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why do you always look mad?
like the world let you down
then led you down roads that end dead.
your dull expression;
it makes me question what goes on within you,
is it eating you away?
will you go or will you stay?
i'm liking this arrangement,
every growing,
ever changing.
while moving sacred through placements
& planetary gas-light;
forward flowing is the motive,
pay respects, still
to the past life.
moving pass life in a low phase.
new world,
intro to new age.
i see her whole-ness as ammunition,
she is all power,
filled on power to surf through space & paradigm.
i see her purity as drive.
i see all ways to ensure knowledge of how to create worlds
will continue at her vast display.
ensure that the younger beings
by whom exist within your space
are embraced by the knowing of self.
a friendly gamble in exchange for the sanity.
dismissing soul &
bringing cloudy to the clarity.
who dare play back n' forth
or *** for tat, of any sort?
don't throw shade;
just burn some sage to give you clarity.
no one can test you,
'lest you feed into your savagery.
your mastery is whole,
so bring no drama to the soul.
spiral violent,
embrace anomaly
then you're halfway there.
what's a preference when barely anything exists?
dont you open up your mouth.
dont you open up your mind.
dont you search for any answers,
dont you fear what you might find?
arent you afraid of looking crazy
or stepping out of the norm?
youre in a box,
youre in a cage and you have always been warned
to watch your mouth and watch your actions.
senseless movements and distractions in your view
to keep you hidden from truth.
the truth,
the true forbidden fruit.
i use deception & bribery to get up out of bed,
i start off strong then end up lost by 12-noon...
silence your mind,
think before you share any form energy
with any form of entity in face of being.
its still a struggle for me,
with demons
and enemy specie
knocking at the doors of my mind palace.
silly me,
to even contemplate response.
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