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Anna 1d
They're all so loud and immersed and everything is flashing and swirling

I'm being pulled from side to side

I know I'll fall to my knees but they won't notice they will continue

Like the ****** of a storm

Chaotically and unyieldingly bending and twisting over itself around me

And I am caught in the middle silently suffering.

They wouldn't hear if I screamed.

I know because I've already tried.
Anna 1d
The music I blare in my ears is loud

So loud

It hurts and I want to turn it off

But the awaiting silence

Keeps me from it

The silence is so loud
Anna 1d
Hide who you are

Hide all your scars

Pretend you're okay

Welcome to the masquerade
Anna 1d
It all depends

Whether it's a malicious sort of fake

Or one done to protect the self and others

Or to hide

Because you'll always sense ill intent

Before shields of protection
Anna Apr 4
Are you curious?

Do you want to break my mind apart

Piece by piece

And scramble it

Reassemble it

Repiece it

And put it back together

Piece by piece

Into what you think

Is my mind

And effectively

Ruining it

Yet again?
Anna Mar 29
Red lines open in their wake
Anna Mar 29
Everything has a place and every place has a thing, even if the thing isn't in its place and even if the place doesn't hold its thing.
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