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Where am I?

Unwittingly caught in an invisible struggle
Realizing not, that my soul it tried to smuggle

Who am I?

Of this I was unaware
Nor, at times seemed to care

What am I?

How did this come to be?
This was not me!

As winter's breath brushed my cheek
Revelation came...I was weak

Tears I cried as I glanced inside

Light...from within and outwith...blocked...intermittently

Shrouded by this fog

...............Losing control

R...I would fall into this sinkhole

B...out, I could...

E...down again, I would...

Enough!  It was time again for me to care
And find that someone with time to spare

It did not work trying this on my own
I realized that I could not do this alone

Cloudy was the day
And Sunshine helped point the way

Support was something I would need often
And was given by an adherent of Dauphin

An old farmer provided directions
To  help set up those connections

And a man of affluence
With whom I once had influence
Helped pull  back the curtain
And reaffirmed my path I am certain

What am I?

I am Love and Light from above

Who am I?

Of this I am well aware
It is for others I care

Where am I?

Standing in the beautiful light of day
Far removed from my personal Cenote
Writing is such wonderful therapy, well, actually, creation in general is amazing therapy for us all. I never thought of myself as ever being truly unhappy, let alone depressed...but for a couple of years I some how kept sliding down that sinkhole. I was not always down during this time, but there certainly was an undercurrent...other than being a dad which is such a joyful experience, not much else really mattered and there was a general lack of a joie de vie which was not normal for me. In not seeing the forest through the trees I simply felt I could conquer anything by myself without help...which is obviously incorrect. Thankfully I have help and, although belatedly, was willing to accept it...I never really liked burdening people with my problems...and my ego felt it could handle anything thrown it's way...but that is what the ego does. The process, once I opened myself up to the help, was relatively seemed like each week something new was re-awakened..I noticed more light coming into me...followed by light being emitted by me saying "live is great...I love life"...words that had not escaped my lips in years....then I was humbled by the power of that which was trying to take my soul. I truly realized who I was...I am here to help others as re-enforced by many, especially a man of goal is to share my energy, love and passion for life and uplift others and hopefully help them to feel that same power in sharing our energy. I truly believe in the Prince song...Live 4 Love...and again, that was not totally shrouded, but was enough of the time to take me off my path within my life's journey. My actions, for which I am responsible, during this time confused, worried and hurt some people and that makes me feel very sad...not depressed, just sad. I am fully confident, because I know that I am not alone...that I am back on my path...the path of light...being in-tune with the Divine and being alert for the synchronicity in my life. As I work on forgiving myself and fully loving myself again...which is my current focus is on the present and a future filled with la joie la is good!

Live 4 Love
Shawn White Eagle

(c) 2019 Shawn White Eagle
Where Ever U Go...

...Oh The Places U Will Go!!

Whatever U Do...

...Oh The Things U Will Do!!

As U begin this journey new
A poem I have penned 4...

Ma’ iingan


The voice
The very powerful voice

Rises deep within the aesculus
Creates a fullness, a resonance

Shaking the buckeye
And opening the 3rd Eye

Light afoot...
     ...through a dreamlike state

U glide through the underbrush
Time being taken, no rush

U stop and raise  your voice
For in this matter U have no choice

Whether a Growl
Whether a Howl

Your powerful voice... the release of your soul

Your song rises high
Streaming across the sky

Your own hOwlPERA

          Or so U thought!!!

Because in this instance
From far off in the distance

Came that familiar, comforting call
That brings warmth with each snowfall

Touching your well trained ear
U know there is nothing to fear

A calm passes over U...
...for U know

That this message is true
And meant specifically for U

"Please Remember...

     ...I'LL ALWAYS Be There 4 U"

(c) 2017 Shawn White Eagle
I sound like a broken has been so long since I last put my thoughts into prose. As my Lobo/Misigami/Minneosta begins this new path in this thing called life...I am proud of how my little pup has grown.  From being a helpless pup in the those first steps exploring the outside world, eventually becoming an explorer in her own right...enjoying every adventure to the fullest...she has become not only a passionate explorer,  but a poet, an artist, a singer, an athlete, a student, a care giver...and so many other things that define this wonderfully loving person.  But most importantly...she is one of the most beautiful spirits I have ever known...and that incredible lupus spirit will continue to bring light into this world.  I love U Lobo!!  Do your thing and on the way...keep making this world a better place.

