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Lash Feb 4
most of us are fighting wars within ourselves;
& we project them onto people that are sent to be of help.
most of us are too busy,
most of us are too linear in the way we are living.
most of us want to love
but aren’t prone to forgiving.
most of us are full of pride,
most of us just run & hide.
most of us,
we know the truth
but we stay comfortable in lies.
most of us are everything that we despise.
Brooke White Jan 27
the oak frames and polyester tarp peel
like the hawkers’ chapped lips
a collection of relics
having abandoned their craftsmanship

a foreign couple flashes their dialect
and suddenly everyone listens
there are no steel drums
or stewed oxtail, as they had been told

only a routine array of Indonesian wood.

the light fixtures are wrapped in a cheesecloth
but the aisles incandescent
with fabrics and beads
Lash Jan 15
i don’t see a dying earth;
i see everything we need to make our hearts pure,
define our tears,
dismiss depression
and wipe out fears.
i see that the most ancient sources connect us to the divine truth that is waiting patiently on the day that a dying humanity pauses for a moment to acknowledge,
show appreciation
and remember.
it’s not the world that has gone to ****,
it is the culture that has inhabited it.
there’s not a problem that we cannot see a solution to
it just depends on the window that you are looking through.
there’s not a god up in the sky,
a god of earth
you wonder why
made in its image,
you and i.
we hold the change that we so solemnly seek.
you think it’s gone cause
it’s been buried so deep.
but if you do a little digging,
search beyond your common mind
you’ll find your light,
uncover truth
see you’ve got to trust the signs.
makes you think right..
Lash Jan 14
a stoic queen;
the one you only
see up close in dreams.
so rare,
& so esteem.
so powerful,
& so supreme.
keep the mind open,
& the doors closed.
you can’t enter in
the temple of the black rose.
too much drama,
you can’t enter
til you’re composed.
yes i know,
all things that glitter
really ain’t gold.
& all the slick attempts,
the slick intent,
intricate men,
your game is tired.
if you enter,
then you enter
at your own risk.
a stingy genie,
she may only
grant you one wish.
hard to please,
she’s seen it all,
hard to reach,
no mating call.
this is the land of no men.
Lash Jan 14
i went from craving
to spurning alliance,
from the stroking of ego,
walls evasively caressed;
to a glimpse of all that’s righteous,
& a conscience yet undressed.
drowning in depth of
clouding respective
fxxxcking the **** out of my
in reality,
there was no mutuality.
only a tempered battle flee,
consisting of my soul’s attempted plea,
to be free.
Lash Jan 14
down play my intelligence
one time
then you’re irrelevant.
i’m witty
not so hesitant.
my instinct
heaven sent;
a part of
my inheritance.
you rival
my benevolence,
like Ann Frank in the Netherlands,
i hide behind my diligence.
my innocence,
to my feeling
Lash Jan 14
i leave hints
with a stench of possibility,
& i can destroy the world
yet still be filled on humility.
a gentle balance
misconstrued sadness.
im always writing about me.
Lash Jan 14
i found strength where i once saw only weakness.
i found the words to say while everyone stayed speechless.
i stood abrasive in my fears,
i shed like one too many tears
but in the end i am stronger than before.
see, with or without you
i live on.
all of my willingness
to be in the mix
is gone.
i will not die without you here!
i am self-made
remember, dear?
i am not chasing what i possess within myself.
Lash Jan 14
with a depth of deception,
mysteriously vague.
only careless perceptions,
who dare to invade?
caressing riddled energies,
so powerful,
so keen.
inspired by me (ofc lol) & the mariana trench’
Lash Jan 9
beautiful pearly skin,
a head full of hair
with strands that dance to the beat of the waves.
stature equipped with light movements so swift,
i have not seen but i can tell your eyes are true.
out of the blue,
visiting shores
you reappear.
a simple peek,
dive in the deep
then disappear.
where did you go?
it seems like you were never here.
i think i saw a mermaid-man lol. it was probably just a regular man but my mind over-exaggerates everything so here’s a poem.
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