but the

Secret..that you and I might claim an expanded

Version..has found its home only on fringes..hiding a

Reckless bounteous Freedom..yet..there are those who

In desperate times..found the Joy of this delicious word..

But..alas..have settled for a mirrored image..reflected

Most clearly on their driver's licenses...
CharlesC Jan 30

We observe today with expectation

In that stretch of the future..

But in a new time is exposed

Oppositions are also exposed..and the

Seamless sounds..quivering and revealing: expressing

Nothing at all..
CharlesC Jan 26
Is an appearance

Created from a multitude of perceptions and conceptions..

Each of the multitude arising in This..and seemingly

Integrated to be you and me.. thus birthing a new perception

And conception..which may arise with a nagging belief in

The end all of a reality of birth and death..

This story may resonate..suggesting an awakening to the

Vastness and Oneness of This..or perhaps not..

If stories may arise continuing the warfare

Story of ages..affecting the body with bouts of discomfort..

New body stories arising..rearranging and disguising This..

Yet..Perfect it is for this moment...
CharlesC Jan 20
A preliminary message

Ignited the chaos..featuring

Sharpness and compression and

Macabre hilarity.. penetrating our

Heart of Democracy..the wounding

Was not out there on the steps and rooms..

Those horrors seemed to harbor.. in the

Moment..dark facades of fascism..

Until a mirror revealed our darkness

With a glimpse.. inaugurating a new

Bend on our homeward road...
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