Live 4 Love

The sudden sound explodes through the reticent forest
Emanating from the grove of pine
It sends a warning to all woodland denizens
That danger is afoot

Her singular howl intones a chorus
That resonates throughout the forest

Metamorphoses begins
Her fragile spine slowly fractures
She lets out one last howl
Only to fall...unconscious

His golden eyes blaze with anger
As he gazes from behind a fallen tree

Cautiously approaching, he sees her lying motionless
Sans her white longer like him

He lifts his head back, takes a deep breath
And an urgent howl he sends far and wide

The desperate wail awakens a cadre of Ravens
Alerting them to their task at hand
Departing their perch, they go in search
Of the medicine which will save her

They arrive at the solitary cave
But not before the howl had echoed within

The Ravens encounter the just awakened medicine
Taking flight...the cadre leads the way
Thunder rages through the forest as paws strike the ground
Ravens swiftly lead Bear to their wounded friend

Finally arriving, Bear assesses the situation
Standing...she looks in wonder as to how this happened in their world
At her motionless friend
With her powerful paw locked in steel

That wonder was answered
As she looked into his golden eyes
She perceptively sees the work of a cabal
In setting the device

His eyes also show uncertainty
His black fur is standing on end
Intimating an urgency that Bear readily grasps
Medicine is needed quickly

Bear smiles
For she is the healer, the enforcer

A whitetail deer peers from behind an ancient cedar
As Bear, with her powerful paws, opens the trap
Bear licks the wound delicately
The wound begins to heal from the medicine

The power of Bear, and of Nature, is strong!

Bear places her giant paw over her, what seems like lifeless face
Color begins to fill her skin again as Bear gives medicine
An Eagle watches intently from above
As the familiar fur and body shape come back into view

For the first time, as she begins to awaken
The transformation is painless
Her once fragile spine has grown stronger with medicine
She drifts off

As her eyes begin to slowly open and come into focus
She sees a lone...silent figure

His golden eyes intently staring directly into hers
"I heard you howl", he said attentively
"I knew you would come", she replied, "U are always there for me."

Rejuvenated, she moved with assurance
Once again, feeling familiarity in this form

In her sheen coat of white fur, she now stood
Next to him, and his coat of fur that matched the raven's wing

They stood in contrasting, yet symbiotic fashion
He pulled her closer, and without making a sound
Gestured that it was time to move on...

(c) 2016 Shawn White Eagle
I have not written for some time, but often times events can inspire one to put "pen to paper", or, in this case, fingers to keys. :-)  I have reached back to continue a story I had left open ended some time ago, and doing the same this time as well.  I Love U Lobo :-)
Unique unto itself
Reposed upon Mother Earth
A seed awaits the life giving rain
A drop, it too, unique
Tumbles from the sky
Lands upon the seed
Now secured within Mother Earth's womb
Germination begins
The maternal warmth of the soil
Caressing,  rhythmic breezes
Nourishing rainfall
Lift the seed
Upward towards the light
Crowning, breaking the protective soil
This seed
Has become a flower which will soon blossom
This flower
Grows taller
And more beautiful each day
Basking in the warmth of the sun
Loving the sunny days
Yet strong enough to stand the rain
And even the most devastating storms
This flower begins to bloom
Radiating a heavenly glow
A glow that touches all who see

Her petals, tender and beautiful
Yet strong and resilient
Give strength to the other flowers
Enriching and strengthening this earthly flower bed
We know, as Planet Earth

