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This femme fatale
A girl that captures
She be bright and skin tight
Shiny white with youth implied
Conversing in quirky loops
As we jump through her hoops
Slowly showing error codes
Could it be the alcohol
Clap snap of bear traps
Broken from within
Signs of white lines that fracture
Reactions to vast echoes of her past
Trauma tinged before the dawn
Soft but informed
A hardened persona with claws
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Scott Hunter Jun 5
White radiant light and spectral sun
Dark nightshade black and splitting moon.
Here’s dreaming of a fractured world
Where then’s too late and now’s too soon.

White strands float with darkness looming
Fearing what might fail to be
Elusion from that one bright true thing
Cruel circles of eternity.

But when the line of shadow’s passed
And brightness welcomes strands of white
We shall see no shadows last
They grow and fade in Nightshade’s light.
slow burn May 13
i am utterly depressed
cascading carelessly toward a home i know so well
and with every breath getting closer to the last of mine taken
breaking ground anew inside desiccated places
where few have traveled before me
for i have been the only traveler here
i feel that's the way it's supposed to be

remorselessly remote in an ever expanding universe
we each sit alone in our tiny little pastures
fractured but with a curse for connection
and a penchant for self destruction
generally of ill intention

'tis but a sight upon which we must gaze
one another across a thousand milky ways
with hope that these sights might meet
and greet
so to speak
each others swift heartbeats
soon replete with lust and callous needs

or is it a mirage
my minds own trickery that deceives me
believing so easily what my heart wants to see
such fantasies don't seem to be free
in reality they can be quite costly

perpetually expecting the exact same thing
from the same set of circumstances
when what's happened before has caused such a
guaranteed calamity
seems i must be crazy
and that's ok with me
Oops I must be floating again
just a fracture,
To be splinted,
to try to fix,
But if not,
Or malunion.
Re-break it.
Fracture is Soo like divorce. First we try to fix it but than re-break or even let it be.
Saudia R Aug 2018
Do you sometimes feel like a pillar

Like you are the last thing holding everything and everyone up

Like you are the last thread preventing everything from unraveling

So much so that you are not allowed to rest

That if you do
The hairline fractures in your foundation might widen

Might become cracks that are no longer safe

That anymore pressure will cause it all to collapse

And that at the end of the day
You are the only one eroding

The only one who no longer can stand tall and true

Can no longer be a pillar for you

To slowly become dust

Picked up by the wind
Swept away and forgotten
You can only support those around you for so long. Be selfish; care for yourself as well.
Myrrdin Jun 2018
Why is it that when
I hurt myself
It takes away the
Hurt you caused
Whittney May 2018
Your death caused a fracture in the foundation of the family
Trying to tie a tourniquet above the gaping hole isn’t an option
We all tiptoe around the pools of blood, but it still sticks to our sneakers.
Devin Ortiz May 2018
Signs say stress.
I say the End of the World.

A mental break
Or a fractured world.

The walls of my mind tremor
The world falls apart at the fringe.

Acute stress, prolonged stress.
Acute suffering, prolonged suffering.

Good lord, its the end.
Oh God, the end of times.

I see hints, hidden in plain sight.
This diseased world, is apocalypse bound.

Yet they'll say I'm not mentally sound.
But the world dangles on a string.
Amanda Apr 2018
I wish you were here
Instead you are there
We belong together
And it is not fair

A weekend never ends
When I am all alone
You are somewhere far away
And cannot get to a phone

I am going dancing tonight
But I will miss you the whole time
And while I am spinning around
You will be on my mind

I truly am in love with you
I would not break your heart
Mine is at the fracture point
Whenever we are apart
This is one of my better old ones
Tatiana Dec 2017
It was a clean break or so they say.
A simple fix.
No additional trauma
No need for drama.
It'll heal just fine.
Sure it was caused by the lover
of a girl who just became a mother.
She was lucky that their
"Poor communication,"
Did not end up
with a fracture that was comminuted.

I never knew
that a break could be clean or
that a fracture could be stable.

I'm still learning.
© Tatiana
I've studied a lot of medical terminology for my classes and it just occurred to me now that I could use those terms as inspiration.
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