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This word of the day
An experience of time
The briefest sort..
I wonder
If this old word
Contained a hint
Of time's illusion
When seen and heard
Standing alone
With hands and bells
On a village tower...
  1d CharlesC
Lily Mae
There is a constant that runs through my soul
better and clearer than any other dream.

The river; she harbors my wants and desires within
her constant ever-changing being.

Release of all the unhealthy ties that have kept me
bound wash away into the depths, twist and turns
setting me free.

All freedom has a cost.  I have paid the price like so many.
Now here on rivers edge in the light of the sun I erase the debt
and feel the hope, joy and love like never before.

Here in this place, I don't beg, borrow or fear.  Here in love,
I receive for the very first joy filled time~eternal.

© 2019 Lily Mae
The sweet life...
Why is it all good..?
This has been proclaimed
By many who have delved
Into the lives which
We apparently live..
Scriptures say so and
So do many teachers
We might name..
How to make sense
When perceptions arise
Which shout otherwise..?
Or is this another
Recognition of the
Illusion of separation
And of the Luminosity
Of real existence...?
The ego rises
And Awareness fades
Some might say departs..
And suffering enters as the
Ego becomes fearful
Its freedom diminished..

This is our main story
A story of our
False identity
Searching for freedom
Where it cannot be found..

Then with fortune
We Recognize Ourselves
Made of the freedom we
Had so earnestly sought..
The ego retreats
Dissolving in our
Infinite Identity...

Thy will be done...
There is the belief
(Standing for centuries)
Of those colors seeming
To appear in vistas found
In this and that place..
In this season..perhaps
We might Recognize
Real joy comes from
Dissolving the distances
And simply allowing
The rise of the colors
In our Openness...
We await The Recognition
Of the role of each of us
As a Portal between Self and
Our imagined small self..

Our small self aches for
The Freedom and Grace from
Recognition of its illusory frame
A dream character made of the Self..

We awaken by Recognition of the
Portal within..known from
Ancient days as:
I Am...

I Am Aware that
I Am...
CharlesC Sep 13
In our voyages
Since infancy                                
We have ridden
many currents..
To last
All of of these currents
Seem to hide
Who we have been
All along...
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