(c) 2014 Shawn White Eagle
I am just so proud of my daughter for how she carries herself, how hard she works, her enthusiasm and talents, but most importantly for the impact she has had on me.  Being a father, dad, is the greatest role in the world, and  having such a beautiful person as my daughter only amplifies that feeling.  Aside from these traits, I am most impressed with how she truly cares for Mother Earth and the life upon it.  How she reaches out, wanting to give love to others and help them be beautiful too. Inspired today when I saw a fleur de louis....I came up with this.  These are my first words to screen in, my Fleur de Sydney...thank U 4 being The Most Beautiful Girl in The World and my Fleur de la vie....I love U!
Colors explode
As the sumac stands sentinel over the ebbing rays of the sun
Shepherding away *Niibin
to make room for Dagwaagin
Standing, alone, in a sea of green
Sumac heralds the changing season
And like an artistic wild fire
Is the first in what will become a palette of chromatic vibrancy

Sensing the subtle change
Mother deer, her two fawns and yearling
Meandering through the sumac grove
Make haste of the fading green buffet
Mother Bear and her cubs, now a year stronger and wiser
Gorge on honey and berries as they ready for their winter's sleep
Red-Winged Blackbirds, Robins and Sandhill Cranes congregate en masse
Hummingbird drinks the final drops of nectar
In anticipation of their journey south
In advance...of the returning white Biboon blanket

The clock of Mother Earth is precise
And the natural world follows her timely rhythms
As southerly and westerly winds shift to the north
Eagle soars high above...the yet unfrozen river
Vivid foliage slowly falls to the forest floor
Creating an intricate insulating tapestry for those below
In the meadow, swaying in the wind, stands a solitary Daisy
It's single yellow petal defying the departure of longer days

Harvest moon shimmers through bare branches
Dancing, tapping in rhythmic fashion, upon a quiet window
Stirring *Misigami
from her reverie
Outside her window, a lone black figure, a Lobo, like her
Acknowledges her presence, blurring the lines of consciousness
Signifying that dreams do come true
And that through the change of seasons
We grow
We become stronger
And are given the true gift...of forever being...


(c) 2013 Shawn White Eagle
The fourth, and final installment, of my seasonal poems, that I hope U have enjoyed.  Most of what has been written can be seen from the window as I write, while other parts, and imagery, have been personal in nature.  One thing I have kept in mind with these pieces is that as the seasons change, the cycle of life never abates, and that we really are just along for the ride.  Even though we cannot control how Mother Earth thing is a constant with each that each, in it's own way, always provides that bright ray of hope. :-)

Live 4 Love
The forest, as if in suspended animation
Exploded in a cacophony of sound

It was nothing more than a twig
Snapping beneath the weight of a padded paw

Yet, the silence was shattered by this atypical step
By this stealthy dark shadow slowly moving through the forest

His heart raced!
His usual calm...replaced by an awkward anticipation

Earlier, a howl he had heard off in the distance
So familiar, yet as if from another lifetime, beckoned

Ahead, with the dusky sky as it's canvas
A giant white pine stands as a sentinel, protecting...

...a lone silent figure...

Carefully, quietly, he approached
"I can hear you" said the now, not so silent figure
"In fact, the whole forest can!" she giggled

His golden eyes, now, intently stared directly into hers
"I heard your howl", he said attentively
"I knew U would come", she assuredly replied, "U are always there for me."

As he drew closer, she asked..."Am I dreaming?"
"Does it matter?", he inquired

Her breath quickened, slowly fracturing
As did her fragile spine as her body contorted

Into a shifting form, that would mimic his
Strong and sinewy

Rejuvenated, she moved with assurance
Once again, feeling familiarity in this form

In her sheen coat of white fur, she now stood
Next to him, and his coat of fur that matched the raven's wing

They stood in contrasting, yet symbiotic fashion
He pulled her closer, and without making a sound
Gestured that it was time for them to go...

(c) 2013 Shawn White Eagle
This poem, well, probably more story than poem, was written for someone very special and was inspired by a number of writings of  that someone who is very dear to me...I know this is something with very deep meaning to them, and is actually a "reprise" of sorts to one of their recent poems of the same title..  I purposely left the story open ended, perhaps that certain someone will "reprise" my reprise. :-)  I love U Lobo!
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