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to poison the mind;
with no actual poison
but the mere thought of.
to poison the heart;
to plant seeds that may harvest if the air is clear enough
for 1 minute space in time,
to break the chain of misalignment
where the skies are dark
without elements to fill a certain form.
faith wavers,
consistency is misplaced,
integrity & discipline
are lost,
still finding way beneath disgrace
through generations
of conveniently consuming creation.
i'd choose a corner,
in the corner of the room;
where there is peace
& a sense of my own truth.
i'd avoid menial encounters
that seemingly
do more harm than good.
i'd certainly rather wei,
a certain flow of my own way,
to be called only if i can be of an assistant
to growth.
intimidation is reserved for those in competition,
seeking assurance
& outsource validation.
i am neither competing,
i am only separate in idea
& validation has gained a deeper sense of meaning.
Lungs constrict with a sudden halt to breath,
Blood still pulsing in veins, cells now hungry for oxygen,
Starving for air.
Useless gasps **** gravity deeper,
Watermelon in throat sinking to diaphragm,
A desperate situation grows worse,
Lending to despair.
Hands claw through nimbus,
Pointless and futile,
Frantic gestures begging for help-
A language of signs no one else seems to speak.
And then,
It's too late...

My heart is reborn an infant,
Learning slowly to walk,
Sluggishly it starts, crawling, stepping,
Then running again.
And I can finally breathe.
Enraptured by the senses heightened,
Sight stolen by blindfold,
Mobility hindered by bands of silk,
Forced into placidity by restraints.
Blinded abruptly,
Aural faculty's amplified by the loss.

Still, I hear nothing.
Silence so thick it's tangible,
Heavy, weighed down by an anxious nervousness,
Attuned to very vibrations permeating the atmosphere,
Breathing in sync with the pulse of my blood,
Harsh and quick,
Thunderous in the stillness of this contemporary plane.

I'm almost afraid.
Fear exacerbated by acute vulnerability,
Naked to criticism, to contempt, to desecration.
Offered as repast,
Meal to sate invisible mouth,
Chocolate sin to tantalize his tongue,
Displayed and arranged for his feast.
I long to be free.

Wavering between the excitement begotten by thrill,
And a desperate need to escape,
I hang. With nothing to ground me.
Held aloft at another's will.
I long to be free...
Don't I?
my soul shine light,
silent waters deep,
tomorrows are promised
& waters wash away all doubt.
bless your soul,
quest your soul,
know your place.
& like a tent,
pieces scattered on the ground.
step by step
is all it takes
to see that purpose can be found,
if you seek.
words can bring life
or cut sharp,
as a knife at your throat
forming portals to aid a spiritual escape.
words can bring fate
or bring smiles to the face of the beholder.
words are everything
still nothing.
is it the higher order construct
or impudent conduct,
is it only bore
or is there more?
to you,
to me,
there is a mystery that turns madness
to magic,
if we let it.
swings like pendulums
on planets at the heart
& at core.
doors are opening
& more life is channeling into source
to explore & expand,
And in her eyes, reside starlight and fire,  
A multitude of sparks against the dark of her pupil,
Shining through open windows of iris - showcasing soul.
And stars dance in her gaze, a mimickry of laughter on lips,
"Come share in this joy with me" they seem to say,
Projecting their thrall, compelling and enticing,  
Bespelling like beings and light beings alike,
Drawing them nigh, to join in a ritual baring.

They envoke a sharing of spirits, inviting a marriage of ideas,
Consummating a journey of ties, unveiling unseen connections.
Cloaked in midnight, and still she is luminous,
Mysterious, yet, as precious and pure as genuine pearls -  
Her glow resonating from subconscious through skin,
As moonlight in human form,  
Her tendrils stealing into universe,
Shaping, adjusting, freeing.

Paying homage to the goddesses before her,
She calls the tides to her fists,
And beckons the raging winds to surrender to her will,
She commands the rains to cease, and the seas to still;
A reckoning force, blunting the force of storms,
She calms calamitous energies,
Standing fearless in the face of catastrophe,
Gargantuan, even to giants, overwhelming and limitless,
Black, and magic.
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